Capitals trade Fehr to Jets.

The Washington Capitals cleared cap space today, dealing right winger Eric Fehr to the Winnipeg Jets in exchange for a fourth round pick in 2012 and minor league right winger Daniel Paquette.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Guess we’ll have to put the Alex Semin or Mike Green trade rumors on hold for the time being. Dealing away Fehr clears his $2.2 million salary for next season from the Capitals books, putting them barely under the cap again with $63.9 million. They still however have to re-sign Karl Alzner, which could mean another trade, unless Tom Poti is placed on LTIR to start next season, or retires.


  1. Fehr will bomb with a poor team- he was a product of his enviroment

  2. Ding! Called it.

  3. Fehr is a very good person and I hope he does well in Winnipeg; he’s from Manitoba, IIRC. He may only be a product of a high scoring team; OTOH he mainly played on the third line, with Knuble and Semin playing RW on the first two lines, so he could blossom with more ice time, we’ll see.

  4. Fehr spent his entire career with the Caps in Boudreau’s doghouse. The stats he put up came from 10-11 minutes per game on a third line with Chimera and whoever happened to be our 3C that week. If he’s a product of his environment, then he’s going to be much better in Winnipeg.

    For the Caps, though this isn’t the best deal for them, it certainly helps the message they are sending the league that they are an organization that puts its players first. GMGM probably could have gotten a third from some other team, but he chose to take the lesser offer so that Fehr could play on the team he grew up routing for. It’s moves like this that are making the Caps a desirable destination in the NHL (i.e. a place where Vokoun would offer to sign for 1.5M).