Doan Claims Deal In Place With Coyotes.


Doan could remain a Coyote.

ARIZONA REPUBLIC: Sarah McLellan reports UFA right wing Shane Doan, in a recent radio interview, said a deal between he and the Phoenix Coyotes is done, and is now merely waiting for prospective buyer Greg Jamison to officially purchase the team. Doan confirmed Jamison has secured the funds to purchase the club, but also said he had two or three other clubs he’d consider joining if a deal with the Coyotes cannot be worked out. He remains optimistic, however, the sale to Jamieson will go through.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Earlier this week it was reported Jamison had secured the necessary funding. Given Doan’s comments, it now seems unlikely he’ll be signing with another NHL team. His agent had stated Doan would sign with the Coyotes or another club before September 15, so perhaps the sale to Jamison might be completed next week, and soon afterward, the details of Doan’s new contract.



  1. To further update, the city of Glendale is working with Jamison to amend the lease agreement because of the potential lockout. Doan stated that the funds for the purchase is in escrow and the NHL has already agreed to the deal. Doan also stated that he has a deal with the Coyotes already as long as the transfer of ownership is finalized.

  2. Ohh so basically if the coyotes are purchased from jameson doan will sign with them….. Ohh so much clearer now

  3. let’s hope it’s a long term deal and Phoenix relocates to Quebec.