Coyotes sign O’Sullivan.

KUKLA’S KORNER: reports the Phoenix Coyotes have signed UFA forward Patrick O’Sullivan to a one-year, two-way contract.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: This is likely the final chance for O’Sullivan, a once-promising forward, to salvage his NHL career. He’s been in a downward spiral since his career-best 53-point season of 2007-08, bouncing from Los Angeles, Edmonton, Carolina and Minnesota since then. It’s an affordable gamble for the cost-conscious Coyotes.


  1. Maybe he needs to start drinking again? (in response to his career best 53 “pint” season)

    • Fixed

  2. O’Sullivan was a great prospect with decent talent and I hope he rebounds in Phoenix.


    if he doesn’t maybe he can join Ric Vaive…….YIKES!!!!


  3. Could someone please explain to me why the Coyotes recently signed two players whose contracts were bought out last season (Nokelainen & O’Sullivan)?

  4. A buyout doesn’t always constitute a lousy or under-performing player. In some cases, a GM will have a complete brain malfunction (in very rare cases they completely lack one: aka Mile Milbury) and sign a player with a bit of hype or a career year to a stupidly high contract based on their history and skill set. These guys then eventually “under perform” since they fall back to their norms despite being signed to a contract based on the hype or the career year. They end up buyout candidates since the team needs money to go after the next hyped player or to fill holes in the roster. Take Alexei Yashin. he had decent talent and a bad attitude, but put up decent numbers in Ottawa. Long Island trades for him and signs him as if he was a 100+ point per season guy. He doesn’t pan out and they eventually buy him out. Didn’t mean he was lousy at the time of the buyout or his skills diminished, just that he didn’t live up to the expectations of the monster contract. Nokelainen & O’Sullivan and both guys who had hype, talent and showed promise but simply couldn’t find a home yet and have bounced around because of it. The Yotes signed them cheap with the hopes that at least one will find a home there which gives them a bargain. Its basically a low cost high reward scenario. If they don’t pan out, they’ll just move on.