Fallout from the Bernier Trade – June 24, 2013.

Having acquired Jonathan Bernier, what other moves are in store for the Maple Leafs? Could Dion Phaneuf be dealt? Are the Leafs pursuing Sam Gagner? What will the Flyers do now that they lost the Bernier sweepstakes? And where will Roberto Luongo go? 

TSN’s Darren Dreger reports via Twitter “Sounds like Toronto expects to be busy on the trade front in the week ahead. Still eager to add a young centre and top 4 D.”

Could the Leafs shop Dion Phaneuf?

Could the Leafs shop Dion Phaneuf?

NBC SPORTS PRO HOCKEY TALK: Joe Yerdon cites “tweets” from Darren Dreger and Bob McKenzie claiming they’ve heard “rumblings” Leafs captain Dion Phaneuf could be available. Leafs GM Dave Nonis said he hasn’t received any calls on Phaneuf yet, but Yerdon suggests that could now change, noting several teams need a number one defenseman and Phaneuf could fit the bill.

DENVER POST: Adrian Dater believes the Avalanche would have to offer up Paul Stastny to the Leafs to get Phaneuf, largely to make the math work with the salary cap. Phaneuf’s cap hit for next season is $6.5 million, Stastny’s is $6.6 million.

SPORTSNET: reports a rumor the Maple Leafs have held discussions with the Edmonton Oilers regarding center Sam Gagner, who’s slated to become a restricted free agent on July 5.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: David Staples also noted the rumor of the Leafs interest in Gagner but noted Darren Dreger claimed the Oilers and Gagner’s agent are working on a contract. He also cites CHED radio colour man Bob Stauffer, who fully expects the Oilers to re-sign Gagner to a multi-year extension soon.

TORONTO SUN: Mike Zeisberger lists Phaneuf among five Leafs to watch, including Mike Komisarek, Tyler Bozak, Clarke MacArthur and Nazem Kadri.

TSN.CA: The Maple Leafs are expected to buy out defenseman Mike Komisarek during the compliance buyout period.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It certainly sounds like other moves are coming for the Leafs. I expect they’ll target Florida’s Stephen Weiss and Detroit’s Valtteri Filppula if they become available in the free agent market, especially if they fail to re-sign Bozak. As for Gagner, I too expect he’ll be re-signed by the Oilers. The “Stastny to Toronto” rumors have been kicking around for some time, but I’m not convinced Nonis is keen on the Avs center, especially with that salary. No surprise Komisarek is being bought out. MacArthur could be moving on.

CSNPHILLY.COM: Tim Panaccio cited a source claiming the Flyers, who lost out in the Bernier sweepstakes, will continue to look at other goalies, including those eligible for free agency, before making a decision on a buyout of Ilya Bryzgalov.

PHILLY.COM: It’s been reported the Flyers offered up winger Matt Read to the Kings for Bernier.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Read could be used as trade bait if the Flyers shop for another goalie.

NBC SPORTS PRO HOCKEY TALK: Joe Yerdon mused about trade destinations for Roberto Luongo now that the Maple Leafs have acquired Jonathan Bernier, listing the Panthers, Islanders and Coyotes as possibilities, while jokingly adding the Flyers to the list.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I still think the Panthers could be the destination, though the Canucks will have to absorb some of Luongo’s salary. The Coyotes might be interested if they lose Mike Smith to free agency, but not at that salary. The Islanders might try to offer up Rick DiPietro’s contract, as swapping one bad contract for another might be the only the way the Canucks finally move him. As for the Flyers, if they buy out Bryzgalov, I doubt they’ll want to add Luongo’s contract.



  1. The Leafs will be tight cap wise if the only player they buyout this year is Komi. I believe they won’t buy out Grabo or Lyles this year. Maybe next year. Neither of these two players are tradable IMO without the Leafs retaining some of the salary cap hit or throwing in a prospect to a team looking to hit the cap floor.

    If they can move Phaneuf for a draft pick (which is what I think they are looking for) then they will free up $6.5M in cap space which will give them much more breathing room. A Stastny trade could be possible since Phaneuf and Stastny are both in the last year of their contract. That would give Toronto the number one center they crave IF Stastny can find his game with JVR and Kessel. If they brought in Stastny they would be desperate to move Grabo which is close to impossible without retaining salary OR giving up a prospect to sweeten the deal. IF Grabo could be moved or bought out (doubt it) it would free up money to go after Horton or Clarkson BUT if not the Leafs won’t have the money.

    I still think the Bernier deal is a slap in the face for Reimer. Someone will be delegated to back up and one of these two guys won’t be happy when they are sitting on the bench for the Leafs first game. I’d trade Remier and sign Emery at this point (which won’t happen).

    • Phanuef, Leafs first and McClaren (or another smaller piece) for Horcoff and his craptastic contract and 7th pick, then buyout Horcoff? And pick Nurse.

      • Gives the Oil a solid D some more toughness( possible heavyweight champ) and a pick gets rid of 1 bad contract for them…

        • They already have Brown but part of that deal sounds reasonable. I’m really starting to think the Leafs are to cheap to buy out any bigger contracts. Since they are using one buyout on Komi and he is hardly owed much of anything it tells me they are cheap and won’t take back any bigger contracts to turn around and buy them out otherwise they wouldn’t be using one of these two crucial buyouts on such a small cap owed to Komi.

          I think we were dreaming Leaf ownership would actually try and use their billions to make the team significantly better by taking a contract like Vinny’s and buying it out. I don’t know why I thought this new ownership cared about winning and not the all mighty dollar.

          • No way Grabo or Lyles gets bought out this year. MLSE will stick Nonis in front of a camera with talk of both guys getting another shot at redemption even though not buying out one of these two guys will significantly impact the Leafs cap situation this year. If they can’t move one of Phaneuf, Lyles, or Grabo (without retaining salary) then the Leafs will be very tight and won’t be able to afford Clarkson or Horton. The only other option is to move Gunnarrsson and avoid paying him $3M+ as an RFA. Then use that money in other places. Moving Phaneuf is still their best option

          • You know you can’t buy out a player and then resign them to a contract right?

            Pulling in Bernier definitely shows a lack of confidence in Reimer, but you don’t pass up an opportunity like that for a guys pride. Bernier could be franchise goaltender material if he can handle the pressure and the competition will be great. I anticipate a split schedule like the Blues did last season with Halak and Elliot

          • Yes… Your point?

          • Sounded like you wanted them to trade for Vinny then buying out his contract and resigning him to a different deal. Which they obviously can’t under the rule. Perhaps I misread your post.,

      • I like this deal, but why would Edmonoton not just pick Nurse themselves? He’s similar to Phaneuf and much more affordable and younger.

        • Cause they might not want to wait on the development of a young D Nurse will be good but with any young D (besides Karlson it seems lol) it takes time to develop, Dions capable of putting up big minutes where I don’t think you want a rookie D playing 20-25 mins a night, again its not that Dion is bad he is definitely. Our number 1 guy and would probably be the oilers aswell its the contract that makes things difficult to find him someone to play with. With Horcoff coming this way in the deal that kind of makes up for Dion’s contract, at a mill for 1 year if you look at it that way and maybe he signs for less to play at home he could be a bargin. Plus you get the pick and maybe a couple less significant pieces, just a thought it might help both teams, time to listen to Oiler fans say it sucks cause well that’s what they do when it come to the Leafs…lol

          • You two guys have no idea what a good hockey player is don’t you?

          • No Ron…. why not enlighten us with all your hockey wisdom, please tell me how a bad hockey player some how manages to play 20-25 minutes a night is on the power play penalty kill sits 1 point behind a D man who is on the other point for power plays 9th in the league for points by a defenseman why don’t you tell us how terrible he is.

        • Becaus Edmonton has been in a rebuild process for far too long. They want to may a Playoff push now. I can’t see Edmonton trading for Phaneuf, as they’d be more prone to trading their 7th overall + Dubnyk for someone like Miller. I see Buffalo in a full rebuild mode, and snagging up Luongo once Vancouver buys him out.

      • 7th overall for a turnover machine who is always out of position? pass the crack pipe over here …

        • We aren’t talking about Letang right now Ed

      • Agreed. But I think k they will add reimer to the trade now and ask for 7, horcoff (buyout) and.msp for paneuf and reimer. Toronto still talks about a vet goalie which means reimer is done.

      • man u really tilt your trades in the leafs favors.

        • You mean like the time you had Miller and Vanek going somewhere for 4 of the other teams top 6? Lol this isn’t a horrible deal if you look around. How much you think Letang is going to get all by himself? He had 38 points passing and playing with sid Malkin Neal ect. Dion had 28 without playing with the best offence in the league, Dion averaged more minutes is definitely more physical, never really been hurt or missed a bunch of games has dropped the mits on occasions you see Letang do that? I’m not saying he is better or anything like that I’m saying he is pretty decent D and people rag on him yet he plays with AHL call ups as partners, packaged with a pick and another piece and taking a horrible contract back is hardly 1 sided, I’m actually not sure I’d do the deal but if he moves it will be for Value of a high pick or a number 1 center ect.

          • Grow up guy.

            Vanek, 16th, stafford and a 2nd rounder for the 4th and blum or ellis is muuuuuuuuuuuuuch better and more realistic than any of your f’n offers.

            And you mention taking on a horrible contract in exchange for a top 10 pick. That’s exactly the reason why your proposals are so far fetched and tilted to one side in favor of your team. It’s so annoying. No gm in the league would trade a top 10 pick to rid themselves of a bad contract. What’s so bad about Horcoff’s contract? He’s got two years left at $4 million and $3 million and Phaneuf has one at $5.5 million. For a defenseman who commits the same turnovers and screw ups constantly every season, that’s a pretty steap price. only a difference of $1.5 million in total salary that Oiler’s would save. It is more than obsurd to even think Oilers would even consider this bogus offer.

            Besides Orpik do you really think Pittsburgh has anyone decent to play with on defense? Martin? Lol… Ya that point production seems a lil closer than it should seem. That’s 38 points in 35 games. If you average that out it would have been 52 points in a 48 game season and that’s an average of 89 points in a 82 game season…. Phaneuf would’ve averaged about 48 points in a 82 game season. That’d be an average of an extra 41 goals that Letang was in on than Phaneuf. And if you ever watch Penguins games you’d know Letang can hold his own playing defense and plays hard and gritty.

            Seriously man do your homework before you start throwing out these pathetic proposals. At least once I’d like to see your trades tilted in the favor of someone other than the Laughs. At least my trade proposals were even.

          • What’s so bad about Horrcofs contract?? Your asking what’s so bad about Horrcofs contract??? I think I’ll just leave it at that Because if you don’t know that’s a really bad contract I think it shows, That your not even worth the time of responding to

          • your basically swapping bad contract for bad contract………..your an idiot… at least try to understand the post lol…. man if leafs fans were all like you, your guys’ fan base would be in trouble; hockey knowledge wise.

            ya ofcourse Horcoff’s contract is bad BUT is it really wise to get rid of a bad contract for another and instead wouldn’t you rather draft Nurse, RISTOLAINEN at 7th? Rather than trade for Phaneuf who has no gurantee of signing with Oilers after his contract is up next year? weren’t you saying shit like oh why would they trade a draft pick for an expiring contract my trade ideas? wouldn’t you think the oilers would rather just buyout horcoff’s remaing two years which is a measley $7 million for a pretty wealthy team that’s toilet paper.

            Again man do your f’n homework…. AND PLZ READ THE POST BEFORE YOU START YOUR LIL RANT!!!!!!!!!

  2. When did Phanuef become a number 1 defence man. Toronto fans trash him and all year then they hear a trade rumor and think he’s great again. He’s a 2-3 deman on a good team. Big deference between a 1 and 2 in my books. Stastny makes sense because it just contract for contract that helps both teams since neither player has lived up to expectations. And since Sakic basically said he wants a center (McKinnon).

    • I never said he was a number 1 he is probably top2 on most teams tho its just at that price he is paid as a 1…you have as much chance of moving Horcoff as Gillis does getting a top10 pick for Lou the 5.5 mill coming off the books basically means you’re getting Dion for a mill for 1year and maybe his contract is better if you resign him your team will play 4 inches taller with a guy like Fraser Maclearen in the line up and the pick is not a horrible deal it could be worked on holding salary maybe this year’s second instead or with Maclearen but really the meat and bones of it would be there for both teams

      • I didn’t mean you specifically about calling him a number 1 de. It was in the article. If Edmonton is giving up the 7th overall then they better be getting someone under contract for 3-4 years. Edmonton buying out horcoff and keeping the pick makes more sense to me for the team.

        • Oh ya you could definitely. Do that I’m not sure what the oilers options are when it comes to that As I said it just could maybe be a thing where you kill 2birds with 1 stone by getting rid of him and getting a guy who can put up big minutes and really would look pretty good in that line up. I’m not sold on getting rid of Dion personal I’d buy out Grabo and find someone to play with Dion but those type guys don’t come available often and with Dion’s price tag it makes it even more difficult so the only reason I would see in moving him would be a high pick and some cap savings, Leaf fans are a funny bunch did he make some mistakes most definitely. But his supporting cast of D partners haven’t been great and the guy plays a tone of minutes never really injuried.This

          • theme from me here…NYR Richards and Emminger to TOR 4 Phaneuf and Grabo.

  3. Phaneuf rumours here they come. Yesterday there was chatter on the board about Leafs and Philly in a Phaneuf deal, it made more sense as I thought about it thoughts see below.

    From yesterday:

    I really think the Leafs and Philly could be good trade partners potentially. If the Leafs gave:
    Reimer (1.8mill 1 year)- to compete with Mason for the #1 goalie position, they are both cheap, and allows you to buyout Bryzgalov.


    Phaneuf (6.5mil 1 year)- the supposed top 4 dman/minute muncher {im not a fan} which are two things they need in Philly whether he can really do it or not. Also he has a 1 year contract an will likely demand less yearly in his less contract.

    Both these moves would fills holes for Philly and help sort their cap a little bit.

    The Leafs could ask for 2 dmen in return from the group of Coburn (4.5mil 3yrs), Mezaros (4mil 1 year) and Grossmann (3.5mil 3 yrs), L. Schenn (3.6mil 3 yrs).

    Leafs Dmen minus Phaneuf would involve Franson, Gardiner, Gunnarson, and likely Fraser as shoe ins making the needs either 2 defensive oriented guys or 1 defensive oriented guy and a responsible 2 way dman.

    Schenn could be a fit as a defensive dman, but its doubtful he would return Toronto, and he seems to perform better out of Toronto.

    Mezaros would almost certainly be a target as a responsible 2 way dman, especially on a 1 year deal.

    Then one of the defensive dmen. Coburn or Grossman who both have larger long contracts that the Flyers would give Philly more flexibility.

    Coburn would be a target for the Leafs and 29 other teams. Very solid defensively and above average defensively, as known commodity. Chances are this is the one guy they would resist to move, despite the larger longer contract.

    They would want to saddle a team with Grossman. He is solid defensively but limited offensively and has only played roughly 20min a game the past few seasons, and it overpayed for a few seasons likely, but the Leafs have a specific role to fill and he could be a good fit.

    To: Toronto – Mezaros (4.0, 1yr) + Grossman (3.5, 3yrs) = 7.5mil, 1yr… then 3.5 for just Grossman, but depending Mezaros fit he could get 4mil here again or elsewhere, so lets say 8mil for both with a small raise.

    I could see a possibility of getting Coburn (4.5@3) instead of Mezaros if Philly wanted more flexibility and I think Toronto excepts either trade. Which means locked into 2 defensive dmen for at 8mil for 3 years for sure. I think the Leafs are happy with either combination.

    To: Philly – Reimer (1.8, 1yr) + Phaneuf (6.5, 1yr) = 8.3mil for 1 year and if they keep both maybe for Reimer at 3mil and Phaneuf 4.5 = 7.5 (probably between 7-9mil combined cap hit depending on if they have career years). Keep in mind Philly would have (5.6mil+3.5mil=)9.1mil coming off the books from Bryzgalov buyout and no more overpaid Grossman. If Coburn(4.5@3) and Mezaros(4@1) flip with Grossman(3.5@3), it becomes (8mil+5.6mil) 13.6mil cap relief the following season, which is huge.

    This deal would fill holes on both teams. Give Philly cheap #1 goalie candidate, a minute munching 2 way dman, and cap options moving forward. They might need to find a 5-6 dman to replace Grossman, but that can be done cheaply which they would undoubtedly prefer.

    Torontos get a stay at dman (for 3 years who could turn into Komisarek 2.0, but at least he isn’t here to be a saviour) and Mezaros who is a solid 2-way dman for at least 1 year.

    Philly Goalies would be Reimer/Mason, and D in some combination would be Timonen-Coburn/Mezaros, Streit-Phaneuf, Schenn-(AHLer promotion/cheap UFA)

    Toronto D in some combination would be Franson-Fraser, Mezaros/Coburn-Gunnarson, Gardiner-Grossman

    The Philly D looks pretty solid with Streit in and the group and Phaneuf in a less pressurized role and Schenn with a kid in protected minutes.

    • Good find of post.

      If I’m the leafs and I’m trading reimer and phaneuf to Philly, I’m not asking for 2 d men in return, leafs have a number of d men ready to fill the 5 and 6 spots playing in the Ahl. Tho I do think Coburn would be solid. I’d want a d man to replace phaneuf and a forward,

      Think Simmons and Coburn or the schenn bros. picks might have to go back and forth to work it out but that’s what I’d look at.

      • Schenn’s are not coming to Toronto. Luke was basically run out of town.

        No way the Leafs take a gamble on trading Reimer to Philly and have that come back to bite them in the ass like Rask did. If Riemer went anywhere it would be the Oilers. I don’t think Nonis is moving Reimer anyways. For some reason he thinks this Remier/ Bernier fight is going to be good for the team. I don’t get it but that’s his opinion.

    • Probably equal pressure playing in Phila for Phanuef. You are welcome to Mesz, but i don’t see any trade value there. The Flyers would do that in a heartbeat.

      I don’t know that the Flyers would trade either Schenn for Phaneuf. If TO was smart they would ask for Gustafson + Read + a pick.

  4. Edmonton should keep Gagner. Sure he’s not a big center but they need a 2nd line center and he really improved last year. Plus RNH injurys and last years slump? I would count on him to play a full season very often. If Edmonton can draft Nurse, they would have their Phanuef style de man with a small salary (maybe one year of development needed).

    • Rnh and the 7th.pick to col to get MacKinnon. Would be a steal for edmonton

  5. I can’t see the Luongo for DiPietro deal happening unless a pick or prospect went to Van also (which Snow said he would do to lose DiPietro’s contract). Luo buy out is $27m over 18 years. DiP buy out is $24m over 16 yrs. The big difference is that Luo would actually play some seasons for NYI therefor a pick or prospect is important. If Van ends up with no other option then it makes sense to me.

    • I think the only way this happens if if Garth would give up Nino. He has voiced unhappiness with the situation on the island last year but parting with him is a risk. I am curious if Snow would bite on Swapping DiPietro for Bryzgalov if they offered it straight up without giving up a pick or a prospect. Might be worth the risk, if he fails you are in basically the same boat, albeit a litte more pricey one. If Bryzgalov retains his Vezina caliber form of a few years back he looks like a genius.

  6. To be honest, I found the Bernier trade a little surprising, especially when you look at what was given up for him.
    Bernier is arguably no better than Reimer, and the Leafs gave up a 2nd round pick, a gritty winger with some scoring touch, and a pretty good back-up goalie. LA wins this one folks…
    If a goalie was needed, I was expecting Nonis to go after Emery or Khabibulin, personally I think there’s another move coming (Bernier or Reimer to Calgary makes most sense to me).
    I disagree that Edmonton is going to re-sign Gagner as his #’s last year would fetch a big raise.(unless he takes a home-town discount) Edm are running out of cash and must also consider future signings against their budget. I think the talk of a multi-year deal is just posturing on their part.
    I’d love to see package deal which would include Phaneuf to Edmonton for either Gagner or their 7th overall.

    • Let me beat all the Leaf bashers to the punch:

      Phaneuf for the Oilers 7th over all. HAHAHA what a joke for poor Edmonton
      and I’m a Leaf fan.

      The Leafs would be lucky to get a 4th round pick back for Phaneuf. Moving Phaneuf would be a pure salary dump to make room for a UFA the Leafs would like

      • I said a Phaneuf package. not Phaneuf alone come on now, I’m a little more realistic than that!
        A package could see Phaneuf + Gunnarson, + the Leafs 1st pick for Edmonton’s 1st
        Or, Phaneuf, + Gunnarson or Liles for Gagner. Edm needs a puck moving D-man and a good point shooter for their power play, plus I really don’t think resigning Gagner will work for them. What are they going to do with Paajarvi (RFA 2013) and Nugent-Hopkins (RFA 2014)

        • OK Buddy that makes way more sense. lol

          Only problem is the Oilers need cap room to resign all this talent eventually and the Leafs couldn’t part with both Phaneuf and Gunnarsson it would leave the blueline to thin believe it or not.

          • Edmonton has $14.9M in available cap space right now. What about:

            To Toronto: Dubnyk + Horcoff + 7th Overall
            To Edmonton: Phaneuf + 21st Overall + Reimer

            Dubnyk can back up for Bernier, Horcoff can fill the 1C and Toronto can select Barkov/Drouin/Jones. Maybe even trade down till they can confortably select Nurse. Edmonton shed cap space, gets a puck moving dman that can man the point and eat a lot of minutes. They also get someone to fill their #1 netminder need and still select a player in the 1st round.

          • ***Edit***

            Edmonton has $14.9M in available cap space right now. What about:

            To Toronto: Dubnyk + Horcoff + 7th Overall
            To Edmonton: Phaneuf + 21st Overall + Reimer

            Dubnyk can back up for Bernier, Horcoff can fill the 1C and Toronto can select…maybe…select Nurse. Edmonton sheds cap space, gets a puck moving dman that can man the point and eat a lot of minutes. They also get someone to fill their #1 netminder need and still select a player in the 1st round.

        • MPS showed signs of improvement he is a big body (once he realizes it) for right now we could use is offense on the 3rd line. RNH are u kiddin me he is going to have a rebound year because he played with an injured shoulder all year. I dont like Horcoff but I will give him credit he does make a bit of a difference we were in a horrible slump last year with him out when he came back I think we got like 5-6 straight wins. I am kind of bummed that Bernier is off the market because I would have loved to see him in Copper and Blue. But he is still an RFA so u never know throw an offer sheet his way to see if it gets matched….lol.

          • plus why do you think Edm hasnt signed a big free agent? They know all the kids are going to command bigger salaries. Ebs and Hall were given raises this year 6 mil a piece.

      • Agree with most of comment but I think they could get more at next seasons trade dead line then now, but if Toronto is in a playoff spot again (2yrs in a row might be a dream) then they might need him around.

        • Possibly, but I can also see Franson stepping up for Phaneuf (especially at quarterbacking the PP). However you raise a valid point about his value going up at the trade deadline.

          • Ya I was really hoping that van would have taken a trade (last summer) when Franson was offered (rumored). He was good in Nashville and couldn’t win over Wilson in Toronto. Stupid move Gillis.

    • Edmonton is running out of money? When RNH is RFA then Hemsky’s 5 m is come off. When Yakapov is RFA then Horcoff’s 5.5 is off (but that now looks to be a buyout). Smyth 2.25 is done after this year and can’t see him coming back. RNH won’t get more than 6m -hall and eberly, (probably 5 if he has a good year). And Yaks will be traded if he wants more than 6. Probably around 28-29m (15-16 season) in top 5 forwards (hall, RNH, eberly, Gagner, Yak) For reference Pit will have 23.2 m (14-15 season) with Crosby, Maklin and Neal. Plus the cap will be going up. They should be okay or at least have young stars to trade, which other teams would love to have.

      • I didn’t say cap space, I said budget. I have my reservations if Edmonton ownership is willing to pay up the $ to keep the team together (My reference is the arena PR debaucle) what happens when player agents start comparing to other salaries in the league? Would they match a $6+ Million dollar offer sheet for Eberle? If they do, then I agree they should be ok, but they’ll need to address their blue line issues as well.

        • The arena thing was about millions of dollars from tax payers so he wouldn’t have to put as much in. Its negotiations. Its not like he doesn’t have the money. How do you think these owners get rich. They get the best deal possible. Sure he went about it the wrong way but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t money to keep the team together. They are two totally separate things.

          • The arena deal is done all that is left is to build the arena. Katz has tons of money they havent used any money because Yak and Nuge are going to be RFA’s over the next 2 years i could see nuge getting 4-5 mil a year plus Schultz will be an RFA in a few i see him getting among the same. MPS may be expendable talent. Horcoff, Whittney, Khabiboulin, Smyth and Hemsky should be off the books this time next year so that is 20 mil freed up in cap.

    • No way is Edmonton going to take Phaneuf at the cost of gagner or oour first rounder. Thats ridiculous. His time of being dominant is over. There is a reason he got shipped to T.O. we’ve heard the rumors of his ego and the dressing room conflicts. I always laugh when the leafs fans slag a guy all year then want a kings ransom for that same player they deem as useless. It would be like us asking for Kessel in exchange for Horcoff. Leafs would giggle themselves to death if that was brought up..

      • Why does nobody pay attention to the word “Package”? I’m sure Edm would be interested in Gunnarson and/or Liles along with Phaneuf. Edmonton’s defense is rather lacking in both puck movement and power-play quarter-backs.
        Drafting Nurse would be light at the end of the tunnel, but he would need a couple of years in the minors to develop into NHL ready.
        Unless Gagner is willing to take a home-town discount, he can land serious $ in the free market so if Edm isn’t ready to fork it up, they need to trade him now while they still have leverage.

        • To busy raging on Dion to listen the same way they raged on Fratin and Scrivens for Bernier the same way Philly fans raged on Schenn for JVR…always the same Leaf players are the bottom of the barrel to the rest of ’em lol

          • the trade was not fratin and scrivens for bernier so i suppose those raggers were accurate.

          • LOL! Joe you figure a 2nd round pick a year or 2 from now is what made this deal unrefusable? No I’m pretty sure The Kings got the pieces they wanted in Fratin and Scrivens the 2nd was just a Cherry on top…please stop with the nonsense

      • I hear Edm may pursue Weber out of Nashville. He has a big contract 7 yrs/114 mil I think is what he got from Philly’s offer sheet last year.

        • Not happening. The Oil need their resources to sign all their young talent

  7. Phaneuf, after watching players like Timonen and Pronger… Phaneuf is a step down #1.

  8. What will Flyers do? Flyer need to get Thomas, Theodore or Nabokov and buy out Bryzgalov.

    • Honestly if I’m the Flyers its Emery I go after, I am glad we got Bernier but Emery wouldn’t have cost anything and aslomg as the hip is good he could be a number 1 guy and with Mason I think that really would solidifyyour goaltending more then Theodore or Nabby.

      • Agreed, Emery is probably a cheap pick up too, but if I were the Flyers I’d target Nabokov. I think he’s a better goalie with a better health record.

      • Agreed

        • We had Emery. He is/was average.

          • Ehh wasn’t that kinda the beginning of the hip thing tho? He has good numbers in China and towards the middle of the season was pushing Crawford pretty well, I’m not saying he is the best just I find him the best option available right now especially now that Backstrom signed, way more practical then Theodore or Nabby. Maybe Lou gets bought out this week and take a run at him.

  9. phaneuf ill not get dealt to philly, neither will reimer…..the bernie parent deal still haunts the leafs to this day….not going to happen. I really think Statsny will be in a leaf uniform this season. He’s american, has a good rapport with kessel and Jvr….that line could really light it up if they get some chemistry. Leaving the leafs with Grabs, Lupul and Kulemin on the second and Kadri, FA and colborne on the 3rd…..its time for the leafs to bring up kids like Finn, Percy, Biggs and Reilly….nothing to lose…this team is young and fast…keep going in that direction with 2 very young goalies with nice upside, you never know…they could compete for a cup in a couple more years

  10. In one of the articles above Joe Yerdon cites “tweets” from Darren Dreger and Bob McKenzie claiming they’ve heard “rumblings” Leafs captain Dion Phaneuf could be available. Leafs GM Dave Nonis said he hasn’t received any calls on Phaneuf yet, but Yerdon suggests that could now change, noting several teams need a number one defenseman and Phaneuf could fit the bill.

    If Phaneuf is a number one defenseman (well he is by default on the Leafs) and therefore possibly ” in demand” why would the Leafs trade him? Who would they replace him with? What other team is ready to give up their number one D? While I would love to trade for Edmontons 7th overall, I do not see how trading Dion solves our issues on Defense. We still would need a 20 min per night guy who can also play PP and PK.Nurse is at least a couple of years away from NHL time, and I would rather draft Sean Monaghan, a centre, not another defenseman. Maybe Gardiner is the trade bait, ( with or without other pieces) with the understanding that Morgan Reilly could make the big club this year and by some accounts is actually better than Gardiner in the puck moving defenseman role, which would reunite Gardiner with his former D partner, Shultz, and coach Eakins. Don’t get me wrong, I like Gardiner, but Nonis does not feel anyone is out of the question for trade.

    On the Bernier deal, I initially agreed with Konstantine. I never saw Bernier as an upgrade over Reimer, but more of an equal. That said Bernier is an upgrade over Scrivens, and Frattin scored 7 goals in 25 games but virtually all in 3 weeks, and then 0 for the rest of the season. I wonder if the breakaway miss in the last game against Boston sealed his fate. As for the second round pick, I believe Leafs choose if they want to use this years or next years. If the feel they will be better next year they can use next years. If not its really not a huge deal. If I were them I would use next years 2nd round pick because this draft is supposedly very deep. On the whole I think a fair deal for both teams. It also put some other teams like Philly and the Islanders in a tougher spot.

    • FINALLY! Someone who actually makes sense on here. Agree totally with everything you said.

  11. Straight up trade, Phaneuf for Stastny. Sure Phaneuf has his flaws, but what player doesn’t? Phaneuf is physical, sticks up for his teammates and plays a lot of minutes, very valuable for teams in need of dmen. I think Stastny has more-so, grown out of what the Avs need.

    • I’m not sold on Stasny, or getting rid of Dion just to get rid of Dion. If we move him it has to be in a package to land a very Valuable piece going forward like a top 10 pick or great center or a couple pieces like a good stay at home D who can eat up some minutes and a young center with some upside. Again Dion is not that bad it’s the contract that is tough if he wasn’t playing with what the Leafs have now as stay home D like Gunnarson Kostka or Holzer I think you would see a big difference in his game, put him beside Nick shultz and he is a better player then the Leafs have now. If the Leafs could land a guy like Scuderri to play with him our top pair just got Significantly better but it’s tough with him making what he does.

      • Toronto has to have a talk with Dion about his future plans. If Toronto wants him and he’s willing to sign an extension for 4.5 m then sign him. If not deal him to col straight for Stastny. Its the same contract. Helps both teams for one year and if Stastny works out then try to sign him to a smaller $ contract. Unless there is something better avaibable (I can’t see the Edmonton deal happening). But Toronto needs to decide if its the offense or defence its going to make better, because I don’t see both happening.

        • I agree, and my support is towards swapping Phaneuf for an upgrade at Centre. Whether that happens now or just before the trade deadline makes no diff to me. However, I’m slightly biased, I never liked him in a Leaf uniform…

          • Agreed but for some reason I can’t stand ganger or stasney. Admittedly I don’t see a lot of stasney so I should reserve.my comments. I have to believe phaneuf is worth more than stasney though. If the deal was being made, I would do almost anything to get mcginn throw in. Even if it loom adding a roster player etc to get him. I live the guys game. I agree with an above comment though, I would love to mivenphaneuf for a pick

        • I’m fine with this trade too but that leaves so much money spent down the middle with Stastny at $6.5M, Grabo at $5.5M and Kadri around $4M to $4.5M. Doubt the Leafs buyout Grabo so that means dealing him along with a prospect to shed his contract to a team looking to hit the cap floor.

          • Honestly BG you got to stop with overpaying RFAS…lol Kadri isn’t making 4.5 mill can’t see it based on a short season and the fact if you add up all his games he still hasn’t played a full season, no one will offer sheet Kadri for that amount and if they do I hope Nonis let’s him walk and takes the pick..same with Fraser you had going to 2 and Gunnarson at 3.5 could you imagine the flack a GM would get putting an offer sheet out on Gunnarson and losing a second round pick on a D who may not even being top2 line pairing? Gunnarson and Fraser a guy who was not even a regular in the ineup are not getting huge offer sheets thrown at them they may get raises yes but the cap is going down and I don’t think the majority of Gms are waiting to pounce on mediocre RFAS and I doubt there is a GM in the league willing to give up a first round pick next year for Kadri yet.

          • Seriously??? You want to pay Bernier $3.5M and you are barking about the value I THINK THEY WILL DEMAND out of Nonis.

            I hope I’m wrong but not likely.
            Fraser $2M
            Kadri $4M
            Franson $3.5M
            Gunnar $3M
            These are all minimums. They will probably get more like Grabo and Lyles managed to extract out of this same GM. Everyone always said Nonis did all the contracts when Burke was here..

          • No Grabo’s and Lyles deals were not done by this exact GM and with the cap going down and if Suban didn’t get an offer sheet I’ll guarantee you Gunnarson won’t either especially after having a rough year playing with injuries and again even if he did most would probably be happy to let him walk for the pick…lol we are not winning a Stanley Cup next year keep building if some of these RFAS want to move on they are easily replaced ie Gunnarson, Fraser No one will offer Kadri and his 60 games experience 4.5 mill maybe Feaster he is slow like that, if he does take the pick Franson is the only guy I can see getting a very big raise, the others you mention are not getting 100% more then they made last year with the cap shrinking, not happening

          • If Nonis spends 25 % of the cap on those 4 guys plus Bernier he will be fired next summer. Simple as that

          • Honestly I can’t believe you think Kadri is going to be making more then Giroux Kunitz Duchene Moulson Legwand Turris see where I am going with this? And you honestly think Gunnarson will make more then Subban?? It dosent matter what they demand they will be compared to others around the league not Lyles and Grabo who are buyout candidates signed by the previous GM.

          • Stastny isn’t being rumored as official trade bait. The only Avs news comes from but a single source always. Adrian Dater at the Denver Post. His blog is the only source coming out of Denver concerning the Avs.. And the only Avs rumors that get picked up by hockey rumor sites like Spector’s here from the Avs comes from Dater’s awful, awful, awful opinion on Avs trades. The man is terrible with an accuracy of about 1-2% all time. He just sees a single angle, like similar salary or contract length, and thinks it’s a perfect fit. Mostly, it’s just for whimsical discussion.

            On the subject of Stastny as a player.

            In his first 3 seasons or so 70+ points.
            Since then, 40-50/60 points.

            He is only 27, in his prime
            There is nothing wrong with his overall game, in fact he is an excellent two-way center with undiminished skills and has excellent hockey sense. He has no physical liabilities, nothing went “wrong” with his game. His decline in point production has more to do with circumstances (team changes, etc.) than with any decline in talent. He’s not flashy like Dushene, but he is more reliable, consistent, capable, and has more trust from all his coaches and teammates on the ice than anyone else on this team. His overall game right now is by far the best, most complete on the Avs.

            The only knock on Stastny, and where his detractors stem from is that over-priced 6 year-$6.6 million contract Francios Giguere gave him after his ELC was up. It was too much, but not Stastny’s fault. And naturally when Stastny did not immediately start having 90-100 point seasons like the recently departed Joe Sakic then the naysayers start screaming that the guy is a bum! Stastny is still capable of 20-30 goals and 70+ points a season. He hasn’t been used to his talents and hasn’t had but average wingers and a washed up Milan Hejduk in recent seasons. And has taken a back seat to Duchene as the go-to scorer. If it wasn’t that albatross contract Stastny rumors would just be sweet wishes. He is definitely a very good 1-2 center with room to grow. The current problem is Duchene and (hopefully Mckinnon). O’reilly (ironically in a similar contract situation as Stastny) isn’t a problem because Stastny is not a 3rd line center at this point in his career. Stastny is a 5/5.5 million for 4-5 years type of player next year. Basically if it isn’t for (Mckinnon) there is no desire to move Stastny. Maybe, and I say maybe, Duschene/Oreilly
            is a better move. Probably not, but maybe.

          • Grabo and Lyles are candidates but will not be bought out this year like you keep saying.

            Nonis was in charge of negotiating all contracts while Burke was GM. Burke just handled the media and put the game plan for the direction of the team together. Everyone knows Nonis did the contracts.

            Kadri will most likely get close to Evander Kane money. Kane got $5.25M, Kadri will get $4M to $4.5M on a long term deal. Again I hope not but Nonis has not proven he is willing to play hardball.

            You said you believe Bernier is worth (or will command and get) $3.5M. What makes him worth anywhere near this dollar figure? The guy is totally unproven. At least Kadri and the rest of the Leaf RFA’s played in the playoffs this year. Bernier has no playoff experience and has been a bench warmer for most of his stint in the NHL. Reimer signed for $1.8M on a three year deal and had a slightly less experience as Bernier currently does.

            Guess we will see who is right on this subject in a few weeks unless half these guys get traded before contract negotiation’s start. I pray you are right and Nonis plays hardball I just don’t see it based on his past performance with contract negotiations.

          • Tukka Rask 3.5 Victor Fasth 2.9 Devin Dubnyk 3.5 Pavlec 3.5 really its pretty standard for a young Goalie with some up side, some of these deals are older some newer but it’s always around 2.5-3.5 shorter term and since Nonis just dealt for him showing he wants him there I’ll say between 3.5-4 on a 3 year deal look at cap geek that’s how I figure Bernier will probably get a deal very simmilar to all these guys that inherited Starting jobs the year they became RFAS…

          • Same reason I think Kadri will get between 4 and 4.5M and a guy like Fraser who had the most blocked shots in the league and a team high +18 will get at least $2M. I’m not arguing that these guys shouldn’t get less I just think they will get close to what I’m saying if not more just like you believe Bernier will get $3.5 to $4M. Precedent and Nonis’s track record for negotiating.

            As I said I hope I’m wrong about all those RFA’s and hope your wrong about Bernier getting that much but I doubt either of us are wrong. Time will tell if the Leafs end up much tighter then everyone thinks.

            I’d like to see him get a few of these contracts out of the way asap so we see the direction these negotiations will take.

    • I don’t think Phaneuf is a fit for Colorado. There will be only 1 big ego in that dressing room this year, and that will belong to the coach!

  12. Does anyone here anything about Backstrom. He would be a good starting goalie for a lot of teams.

    • Never mind. He just resigned in Minn.

  13. To do a trade.. you have to have a trading partner..

    Target teams close to the Cap.

    It’s also going to take a lot for the Leafs to move from the 21st draft pack to the 7th… May cost as well as players — a 1st or 2nd pick in 2014. Remember this is a really good top draft.. Moving up for anybody will not come cheap.

  14. Backstrom just signed a 3 year extension……

  15. i am probably reaching here, but what about duchene from avs, for phaneuf and 2013 first??

    I for one am willing to to do the stansny for phaneuf trade if, ryan wilson comes back or elliot.

    but if we could land duchene would it not be worth phaneuf, 2013 1st and maybe something else??

    • Av’s would need their head examined if they did this trade.

    • yea… the Avs need Duchene more than the Leafs do…

  16. Funny to see all of these Phaneuf bashers on here, I dont think Edmonton Oilers fans should be saying much. They wouldnt know a defenseman if it him them square in the face.

    Phanueg logged 30 mins a night most nights and helped the Leafs get into the playoffs and take the Bruins to seven. Had it not been for a total team meltdown, Phaneuf and the Leafs could have made the finals believe it or not!

    He’s not the best defenseman in the world but he is miles better than a lot of other defenseman in the leauge, I think Dions problem is that he has an awkwards skating stride and a goofy face – he gives off the wrong image.

    But I like him and I think he gets way too much criticism in this city.

  17. Totally agree with Andrew, Dion is defintely not norris winning type of dman, but is capable of playing a top 4 role for sure, and tends to put up 40+ points while playing top minutes, he’s real issues are in his own end. The leafs tend to attempt to use him as both a top offensive dman and top shutdown dman, he’s capable of being a good offensive guy as he has a heavy point shot and makes some good first passes, BUT by going for the big hits he puts himself way to far out of position (thus why he’s slowly been reducing doing big hits), if he had better defensive partner it would allow him to regain his offensive side and still go for those big hits that get his team pumped up.

    That being said, Ive been hearing the leafs are attempting to dish dion to the aves so they have a top 4 offensive guy, with a left handed shot to go with the very defensive right handed shot johnson. Only issue is they arent apparently asking for stastny like most people are assuming, theyve been asking how they can turn dion into the 1st overall pick, guess nonis finally wants his top line center aka mckinnon, and when sakic stated he was basically taking mckinnon it pushed nonis into overdrive; however aves are demanding more then dion obviously, leafs 1st rounder is for sure part, but they want either a roster player and a top prospect back, along with the leafs taking back cap. Right now the real issue is that the cap the aves want to deal is stastny, which drives up the price even more for the deal as sakic knows that he can get a good deal for stastny alone based on how hard it is to get a top six centerman right now.

    This is more likely why the leafs went full out and overpaid for bernier, as Roy and Sakic are not sold on Varly and are looking to upgrade their goaltending too. Could see a 1st overall + Stastny for Dion + kulimen + biggs + 21st overall + colborne + reimer/bernier. Sakic desperately wants morgan rielly but nonis has made him basically the only untouchable leaf right now, its coming down to if nonis has the balls to go full out for mckinnon or not, based on how badly the leafs need a franchise centerman i think he should, plus Sakic might be able to squeeze more out of nonis the later it goes on too!

    • If that’s actually true then the Leafs would end up with Stastny, Grabo, Kadri and McKinnon which is to many centers. Leafs only need one center based on Kadri taking the second center role and Grabo being very tough to deal out of town.

      I would think it would be more like Dion and Rielly for Av’s first over all and Leafs retain half of Dion’s salary (which they can’t afford to really do this year). Anyways doesn’t make much sense. I can’t see the Av’s parting with the first over all without getting anyone to draft in the top 5 this year

    • IF that was the case, the Avs asking price would most likely be the 21st overall pick, Kadri, and Gardiner for Stastny and 1st overall, and that’s if Sakic was feeling liberal….

      • Totally agree, just saying what i’ve been hearing, as much as i think biggs and colborne would be nice fits on the third line(biggs needs a bit more time probably) and either bernier or reimer would be awesome, especially under Roy’s guidance, i cant see Sakic taking it, even if the leafs threw in finn or percy. And if the leafs did make a move like that grabo would be bought out in a heart beat IMO, giving the aves matty duchene, o’reilly, colborne, mitchell/malone and the leafs stastny, kadri, mckinnon, mcclement(wish he was still in denver!), though i wouldnt mind a lineup of

        mcginn/colborne/ jones


        reimer or bernier/varlamov

        stastny is okay, but i think he’s definitely overpaid, his skills are blown out of proportion and he over achieved on some good avalanche teams. Though he definitely does have the capabilities of being a 2nd line center and is a good 2-way guy

  18. The Phaneuf trade rumours are bunk! All I have been hearing is we need to upgrade at center and upgrade at Defense. If we need to upgrade at Defense , why would we trade away our top defenseman?? This makes no sense. Get Phaneuf some help, cut down his minutes a bit and this will help his game.

  19. Wendel C,


  20. @BeerGoggles, The Leafs currently find themselves about 20 million under the cap if you include Komi being bought out. They have plenty of room, and don’t find themselves close to the cap at all.

    We still don’t know what other bodies will be moved, and if Grabo as well is a buy out option. I think Grabo is bought out if the Leafs can score one or two centres via trade/free agency. There will be a lot of players being bought out, and a lot of free agents coming to market. I heard even Nathan Horton is a UFA, You would have to think Nonis would jump at Horton if he does come available.

    Let’s wait and see, the next week will be busy. It will be fun to be a Leaf fan….

  21. If Leafs want rid of him badly enough, I could see Grabo dealt to Anaheim, if Koivu retires. Remeber Burke is a scout there, and he made that deal with Grabo in TO. Of course they could also target Bozak if a deal is not reached with the Leafs………

  22. We just need to have faith in Nonis, I mean he’s the GM for a reason.. I like the idea of having a Reimer/Bernier goalie tandum, I like the sound of that with Bernier getting 52 and Reimer getting 30 barring injury. Gotta keep Grabovski, he’ll bounce back I have no doubt.. What to do with Bozak?? If he wants Grabovski money we’re going to have to let him walk (unfortunately) but you’ll probably see a trade my guess is Gunnerson + Picks for another 3rd line type center with high FO %. Then in the FA market we’re probably going to see Weiss here unless we some how get Stastny (which i’d rather have) and the Leafs will also get a Douglas Murray type Defenseman to replace Gunnerson…

    So my line up guess (and remember it’s just a guess) is..

    Goalies- Reimer/Bernier

    Defense- Phaneuf/Murray
    (Holzer, Rielly, Percy, Finn)

    Forwards- Kessel/Stastny/Van Riemsdyk
    (McLaren, Biggs, etc…)