Coyotes Re-acquire Lombardi.

TSN reports tonight the Phoenix Coyotes have re-acquired forward Matthew Lombardi from the Toronto Maple Leafs in exchange for a fourth round pick in 2013, which would become a third round pick if Lombardi re-signs with the Coyotes.  The Leafs also agree to absorb $500K of his $1 million signing bonus for this season, as well as some additional salary.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I must confess to being surprised by this move. I knew the Coyotes were shopping for a scoring forward and it was rumored they had their eye on Lombardi, who played a season and a half for them from 2008 to 2010. He signed with Nashville as a free agent  with the Predators in 2010, but played only two games for them owing to a concussion. Acquired by the Leafs in 2011, he played only 62 games and netted 18 points.

I thought Coyotes GM Don Maloney might pass on Lombardi because of his recent concussion history. As Lombardi’ss in the final season of his contract, Maloney obviously believes he’s worth the risk in the short term, hoping he might regain the magic he had with the Coyotes the first time around. Time will tell if he’s proven right.


  1. Hate to go don cherry here but I called this 2 days ago on here

  2. hard to go wrong on this one for Phoenix even if Lombardi doesn’t recover his scoring touch he’s got the speed to be an effective checking forward and the Coyotes can use him in their grind it out and hope for a lucky goal game.

  3. Lombardi was here in the Valley training with Doan during part of the lock out. I don’t think that the Coyotes wanted to start the season without adding a forward and none were available that wouldn’t involve moving one of the core at this time. The Coyotes may make another trade when Torres returns from his suspension.

  4. I like this, Coyotes are good with exactly this type of forward. Hopefully it works out well for them and since the Leafs absorb half the bonus and some of the salary it is even better.