Devils Re-sign Greene.

Various sources report the New Jersey Devils have re-signed defenseman Andy Greene to a four year contract, Financial terms not disclosed.

Spector’s note: Devils had to either re-sign Greene or find a replacement in the UFA market, obviously decided he’d be more affordable. Greene had reportedly been contacted by several teams but he wanted to remain a Devils. Good for him, good for Devils.

Still awaiting numbers for Greene, hearing between $10-$11 million, which would put him around $2.5 million per season…

**Update** It’s an average cap hit of $3 million per season.

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  1. This is awful news for the Devils. While their D corps from the minors might not be ready to step up, this guy’s team worst -23 (even after their winning streak) shows you everything you don’t watch when you watch Devils games. This guy has made me tear out my hair with his play in the d zone. Honestly, McCabe would have been a better signing… yes, I said it. Greene turns the puck over MORE.

    Not only that, he’s not much good on the PP (they don’t even play him there; they kept going with 5 forwards, Elias and Kovy playing the points, which to me, is stupid as neither player is as good as a D-man in holding the blue line, see Boston). He’s a weak 5 on 5 player, constantly not covering his man in the D-zone.

    Worst of all, I call him an “offensive liability”, which means he COSTS the team’s offense when he’s on the ice. While guys like White and Salvador don’t pot the points, they’re good at their role. What exactly is this guy’s role? He has 23 points playing first line pairing, 22 minutes a game. A rookie would put up numbers just as good when you’re passing it to Kovalchuk and Elias. The forwards have been isolated all year because their d-men (Greene a great example of them) are not good at maintaining the blue line and distributing the puck. On TOP of that; when he does get the puck? He “flips” it on net rather than taking slap shots, which to me is worse than purposely forcing your team offside.

    And it looks like they learned nothing in terms of term, because they signed him 1.5M too much and for 2 years too long again.

    Hands down the worst signing of the day because other teams are taking gambles on their signings; this guy you pretty much know what you’re going to get. Another minus season, and more blown offensive opportunities… for another… four… whole… years. Worst signing in the history of the Devils.

    Yeah, take it from one who knows, I watched more than 50 of their games this year.