Edmonton Oilers Rumors – March 22, 2012.

Will the Oilers turn to Devan Dubnyk as their starter, or seek an experienced starter in the off-season?…Linus Omark playing his final games as an Oiler?…A look at possible free agent defense options for the Oilers…Trading their first round pick an option?

Is Dubnyk the Oilers starter beyond this season?

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jim Matheson reports the Oilers management will have to decide if they’ll stick with Devan Dubnyk as their starter next season, or shop for an experienced starter in the off-season.

Matheson also recently looked at the best free agent blueliners who could be available for the Oilers this summer, and isn’t impressed, listing Dennis Wideman, Matt Carle, Filip Kuba, Carlo Colaiacov and Joe Corvo. He doubts the Oilers have a realistic chance of signing Ryan Suter if he becomes available, while Brad Stuart wants to sign with a California-based team.

Jonathan Willis, meanwhile, believes Linus Omark is playing his final games with the Oilers, doubting they’ll bring him back next season. Omark will be a restricted free agent this summer.

EDMONTON SUN: Robert Tychkowski recently examined the Oilers “muddy” draft picture, looking at the possible options they’ll have with what’s expected to be another high draft pick. Among the possibilities could be trading that pick.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Oilers are also stuck with Nikolai Khabibulin’s contract for one more year, unless they buy him out, in which case they could use a veteran netminder to help Dubnyk carry the load. Bolstering their defense appears to be the priority for next season, and shopping that pick could potentially land a good blueliner. As for Omark, they’ll either shop his rights or just not qualify him before July 1st. Let me know what you think, Oilers fans!


  1. I know it has been said over and over but maybe oilers 1st and omark for toronto’s first and a luke schenn…then the leafs can draft there centerman they need and the oilers could use the later pick to draft maybe a goalie or another defenceman..i dunno i know leaf fans will be all over that calling it down but really it is a trade that would make sense for both sides to fill there needs, Honestly schenn isnt worth a first pick by himself.

  2. i think if omark leaves it will be a big blow to the oilers 12 year rebuilding plan. he has plenty of skill but gets stuck on the fourth line. ryan smyth is no loner a top tier winger and should be a third or fourth line regular.tambellini and renney are idiots.please mr.katz fire these two before it’s too late.

  3. @Dustin… I think that trade is pretty fair. The only issue may be the 4 year cap hit of 3.6 million for Schenn. The Oilers have space for it, and he is the right age. But for some the jury is still out about his worth.

  4. The oilers can trade their pick, or they can also keep it and get the best defenseman in the draft since Columbus will choose Yakupov and if the habs pass edmonton they’ll be choosing a forward (Grigorenko), so that leaves Edmonton with the pick of the litter..not bad

  5. I think the Oilers are making a big mistake by not giving Omark a fair chance to prove himself. He has the talent and need to be allowed to play without the fear of making a mistake. He has creativity that isn’t easy to find and with having no chance of making the playoff, they should be giving kids like him a good look, not sticking him on the fourth line.

  6. @dustin….don’t worry about your post getting slagged by leafs fans. the header said Oilers Rumours, so no Laffs fans will even look at it.
    but you do have some point. all depends on how far the leafs fall (i thought the leaves only only fall in autumn, not spring) in the standings. We all know the Oilers need a d-man in this draft and potentially getting Schenn, and drafting another D sounds good. So as of today Leafs draft 6th, and Oilers, well lottery. I expect Tampa and the Islanders to move up, so could be a 3rd for 5th swap. I hope the Oilers could draft Murray, but after the Oil Kings win the Memorial cup, Griffin Reinhart will make a jump into the top 5, and he would be a great pick too

  7. khabi sighned as 35 year old, no buy out.

  8. The Oilers have way too many of the smallish skilled forwards. At some point they will need some size. And sadly, as talented as Omark is he just doesn’t fit into the long term plan, and is a good asset to be had by another team needing an offensive threat, like say, the leafs. They are really one dimensional

  9. Dave, with the new CBA their might be a one time amnesty period in which to buy out one player. Your right though without that amnesty period Khabby is a guaranteed contract and cannot be bought out.

  10. Resigning Hemsky put Omarks future in doubt, in many ways they are similar players and there is no need for two of them. There is also the question of Paajarvi and even Lander. With RNH, Eberle, Hall and Hemsky in the top 6, the Oilers need wingers/centers with size and skill to go with them.

    As far as the Oilers drafting defencemen, almost certain they won’t with their first pick. They are already going to have contract issues and who to sign next season with Klefbom, Maracin, Fedun, Bigos, Gernat, Musil, Simpson and Teubert in the system. Another young defenceman is only farther away from the bigs. Same with goaltending, next year the odds are Bunz starts in the ECHL and Roy in the AHL.

    Plus there is absolutely no doubt the Oilers would love to get a big, skilled center. They would love to be able to use Eberle and Hall as scoring wingers on seperate lines with RNH and perhaps Grigorenko. Yes there is the fear with Russians, but if he pans out, those 4 with a couple big strong wingers makes the Oil very dangerous.

  11. Nobody is getting the Oil’s 1st round pick as they are going for Murray or Grigorenko. If they take the center, which is a high possibility they will trade Gagner and Omark, for a gritter forward to replace Horidchuk. They will chase guys like Steve Ott and Brandon Dubinsky hard in a trade or even a Jordan Caron out of Boston.

    If they take Murray the Oil will still look to move Gagner and Omark as it opens up a spot for Lander on the # 4 line with Belanger as the # 3 and Horcoff with that awful contract as the # 2. Eventually Lander is # 2 and Pitlick is the # 4.

    Teubert will make the jump next year as # 6/7 to give the Oil the hard hitting d-man they need, which will also make Barker & Peckham expendable. Sutton will platoon with Teubert as the Oil prepare for Klefbom and Marincin to make the jump in about two years when Whitney and Sutton’s contracts are up.

    In other words the Oil will NOT panic as they know they have draft talent still developing in OAKC.

  12. A handful of Oilers need to go. Belanger, Hordi, Horcoff, Barker and Knabbi. Sutton does good but his pm kill us. Alot of waisted minutes this year.

    Keep the pick. Draft by need. I dont care what anyone says we don’t need another smallish player. Yakupov.

  13. Omark will likely be qualified and shopped at the draft… if there is the one time, contract buyout amesty in the next CBA, the Oilers would be better off buying out Horcoff’s albatross of a contract rather than Khabibulin’s…. I could see the Oilers shopping their 1st rounder and maybe some spare parts from their stockpile of youth for a quality defenseman and a quality RFA goalie, or them trading down a few picks for a top 4 defenceman and then take another defenceman with that pick.

  14. I agree with most, the Oilers need help at D and size up front. Their best bet may be to move down a couple of spots in the draft and grab an additional 2nd or third round pick and draft some D for the future. Then us Omark and some of there later picks to pick up some veteran D and depth forwards to carry the kids until everyone is ready.

    @ Dustin- Leafs may not be finished dropping yet so your scenario with the draft picks and Schenn might not work. I know everyone thinks I am saying this because most Leaf fans would like to dump Komisarek but I think he would be good for Oilers. Big, tough and has some leadership skills.

    @ Slick- your scenarios make sense except I cannot see them trading Gagner after seeing what he can do. He got cast aside when Tyler came to town and he has had to scratch and claw his way back up the ladder. I think that built some character and the Oil finally recognize it. Also, no way I see Caron getting poached from the Bruins

  15. I know this has been said but if the oilers do finish 29th then they should draft grigorenko and trade gagner and omark for a young defenseman like Ryan Ellis, that Caron guy from Boston

  16. @danomite: I’m a leafs fan and I had a look at the oilers rumors and your posts! I hope this doesn’t shock you! 😉
    @dustin: Omark is not what the leafs need! He has some talent, but he was not able to crack the Oilers roster this season and he is another small forward which the leaf have enough! And I am not ready to give up on Schenn!
    I think the Oilers should use their draft pick to draft the best available player, no matter what position this guy plays!