Crosby Returns on Monday Against Islanders.

Crosby to face Isles on Monday.

The Pittsburgh Penguins have announced team captain Sidney Crosby, who’s been sidelined since January 5, 2011 to post-concussion symptoms, will finally make his long-awaited return on Monday, November 21st, against the New York Islanders.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: True to their word, the Penguins announced it 24 hours prior to the actual game. Expect all attention of the NHL media to be focused upon that game. So, no more “when will Crosby return” speculation. Prepare for ” How well will Crosby perform” speculation, and if he fails to get a point in that game, the start of “Crosby isn’t the same player anymore” stories.


  1. You’ll see Crosby play a solid game, with points of flash, however they will be managing his minutes and easing him into normal play, so don’t exactly expect a record breaking performance of sorts.

  2. Crosby needs at least 2 months of solid play before I will judge his performance.