Ducks Planning Big Changes?

Anaheim Ducks GM Bob Murray’s comments following his club’s recent loss suggests everyone but Teemu Selanne and Saku Koivu could be available. Read on for the details.


Trade bait?

ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER/LOS ANGELES TIMES: Anaheim Ducks GM Bob Murray vented his frustration over his club’s poor performance this season, by saying Teeme Selanne and Saku Koivu aren’t available because of their “no-trade” clauses, and effectively putting the rest of his lineup on notice.”I still believe we have some core players. Now whether we have to change a few core players, so be it. They’re deciding who’s staying and who’s not staying at this point. They’re the ones deciding”, said Murray, who went on to say he’s not ready to concede the season just yet. He also said that if he does shop a core player, he’d expect a core player in return, and isn’t interested in trading established players for draft picks and prospects. As for Selanne, Murray said it would be his call if he wanted to be dealt to a Cup contender, as his intent remains for Selanne to retire a Duck. It’s believed Corey Perry, last season’s winner of the Hart and Richards trophies, is also untouchable.

TORONTO STAR: Damien Cox believes Maple Leafs GM Brian Burke would be very interested in Ducks center Ryan Getzlaf if he’s available. Cox did forewarn, however, that we’ve seen this kind of “head fake” from Murray before, when Bobby Ryan several weeks ago was rumored to be available, only to see the Ducks instead change coaches.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: David Staples wondered what it would take for the Oilers to land Getzlaf or young defenseman Cam Fowler.

RDS.CA: Renaud Lavoid believes it would be a big mistake on the Ducks part if they were to trade Getzlaf.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Ok, everybody take a breath and calm down. Murray’s not saying he’s shopping his core players like Getzlaf, only that Selanne and Koivu won’t be shopped because they have no-trade clauses, which the others lack. Sure, he’d be willing to listen to offers for the others, but as he also pointed out, he’s not going to just give players away for picks, prospects or unproven young players. I also concur with Lavoie that it would be a mistake to trade Getzlaf just because he’s having a difficult season, unless he comes forward and says he wants to be moved. I expect the Ducks will be busy at the trade deadline, perhaps shopping guys like Lubomir Visnovsky or Francois Beauchemin (two players who also have trade clauses but which Murray didn’t mention in the same breath as Selanne and Koivu). Murray would be crazy to move Getzlaf, Perry, Ryan and Fowler, unless he got equal or greater value in return.


  1. I’d love to see a Flames Ducks deal centering around Getzlaf and JayBow….

  2. I am surprised to not see Dubinsky in any rumors yet. bad season, 25 yrs old, potential for 25-30 per season. needs change of scenery

  3. I don’t know what’s bigger news, Murrays comments, or the short term memory loss epedemic that seems to have hit Anahiem pretty hard these days.

    Poe969, really? Why would Murray want Jbo? And what’s with Calgary fans and terrible trade proposals in the last year or so? I’m not hating on all Flames fans, Ive just heard some pretty weak fantasy trades here from some of their fanbase lately. Epic fail.

  4. Dream big Leaf fans!!!!

    We’ve seen this head fake from Anaheim GM Bob Murray before. One moment earlier this season, you may remember, scoring winger Bobby Ryan was made available around the league for a possible trade, the next minute he wasn’t available and Murray had instead fired head coach Randy Carlyle and quickly replaced him with the Bruce Boudreau.

    But before, not after, the Ducks loss to San Jose on Wednesday night, a frustrated Murray appeared to make it clear in an interview with Helene Elliott of the Los Angeles Times that not only Ryan, but also Hart Trophy winner Corey Perry and centre Ryan Getzlaf are all now available to the highest bidder.

    And it’s Getzlaf, you have to believe, that would be a target for Maple Leafs’ GM Brian Burke.

    While slumping badly this season, the 26-year-old Getzlaf is precisely the big, tough centre that Burke has coveted but been unable to land since taking over in Toronto. Burke knows the player well from Anaheim’s 2007 Stanley Cup championship, the timing now would fit the Leaf GM’s preference of making big deals well in advance of the winter trade deadline and Getzlaf would certainly also fit the pattern of players who appeared to run out of steam in other cities coming to Toronto and finding the atmosphere reinvigorating.

    It worked for Phil Kessel, Dion Phaneuf and Joffrey Lupul, all of whom may be in the NHL all-star game later this month. Could it work for Getzlaf? What would be the price?

    But is the Anaheim captain really available? Early rumblings this morning suggest Getzlaf isn’t the player Murray wants to move, and that Ryan is again the likeliest candidate for a trade. That would kill the notion of a trade to Toronto, as the Leafs don’t see a fit with Ryan either positionally or in terms of cap strategy.

    That said, Murray told the L.A. Times on Wednesday night that with his team locked into 29th place, only veterans Teemu Selanne and Saku Koivu are untouchable.

    “And the rest of the players in that locker room, I thought they’d figure out when we changed coaches that time was running, the clock was running quickly here. And I don’t care who you talked about,” Murray told the L.A. Times.

    “We’re going to get ready for next year,” he said. “I think this team can be turned around to make the playoffs next year. I think it’s going to be hard to do it this year but I do want them to make a run. But it’s got to happen quick. Everybody knows that.”

    Maybe it was intended to be a pep talk, but after a 3-1 loss to the Sharks, it clearly hadn’t had that effect.

    Murray and Burke, former Anaheim associates, have done much business in recent years. They got together on the deal in Jan, 2010 that sent Jason Blake and goalie Vesa Toskala to the Ducks for $7 million netminder J.S. Giguere. Blake still plays for the Ducks, while Giguere never really panned out and was let go after last season.

    Last winter, Burke traded defenceman Francois Beauchemin to Anaheim for Lupul, defence prospect Jake Gardiner and a fourth round draft pick. The Ducks used Beauchemin to finish fourth in the Western Conference while the Leafs missed the playoffs. This year, however, Lupul has blossomed and is the NHL’s sixth leading scorer, while the 21-year-old Gardiner cracked the Leaf lineup out of training camp and has played very well.

    Just this week, Burke and Murray did a minor league deal that sent winger Luca Caputi, picked up from Pittsburgh several years ago for Alexei Ponikarovsky, to the Ducks for minor-league forward Nicolas Deschamps.

    As well, Burke seems to be positioning the roster for a move, having sent unproductive centre Phillipe Dupuis to the minors and put little-used enforcer Colton Orr, owed a $1 million salary for this year and next, on waivers.That may be designed to make room for returning injured players like Tyler Bozak and Mike Komisarek, while John Michael Liles, Colby Armstrong and Mike Brown are all still out.

    The Leafs could handle Getzlaf’s contract, which comes with a $5.325 million cap hit this season and next. Perry is under the same deal, but Burke is likely to much more interested in a playmaking centre than another scoring winger.

    Despite his team’s position, Murray told the L.A. Times he’s not looking to dump veterans and rebuild.

    “We will not go to draft picks. It’s not my intention,” he said.

    Which, taken at face value, means roster players, or at the very least young players ready to step in.

    When the Leafs were talking to Philly last summer about Mike Richards before he was moved to the Kings, it’s believed the demands centred around a package involving Luke Schenn and Nazem Kadri. The Leafs don’t have a No. 1 centre to send to the Ducks, so the fit would have to be Bozak, or theoretically, minor-leaguer Joe Colborne.

    But it seems unlikely the Leafs would surrender both Kadri and Colborne, particularly with Kadri looking like he’s in the NHL to stay. Defenceman Carl Gunnarson could also be a fit.

    Getzlaf’s numbers this season, by the way, are terrible. After being a key member of Canada’s gold-medal winning team at the Vancouver Olympics, Getzlaf has only six goals and 19 assists this season while carrying a horrific minus-19 rating.

    He and Boudreau haven’t exactly hit it off. Getzlaf doesn’t have a point in the last six games and has scored once since Boudreau took over.

    Last week, Andrew Cogliano replaced Getzlaf at a key moment on the power play in an Anaheim game, which certainly caught Getzlaf’s attention.

    “(Boudreau) wants results,” Getzlaf told reporters. “He expects better things out of me, as I do. It’s one of those things (where) he’s not telling me anything I don’t know already. I need to get going and I need to make plays.”

    Clearly, Murray has all kinds of options here, and he could also trade goalie Jonas Hiller or defenceman Lubomir Visnovsky, as well. He doesn’t necessarily have to move one of his big three forwards.

    But he’s also facing the clock with Getzlaf. If Murray doesn’t move him now, he’s facing a scenario next season in which Getzlaf would be in the final year of his contract and heading towards unrestricted free agency.

    He might like to make that Burke’s problem. Burke, on the other hand, must dream of having a player like the 6-foot-4, 240 pound Getzlaf to throw at divisional rival Boston and 6-foot-9 defenceman Zdeno Chara. Getzlaf would also put more snarl into the Leafs, particularly if he could find his game again and fit with Kessel and Lupul.

  5. lol we make terrible trade proposals because we have mostly terriblel players! JayBow isn’t as bad as some think, he’s doing bad on the Flames but so is just about everyone. If JayBow was on a good team he’d look sooo much better. The Flames are defense first and that doesn’t show an offensive defensmens ability too much. He has been the Flames best player all year long.

  6. First, I don’t trust any hockey news coming from sources southwest of Denver. As I’m sure anybody on this site who lives in Southern California knows, hockey generally gets relegated to page 5 of the sports section somewhere around the high school water polo scores.

    As for Cox referring to a Murray’s “head fakes”, who is to say it was a head fake? He hinted that he might be shopping Bobby Ryan… earlier this season. So he fired the coach. That was a quick fix. That doesn’t necessarily mean Bobby Ryan still won’t be traded. Maybe he hasn’t gotten the offer he’s looking for.

  7. FIREWILSON: What a good read. I totally agree with this. I would like to see Getzlaf. He could fill the roll that we have been missing since Sundin left. He has a big body and he can feed the puck to either Lupul or Kessel. I would rather keep Scheen. I really think he will be a Nick Lidstrom type of player. He is young and with a few more season he will become the player we expect. You see shades of brilliants from him now. I really think he will be the next captain of the Leafs. He knows how to speak to the media. He sticks up for his team mates on the ice. He just needs a little more time to settle in. I think Aullie(or Gunnerson) and Kardi(or Colborne) plus Garbo(or Kulimen) plus a pick(mid range) might land the deal. Maybe even MacAurther will replace a name on that list. Whick goes back to Murry statement. You will have to give up to get something in return.

  8. Clearly BOOB Murray is nuts. He must go NOW. Is he offering EVERYBODY NTC ?
    Will only trade a core player if he gets a core player back, WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT DO ?
    If he does not want to trade an older player for picks and prospects then Ducks are doomed to
    10 years of last place. How does he think Chicago, Boston, Pittsburgh, got to be on top ? By not getting picks and drafting well ? Murray needs to look at the crowds at Honda Center and figure out that if he does not give fans some hope for the future the Honda Center parking lot will be used for nothing more than
    over flow parking for Angel games. The first move Ducks have to make is to get Murray out NOW.

  9. Thanks to Damien Cox for that “Brilliant ” insight,. Great to see he is keeping up with the pack and getting paid for it.

    @ FireWilson – Amazing post. However I thought the players considered for Mike Richards were Kadri and Kulemin. Kadri has done well since his call up, and I love Kulemin but do not know what team he is playing on this year, he just cannot bury it. So if they were bait for Richards, why would they not be part of a deal for Getzlaf ( or anyone else worth the effort )

    If the Flyers can ship out Richards and Carter, who they thought were their core players, why is it so inconceivable that the Ducks would not trade one key player, for the right deal? I am not saying Anaheim should do it, but they are irresponsible if they do nto consider each and every option to make their club better.

    I know Leaf haters will pile on this, but Anaheim and Toronto have a lot of trade history, so never rule them out on this scenario. In fact I would argue that if Getzlaf is in play, the Leafs have a better chance of getting him than Los Angeles. While it does happen, it is more rare to trade between Division rivals, and I don’t think Murray wants his ass bitten badly enough to make the Kings better in any way.

    OK Lyle, rack up the posts….

  10. The Leafs don’t have the assets to get a player of Getzlaff’s quality.

  11. You gotta know Burke and Murray are talking, and it’s not about the weather. Alot of smoke coming of Anaheim these days.

  12. To: JDBGiDC
    Correct, at times Hockey doesn’t even exist in the Southwest Media ESPECIALLY talk radio.
    Even during the NBA strike all the they could talk about on ESPN Radio Los Angeles is what are
    we going to do without the Lakers. If your in Southwest you have to have “Center Ice”, Versus,
    NHL Network and Internet. But that being said it is much better than it use to be, I remember the
    early King years, 20 King Games on TV, spotty coverage by one of the networks for a few regular season games and a once a week playoff game. DREADFULL YEARS for trying to watch hockey

  13. Somebody posted yesterday that players of Getzlaf’s quality don’t come along every year. I disagree. I think there are a few that come every year. You just have to have to be drafting in the top 3 to be guaranteed to get one of them. If you’re drafting top 10 you have a shot, but if you draft in the top 3 you’re almost assuredly going to get a can’t miss guy.

  14. FYI. That post I shared was written by Damiem Cox. I should have added his name to the bottom.
    I think he is spot on but also hopeful the Leafs can add Getzlaf so his job becomes that much more exciting.

    As for someone saying the Leafs don’t have the assets to land Getzlaf I believe you are wrong the Leafs have plenty in the cupboard to offer so count them in as front runners if Getzlaf becomes available. As for the post that said the Leafs have a better chance then a team like LA, you are also spot on. Murray won’t trade with LA unless he is getting Doughty back in return for Getzlaf.

  15. DS, despite Dubinsky’s offensive struggles he’s still playing good hockey. He’s one of the Rangers’ top penalty killers, and he’s doing good things in his own end. In the meantime, other players have picked up the slack. It also helps that the Rangers are at the top of the Eastern Conference.

  16. @ Dabroons,

    Respectfully disagree. In a one to one player for player swap, you are correct. But I expect if Getzlaf was to be traded, it is for 2 to 3 players minimum.

    NHL GM’s have to consider trading with each other based on what a player is doing today, and also potentially. The potential part of the equation is a crap shoot, not because of talent, but because of potential injury, severity of said injury, and recovery, or not.

    That brings us to today. Anaheim was doing poorly. They fired the coach, and are still doing poorly. So now they have to look at the players. Getzlaf has the third highest number of points with the Ducks (25) and is a minus 19. On the Leafs, Tyler Bozak has 25 points and is an even plus minus. Grabovsky has 21 points. Connolly has 20 points and is a plus 5. Lets be clear, I am not comparing any of these players to Getzlaf talent wise, or future potential. However, on paper, point wise, all three could be making as an effective contribution as Getzlaf is making to his team right now. Yes, he is having a crappy year. So is Kulemin. The point is, a GM has to look at all options, and I would argue that any one of these 3 centres, plus other substantial roster players would be enough to do a deal if both teams have enough motivation / desperation to do it. Toronto has a lot more depth in their organization than Anaheim, and thus more assets.

  17. @Murph – If Bob Murray doesn’t want picks or prospects for any of his core players and wants core players in return, what makes you think he’ll move Getzlaf for a handful of lesser players? I just can’t see it happening.

  18. I love the fact that some think that the Ducks wont be able to afford either Getz or Perry after next season beacuse of their salary demands. You have to take into effect that even if they commanded a 10 year deal at around 6-7 mil per, the ducks will be able to afford those contracts. Selanne, Koivu, Blake, and Visnovski will be off the books . According to Capgeek those four salaries will be a savings of lets just round to the nearest mil and say $16 mill. Fowler will also be a free agent. You will have to lock up fowler for 4-5 mil. So take away 3 mil for that. That will leave $13 mil. So you give Getz and Perry $1 mil per year more that they make now and that is $6.4 mil a seson. So you take off another $2 mil. That leaves the Ducks with $11 mil in savings to sign other talent to replace the four mentioned above.

    Is it possible to say that they both might leave the team…. Yeah. it is very possible. But I dont think they will.

    Trading Getzlaf sounds good to me at this point, but you have to think, this guy is only 26 years old and is having a bad season. No one here is doubting that. Every player in their career has a bad season. hell, the Ducks team in general is having a bad season (except Selanne). You have to blame the whole team, minus Selanne, for the hole they have out themselves in. I have had season tickets with the Ducks since 93 and all i have to say is, this is the most disappointed I have been ever since they have been in the NHL.

    The olny way you trade Getzlaf at this point of his career is if you get 2 players, (one being a core player. And the second being a top 6 player) You have to give up something big to get something big. Getzlaf is arguably a top 5 center in the league. He is a PPG player when healthy. You cant replace that.

    If I was Murray and if I got a deal proposed to me like Miller, Myers, Stafford and a 1st or 2nd in this years draft for Getzlaf and Hiller, I probably would take that. But the money wouldnt work in the Ducks favor. So a thow in guy like Blake would have to go to. There isnt a deal in this world that is going to make the Ducks fans happy if they trade Getzlaf unless they get a healthy Crosby or Ovi and thet will never ever ever happen.

    And for those who have have said that goaltending is not the issue, it is. Hiller is not the same guy he was last year. He can make the big save when you need him too. He always seems to be a step behind almost every shot, unless it is right at him. The guy is in the butterfly all the time and is slow to react to the puck when he gives up a fatty rebound.

    So who in the hell knows what to make of all this…. Sorry for such a long post.

  19. Fire Wilson…You must be high or don’t know how to read. Murray said that if he is to trade a core player like Getzlaf he doesn’t want another teams prospects or picks, he wants a CORE player in return. So no he doesn’t want Toronto’s crappy package of misfit players. He will want a legit core player back, and the only ones of value would be Schenn or Kessel and on their own neither one lands Getzlaf.

  20. Jefferson,

    I do not see it happening. I am just saying if it did happen, the Leafs are no less eligible than any other team to pitch a solution, simply because Anaheim has bigger problems than just Getzlaf. Trading him, player for player, with some other superstar in the league, even Doughty, will not solve their problems either. They have other needs to be addressed and a multi player trade including lesser players may have to be considered., thats all.

  21. Oilers, nor Buds; have anything to offer Anaheim for Getzlaf.

    They’re not looking for kids, they’re looking for a big ticket for big ticket.
    So put your Gagner’s and Kadri’s away; it would take a deal with a lot larger of a name to go to Anaheim for them to move a perennial all-star. Additionally, if it is Stud for Stud, you’d watch Anaheim take home extra incentive.

    Throw around names like Benn, Rebeiro, Kopitar or Neal if you’re thinking of getting Getzlaf out of Anaheim, that or think of something like: A grade prospect, 2 x Early picks, 1 Later pick (The prospect in return must be NHL ready, and indicative that he’ll be a top 6 guy).

  22. If the Oilers were going to take a run at Getzlaf they do have the assets to match the kings ransom Anaheim will be seeking in trade. Gagner, Paajarvi, Plante and a first rounder for Getzlaf and Beauchemin. The latter being a throw in to help our defense. And him being a UFA at the end of the season makes him the throw in. Anaheim gets a center and a left winger with all kinds of potential.

  23. @ Canadian King

    Where did I say Toronto will trade a package of misfits for Getzlaf? I said the Leafs have “lots in the cupboard” and yes that does include Scheen. I believe the only guys that wouldn’t be available are Kessel, Phaneuf, Lupul and possibly Gardiner (because the Ducks don’t want to admit their mistake and take back former players). So that pretty much means any package including current roster players and possibly prospects. The Ducks need some good young roster defencemen. Take your pick…. Not saying it will happen because I think the GM is just trying to light a fire under his ass but if he does come available Toronto will be a front runner based on past history between these two GM’s.

    @Ducks Fan93
    I think if Getzlaf returns to his prior form and hits the UFA market he will be looking at north of $8.0M (not $6.4M). Perry would be about $1.5M behind him. With OV at $9.5M and Stamko’s getting $7.5M as an RFA, Getlzaf will be somewhere in the middle providing he returns to form prior to becoming a UFA. Remember he’s a cup winner and gold medalist power center.

  24. So some fans believe that trading scraps for talent never happens… Below are a few off the top of my head:
    Blake (4M/yr) Toskala (cant play goal) for Giguere
    Stajan, Meyers, White, and Hagman for Phaneauf and Aluie
    Lebda (-3 in a 9-3 win, really bad player) for Franson and Lombadri
    Beauchemin for Lupul and Gardner

    All these trades came right out of left field so really, anything is possible. Its just the likelihood of them happening is unknown. If there would be a trade of a big ticket player like Getzlaf I wouldn’t discount the chances of him being traded with Burke pulling the trigger.

  25. @ JDB “if you draft in the top 3 you’re almost assuredly going to get a can’t miss guy”

    A quick check of the last ten years will show that this is not true.

  26. have perry and getzlaf landed in toronto yet lol?

  27. Poe969 fair enough. But if you really wanted to get rid of Jbo, you’d have to find a GM that agrees with you. And I doubt it would be for a player of Getzlaf’s quality.
    Just spit balling, but a deal that makes sense to me would be
    Calgary gets: Anthony Stewart, Chad Lerose, one of Spacek, Allen or Gleason (whichever Carolina doesn’t intend to resign)
    Carolina gets: Bouwmeester, Nemsz and a second or third rounder
    my thinking is that Rutherford has seen quite a bit of Bouwmeester in (what is to be the old) southeast, his name may carry a little more weight there. Plus, Carolina only has four returning defencemen and an RFA in McBain. So if Carolina thinks JBo can Jbound then maybe they take the chance. Calgary gets a nice piece in Stewart, he’s big, young, skilled and cheap. The others are add ons. It also saves Calgary around 4 million in cap relief next year going foward. I put about 5 minutes of thought into that deal, so rip away Flame fans. I just wanted to provide a better alternative then Jbo for Getzlaf. Now go back to talking about Getzlaf to Toronto and how Toronto sucks and can’t make the deal lol!

  28. @DurtMCHurt – If Rutherford has seen a lot of Bouwmeester before then that would’ve only confirmed that he’s one of the most overpaid defenceman in the league. Rutherford just got rid of Kaberle so why would he take a more expensive version back? Carolina’s trying to shed money, not add. And he’s not giving up a heart and soul guy like Larose to increase payroll with an underperforming player. So basically Carolina loses two NHL forwards and a defenceman for an overpriced underacheiving defenceman and a prospect who hasn’t made the jump yet and may not ever make the jump?!

  29. Calgary has JayBow and the Canucks have Mike Bullard and his $4.2 million dollar contract that they are feeling saddled with. To move Bullard they would probably have to pair him with Cory Schneider and maybe even another player to move him.
    Leaf fans I feel bad for you that Colton Orr is on waivers but I would love to see him picked up by the Canucks to #1: protect the Sedin’s from the bullying BS that has been going on for years and #2: I would like to see him in front of the net ontheroadin power play. He could help make a very good power play even better in my humble opinion.
    Finally, after earning his way to and staying in the NHL by fighting I would like to see Orr be rewarded for the years of pain by getting his name on the cup.

  30. The biggest mistake Anaheim could make is trading Getzlaf, Perry or Ryan. Why keep two older players and trade the younger ones. It makes no sense to me…

    Every team has down years… Murray may have to trade players — and IF he has enough decent prospects on his farm team.. trade players for picks. This upcoming draft is full of talent and is reportedly pretty deep.

    Keep your key core players…. which are Getzlaf, Perry and Ryan… the best line in the NHL last season — I don’t think they forgot how to play hockey.

  31. I honestly say I am salivating at the thought of getting Getzlaf, I agree that only Kessel, Phaneuf, Lupul and probably Gardiner are untouchable is pretty accurate but you never know. A lot of comments here about the leafs not having enough, well those comments just don’t make sense. The leafs could put together a package as attractive as any team in the NHL right now. I would pull the trigger on Getz for Kadri + Kulemin or also Schenn + Kulemin. To be honest to get Getz I would give up a lot, he’s a solid player and would fit so well on that top line which with Kessel, Lupul and Bozak is a little soft see both Boston games….

    I think something can get done, I’ve been hearing Getz’s name tossed about the last couple days and Murray’s comments seem to be more than just “lighting a fire” There seems to be more legitimacy to this happening than Eric Staal to Toronto which was dismissed by Rutherford before the new year.

  32. If Murray is intent on trading one of their big three then expect the Flyers, Bruins, Canucks, and Pittsburgh to be involved. All have quality assets to offer and aren’t afraid of the big deal. I doubt that a western team would get any of them though. For discussions sake, of I had to trade one it would be Ryan or getzlaf in that order. Don’t touch Perry. IF a deal is to happen it will probably be a couple weeks before the deadline or in the offseason. I can’t see a playoff bound team moving a core player going into the playoffs for a underachieving core player, for chemistry sake. Although a deadline deal with a non playoff team could definitely happen. One thing would be for sure if a trade happens, IT WOULD BE A BLOCKBUSTER!!!! Lol

  33. @ Captain Ahab

    You actually think Colton Orr would be great on the PP? Have you never seen him play? I mean I love the guy but he has next to zero scoring ability and would offer nothing more than a show fight each game. he is a huge defenive liability when on the ice and offers no offensive upside, I mean look at the guys numbers! Never had more than 6 points and only once scored 13 with Kamloops in 2000. The guy knows his role and it’s not on the PP!

  34. It’s pretty hilarious to see how Leafs fans seem to think every big name player whose name is being dangled in the media is going to TO. Happens here, happens on pretty much every hockey blog, news site, and forum out there. I thought it was Rick Nash going there already? Who’s next, Crosby? Yeesh.

    Seriously, Kessel or Schenn alone won’t be enough to get Getlaf. Time to layoff the crack pipe and get back to reality, guys.

  35. @ Guerin’sBackcheck

    I’ll exclude the 2011 draft because it’s too early to tell.

    2010 was Hall, Seguin, and Gudbranson. It’s safe to say that Hall and Seguin are stars in the making. It’s too early to tell about Gudbranson.

    2009 was Tavares, Hedman, and Duchene. Hedman looks good, Tavares and Duchene are obviously stars.

    2008 was Stamkos, Doughty, and Bogosian. Stamkos and Doughty are stars, and the jury is out on Bogosian. At the very least Bogosian is a good defenseman; whether he’s elite remains to be seen.

    2007 was Kane, Van Reimsdyk, and Turris. Kane is obviously a star, Van Reimsdyk at this point is a 40 to 50 point per season guy with a lot of upside. That still makes him a top 6 forward. The jury is still out on Turris.

    2006 was E. Johnson, J Staal, and Toews. Erik Johnson is a top pairing defenseman, Staal is a top 6 type forward, and Toews is a superstar.

    2005 was Crosby, Ryan, and Jack Johnson. We don’t even need to talk about Crosby or Ryan. Johnson is a top pairing defenseman.

    2004 was Ovechkin, Malkin, and Cam Barker. Of this group Cam Barker might be considered a bust based on results versus draft position. He’s still not horrible and is a solid NHL regular.

    2003 was probably the greatest draft class in hockey history, but the top 3 were M A Fleury, E. Staal, and N. Horton. None of these guys are busts.

    2002 was Rick Nash, K Lehtonen, and Bouwmeester. You might say that Lehtonen is a bust. Hard to say.

    2001 was Kovalchuk, Spezza, and Svitov. Okay we found our first true bust in Svitov.

    2000 was DiPietro, Heatley, and Gaborik. DiPietro is a question mark only because he can’t seem to stay healthy.

    So in 10 years (I excluded 2011) there was one true bust taken in the top 3. Almost all of the guys taken are core players.

  36. @ surreal78

    And why do you think that is? Maybe because Toronto is the largest hockey city in the world where fans live, breath and eat hockey? Ummm why do you think every MLB free agent is rumored to go to the Yankees or every NBA star is linked to the Lakers? Just a shot in the dark but I’m going to out on a limb and say there are a hell of a lot more leaf fans than any other hockey fans in the world so there ya go genius.

  37. Just announced
    Murray has traded Perry, Getzlaf and Ryan plus this years #1 choice for Leafs 2020 7th round draft pick

  38. @Alf

    No joke.

    Let me be the FIRST person to come out and call most of you delusional; Kadri + another kid WON’T GET YOU GETZLAF. A package like that would get you a proven second liner; or if you add in another pick, could get you someone from an awful team, like Carter from Columbus.

    Fans shouldn’t suggest trades, way overvaluing of their middle talent. You all know that Getz is a PPG player, a Stanley Cup winner, an All-Star and a Team Canada member. It’s going to take more than junk to get him out of Anaheim.

  39. I love how the haters are saying Toronto only has scraps and garbage to offer Anahiem for such an elite center. Yet, if Burke ever pulled off the deal, those same people would instantly consider Getzlaf the most overhyped piece of garbage yet. Lol! I love the irony.

  40. Yes Durt 100%. Makes you want to see it happen just for that!!

  41. yesterday I was referring to the rarity of true #1 centers to build a team around.
    Looking at the 1st few rounds and going back to 2001.
    2001 – H. Sedin
    2002 – none
    2003 – Getzlav, E.Stall, Carter, Parise, (Kesler and Richards – #1 Center is questionable)
    2004 – none
    2005 – Crosby, Kopitar
    2006 – Backstrom
    2007 (starts getting dicey re: time to develop) – Turris, Hamil, Coutour
    2008 Stamkos (was a center when drafted), Hodgson

    I said 1 in 5 years, so maybe not that rare, but maybe one every other draft.

  42. Murph wouldn’t it be awesome? Lol! Guys like Surreal would be all “I wouldn’t give you Weber for Getzlaf, Kessel, Lupul, Shenn and Phanuef! Bunch of bums.”

  43. Oilers would be better off going after fowler then Getz. They couldn’t take on Getz with horc’s horrible salary still on the books, they are alittle plugged up at center now. But in fowler, if they were to offer Magnus, Hemsky, and either a draft choice or young d. Maybe?

  44. The bidding will start with Scheen or Gunnarson, then consist of either MacArthur or Grabovski, then finish up with Kulemin, Kadri or Colburne plus this years first rounder.

    Go ahead rip away!!

  45. also interesting to note (maybe), I read that Murray and Yzerman were in attendance of the Canucks-Wild game last night. Apparently getting a look at Josh Harding who might be trade bait, but maybe scouting some of the Nucks?

  46. Ace Newton: If there are 30 NHL teams, wouldn’t that suggest there are at minimum, 30 #1 centres in the NHL? We can debate the quality of some teams’ #1 vs. another but by definition, wouldn’t there be 30?

    Let’s say the average career for a #1 centre is 12 years (I think that’s being generous despite the number that go 15+) then mathematically, that would suggest that each year somewhere between two and three #1 centres are drafted. (if less than 12 year careers, even more would be drafted per year)

    Again, we can debate the term #1 vs. Star or Top or whatever, but by definition there being a minimum of 30 #1 centres in the league (some would say Pittsburgh has 3) about two to three are drafted a year.

  47. MattyG,
    you are correct, and I’m more implying a star/top #1 center to build a team around. (i.e. Sundin, Crosby). I believe Getzlav fits that bill. Pittsburgh has 2, but would say that Stall is ideally a #2 center. Same goes with M.Richards, Kesler. Superstar #1 centers aren’t that common and not every team has one.
    edit: I forgot Toews on that previous list.

  48. @ ActNewton

    Good points. I would also suggest that the quality of the center depends on the team that the player is on. If a player ends up on a defense first team their numbers may suffer. The joke in the late 90s was that Ken Hitchcock turned 50 goal scorers into 30 goal scorers (Hull and Neiuwendyk).

  49. To answer why leaf fans think or for that matter any other cnd. market thinks that all players want to play for them. Why wouldn’t they. Hockey is religion in canada. You have a very good chance of being immortalized for all Time. Remebered by franchaises that doesn’t appear to be going anywhere. We canadians talk hockey all year long. Yanks or should i say most , don’t seam to care as much as we do. A point in case i work in niagara falls canada. We have a rail car that comes down the escarpartment to the falls. One day in july Joe thorton came down on it and all our student workers surrounded him dying to talk to him. American tourists noticed the fuss and started asking who’s he. all this over someone who plays for a u.s. based team located over 3000 miles away.Some of these guys play for more than just money and all the cnd. markets have it to offer. Sorry we have hockey you americans have everything else. And for my part we Got the way better end of the deal.

  50. Selanne is something else, but still there’s something seriously wrong with a team if a 41-y-old player is the points leader…