Could Radulov Return?

Speculation abounds Nashville Predators prodigal son Alexander Radulov could return to the club this season, but that is not a certainty.


Rumors suggest Radulov might return to Predators this season.

USATODAY.COM: Kevin Allen reports it would be a financial benefit to Alexander Radulov, whose KHL team was recently eliminated from playoff competition, to return to the Nashville Predators this season, for it he were to play any portion of this NHL regular season, it would be considered  fulfilling the final season of his entry-level contract with the club. If he waited to return next fall, he’d have to play out the entire season for under $1 million before he could qualify for RFA status. Allen suggests Radulov’s return could benefit the Predators, for if it contributed to a lengthy playoff run,it  might help convince RFA Shea Weber and UFA Ryan Suter to remain.

THE TENNESSEAN: Josh Cooper yesterday reported Radulov’s agent, Jay Grossman, said there was no change in his client’s status as of Friday afternoon. Cooper also reported Predators management would welcome back Radulov and have laid the groundwork over the past two years, but it’s up to him to make the first move.

CANOE.CA: Kevin Dube reported Radulov said time would tell regarding his future with Salavat Yulaev Ufa of the KHL. Grossman confirmed there’d been plenty of speculation over his client’s future, but for now, talk of his return to the Predators is just rumors. Dube noted that, because Radulov still has one year remaining on his entry-level contract with the Predators, he wouldn’t have to clear waivers to rejoin them.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Radulov’s KHL team has done a good job keeping him in Russia by making him the league’s highest paid player, but at 26, he’s now a big fish in a small pond, and having made considerable millions, returning for the final month of this season to the Predators to burn off that final year he owes them on an entry-level deal certainly makes sense. 

Radulov’s return to the Predators now certainly could provide them with a significant offensive boost heading into the playoffs, increasing their chances for a lengthy playoff run.

Then again, we shouldn’t discount the possibility Radulov is using this situation to get a better deal from the KHL. We’ve heard so much speculation each year over Radulov returning to the Predators, only to see it come to nothing. Until it’s officially reported that he’s coming back this season, as his agent said, it’s only just rumors at this point.


  1. I think he if doesn’t return now, then he won’t period. Unless he has a blowout with his team and the KHL in general, he might as well retire there because he’s running out of excusses NOT to come to the NHL. Sad really….what a star.

  2. If I were the predators I would sell or trade his rights to talk with another team if thats possible ….I do believ that he a UFA next year ……but cant blame the guy for going to the KHL …..he made $13 million as opposed to th entry deal he would have got in the NHL .

    Terible rule to allow this guy to just retuirn to play this year …is he eligiable to play in the playoffs…..cause if so that could be a LOOP HOLE for bringing in players for the playoffs from outside the league if you are in trouble ….as I believe that the Leafs have used up there call ups this year …and Turco is not playoff eleigiable …so this could be a way ….most likely would have to be signed and owned by the team prviously …but if done so does it go against the cap????

  3. Not a Preds fan, but to the sake of their fan base, the league itself, I would love to see Raduaov come back for their run. It would be the best thing for hockey in Nashville, a payback for the fan support.

    The great thing about the present 30 teams is the parity that now exists, prior to the next expansion push.

    A Radulov addition to the leagu only makes the sport more fun to watch in the post season.

  4. Looking forward to picking a playoff hockey pool. One player from each playoff team. Once a player is drafted no one can pick that player. Need proven players that step up during the playoffs like Detroits Franson.(the mule) Fisher nashville, Briere philly, Kane Chicago, Kesler Van, Marchand Bos, and Crosby could be a sleeper pick. Any one else have some other picks I should try to pick up?

  5. From Dmitry Chesnokov

    (Member of the Professional Hockey Writers Association and TSN contributor)

    March 8th 9:00 am- Radulov’s RUS agent didn’t deny that Radulov may indeed come to the NHL THIS
    season when talking to him.
    10:22 am- Radulov has a valid contract with the Preds, doesn’t need waivers.

    March 9th 2:25 pm- UFA fans say Radulov skated around after today’s loss waiving to fans (something
    he never did before). Many think he waved “Good bye”.
    4:07 pm- If the Club allows him to go noone can stop his return to the NHL.
    8:35 pm- No walk away option. The club has to give its blessing.

    March 10th 10:22 am- Checking out a report by a Russian outlet that Radulov is set to join the Preds in the
    coming days.
    11:16 am- He has a valid Entry level contract with the Preds. He’s not a signing. Will make
    rookie money.

    All information is accurate and genuine.!/dchesnokov

  6. Nice read man, clears up a lot of questions. Leaving me only one, what kind of impact will he have? big fish little pond doesn’t always do as well when he isn’t used to swimming with other big fish.

  7. March 10th 11:30am

    Radulov’s Russian agent told me – don’t wait regarding any news about Alex till the 15th of March.!/dchesnokov

  8. Lyle’s last paragraph hits the nail on the head here. I believe Rads and his agent are just using the NHL return angle as a bargaining chip to get a better contract with a KHL team. Rads will still make more money in the KHL than he will as a RFA in the NHL and continue to be the big fish in a small pond that he apparently likes to be.

  9. I think he’ll likely stay for a few more seasons, as he won’t be UFA eligible until after the 2014 season, assuming he serves out his entry level deal by skating in a game with the Preds at some point before the season ends.

    I think that the issue might be that playing in Nashville in general is keeping him away, not the idea of playing in the NHL

  10. I agree that Radulov is just looking to leverage more money out of the KHL. It’s something I usually like to give players the benefit of the doubt, but not Radulov. I’d love to see him come back and get a rude reawakening of what it’s like to play with the best players in the world.

  11. What kind of reception would the Nashville players give him? It’d be interesting to be a fly on the wall in that dressing room should Radulov come back.

  12. March 11h 8pm ‘love to have him”
    Comments from Shea Weber on the Radulov situation (or non situation)!/dchesnokov

  13. Radulov still owns a house in Nashville, and contrary to an earlier post, he loved playing for the Preds – just got homesick for his homeland. Hopefully, a more mature player will be coming back to Nashvile to join one of the top teams in the NHL, which I believe he will (later this week)…