Ducks fire Carlyle, hire Boudreau.

Boudreau new head coach of the Ducks.

The Anaheim Ducks fired Randy Carlyle last night following their 4-1 victory over the Montreal Canadiens, replacing him with  Bruce Boudreau, who’d been fired just two days prior by the Washington Capitals.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: A bit unusual for a team to fire their coach following a win which snapped a lengthy losing skid. Evidently, Ducks management wanted to ensure they got Boudreau before he was hired by someone else. The belief around the league was the Ducks wouldn’t fire Carlyle as he was under contract for a couple of more seasons, and would instead trade a player, perhaps one of their stars like Bobby Ryan. While a trade is still possible, this hiring could put a damper on it for the time being.

**UPDATE** The Ducks also fired all their assistant coaches, including assistant coaches Dave Farrish and Mike Foligno and video co-ordinator Joe Trotta.  TSN.CA and The Orange County Register have the details.


  1. This was a surprise. I also believed Carlyle was safe because of his contract, but to fire him after a win and hire someone who had been fired only 2 days before is really bizarre. I get that they wanted Boudreau before someone else hired him, but then the question becomes – Will he be a better fit in Anaheim than in Washington?

  2. I am not so sure that Boudreau is the answer, but changes were needed.
    Realistically, if Hiller doesn’t regain his form, this team is going to be out of the playoffs.

  3. This is kind of hilarious.

  4. I think this is hilarious (not for Carlyle) but I saw money who said it would be nice to get Carlyle’s defensive style out of the locker room … wonder if they watched what Brucey was trying with the Caps. Anyway I think Bruce is a great coach and the Ducks may now play their way out of the slump they are in. I doubt in Ryan going anywhere personally.

  5. I liked Carlyle and I like the bruising style he wants his team to play. But it was very apparent to me that they really were not listening to him and that the other teams knew what to expect against the ducks. The system needs to change and the fastest way is to get rid of all the coaches (and that is what Murray has done). They played their heart out last night for the full 60 minutes (most likely already knew Carlyle was gone) As for the Hiller comment other – than playing like he deserves the vezina I don’t know what form you are talking about. He was left out to dry by the team in front of him and rarely was a goal against his fault. If anything, if he played to the level that was implied the point spread would have been much worse.