Fallout from the Jeff Carter Trade – February 24, 2012.

Now that the Blue Jackets have dealt Jeff Carter to the LA Kings for Jack Johnson, what will they do with Rick Nash? And could the Kings have more deals in mind?

LOS ANGELES TIMES: Helene Elliott reports the Kings, prior to last night’s acquisition of Jeff Carter from the Blue Jackets, had interest in Jackets captain Rick Nash, but according to those familiar with the situation, Nash wasn’t interested in coming to Los Angeles.

LA KINGS INSIDER: Rich Hammond reports Kings GM Dean Lombardi said he didn’t know if his club was on Rick Nash’s list of preferred destinations. Lombardi said he has absolutely nothing in the works right now in terms of trades before the deadline, but was open to talks.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: TSN’s Bob McKenzie and Darren Dreger last night reported Kings captain Dustin Brown was in play. Lombardi’s comments suggest he’s not actively shopping anyone, but is willing to entertain offers. If Brown is in play, expect a lot of interest in the Kings’ captain.

COLUMBUS DISPATCH: Shawn Mitchell reports Blue Jackets GM Scott Howson declined to address a potential trade of Rick Nash, but sources claim the Carter trade won’t impact any possible deal regarding Nash. Howson, meanwhile, doesn’t appear in a hurry to bring in a goaltender, perhaps his club’s biggest need, saying he’ll monitor the play of Steve Mason and Curtis Sanford over the rest of the season and see how they do.

TORONTO SUN: Mike Zeisberger suggested the Kings might try to move goalie Jonathan Bernier for another scorer, and could clear salary to accommodate such a move by perhaps trading Dustin Brown in a separate deal. Teams which were looking at Carter could now shift their focus to Edmonton’s Ales Hemsky or Montreal’s Andrei Kostitsyn, while those who lost out in the bidding for Carter might turn toward Nash.

CBC.CA/ESPN.COM: listed potential suitors for Nash, with the Rangers, Flyers and Maple Leafs topping the lists.

THE GLOBE AND MAIL: David Shoalts suggests the wait for a Rick Nash trade could stretch into the summer because of the Blue Jackets expensive asking price.

YAHOO! SPORTS: Nicholas J. Cotsonika suggests the Blues Jackets would be better off waiting until this summer to move Nash.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I’m just gonna come right out and say it: if the Leafs or Flyers trade for Nash, they’re being foolish. Seriously, Nash won’t address their respective goaltending issues. As for the Rangers, it’s a gamble which could put them over the top in terms of Cup contention, but could also blow up in their faces if they give up too much.

It would be better for the Blue Jackets to wait until this summer to move Nash, but we’ll have to wait until 3PM Monday, if not sooner, to find out if GM Scott Howson feels the same way. I also wouldn’t read too much into Howson’s comments about his goaltending. I’m sure he knows he has to upgrade, but there’s currently not much available to help in that regard. It’s telling he didn’t want Bernier in the Carter deal, which could mean he’s looking at a much bigger target (Cory Schneider? Brian Elliott? Anders Lindback? Josh Harding?) in the off-season.


  1. Brian Elliott in Columbus would be a disaster. I think with Mason’s recent play, Columbus might hope he has turned his game around after the past two seasons of being absolutely brutal. While I wouldn’t be so optimistic, Columbus theoretically has the pieces to acquire a better goalie – but they then have to move Mason since I don’t think they want a backup making 2.9 mil.

  2. Oh my God, not another Mason has turned the corner comment. Are you f’n kidding me. a few games trump 2 and a half years of bad play?????

  3. From what has been said about Rick Nash s wish list is that the Leafs are his main team and that he is trying to squeeze Howsaon to make a deal with Leafs as he turned down LA and others………is Nash playing hardball so that he becomes a Leaf VIA his own wishes. This would give the Leafs a HUGE bargaining chip to have him as an insider to move there …..WOW….. how great would that be!!!!
    I really feel that this guy is worth the 3 players and pick that the Leafs would have to give up.

    If you look at it this way Brian Burke said he would make the Kessel deal over again that was two first rounders …so for even a better player in Nash its gonna cost you …but you get a Franchise player at the peak of hos career and is a HOMETOWN BOY …when ever has the best player of the Leafs been a Hoemtown boy….You build around NASH not Kessel ……Burke give Howson what he wants and move on up …..you are now in 9th place and have no real solid propects youcan say are TOO GREAT TO MOVE ………NONE !!!

  4. I’m just not sold on selling the farm for Nash, we’re barely an 8 – 10 place team right now and does one player really make us that much better? I think having Nash in the short term makes us a worse team as apparently we’re trading away half the team (rumoured to be Schenn, Kadri, Kulemin, Colbourne + 1st rounder).

    To me that depletes our assets, a potential solid 2nd line centre in either Colbourne or Kadri, top 4 D pairing in Schenn (he’ll return to form I promise!) and a pick. Stock the cupboards now Burkie, look at the Wings, why are they always good? They don’t make senseless trades and they draft well…..

  5. I have been a loyal Kings fan since they joined the league. I have hated the Flyers since I was in the womb ( I had the NHL package in there). I am becoming very confused.

  6. I doubt Burke empties the cuboard giving up 4 former first rounders and a second. He hasn’t bent to the Wilson critic’s even though he should have fired him long ago so I don’t see him bending to these same critic’s saying he needs to stop the slide and go get Nash no matter what it takes. He has already said they do not have a firm offer for Nash and I believe him. Now if the Jackets lower their asking price significantly then he will pull the trigger (say something like this years first rounder, Kadri, Schenn and Lombardi, essentially 3 former firsts and a salary dump). I don’t see the Jackets doing this but you never know in this new NHL cap world.

  7. I think everyone suggesting the Leafs trade mostly prospects are missing a key bargaining chip that allows for keeping prospects. Why not trade Kessel, Kadri, and a 2nd round pick for Nash? Think about it, Nash is better than Kessel, just a few years older. Kessel has already been voted most soft, has spoken out about he might welcome a trade (last year), even Bob MacKenzie of TSN went as far to say he wasn’t “well liked” in the dressing room – and not that it matters, but he’s quite an ugly guy for your “franchise” player, kinda looks like the Chucky doll, especially with that hair. Anyway, Lupul and Nash would be as good a combo as Kessel/Lupul. Kadri is going nowhere in Toronto as long as Wilson is around. I’d pull the trigger on that deal. At least you can say you gave up two first rounders for Nash instead of Kessel.

  8. hey leaf fans, i forget, does Nash play center? he’s good and all, but if your gonna blow your load on a player, then get the franchise center you’ve been looking for since Sundin left.

  9. LA should NOT trade Brown. If someone like Edmonton want Bernier then make them take Penner back in a deal for Hemsky. Penner is an UFA so he comes off the books for Edmo so no real loss there and LA gets room to add Hemsky.

  10. If I’m burke I am taking a hard look at what it is going to take to get brown and bernier out of LA. If they are truly available lombardi is clearly trying to save his job so whether the brown deal is to bring in another player or is to clear cap space to bring that guy in another deal, the leafs are in need of a dustin brown.

  11. FINALLY someone who sees the light …GOOD CALL JoeBoo …Ive written a number of times that Kessel is the piece to make this deal work I said yesterday in my post that he is a good guy to get you to the playoffs but would be a NON FACTOR when its crunch time and would fade away…….so NOW look at it like this …if the Leafs make the Playoffs and Kessel is exposed to be the shitiest playof perfomer when the shit hits the fan …he looses any and all of his value & stock and would could never be traded for what you could get RIGHT NOW.

    Burke has to do this ….he really does……Kessel Colborne Schenn Scrivens and a 2nd rounder
    For Nash Mason and Brassard.

    If Burke misses this opportunity he will FAIL AS GM of the LEAFS

  12. I foresee the Leafs picking up a center, not Rick Nash. If they’re making a deal for a center, you look at the teams that are loaded down the middle; they could try to get David Krejci out of Boston, who is playing behind Seguin and Bergeron. They could try to fish out Paul Stastny out of Colorado. And let’s not shut the door on Sam Gagne, whose colours might not yet be revealed from a struggling Edmonton franchise. Ribeiro is also rumoured to be available.

    Rick Nash they could only fit on their team if they convert him to a center. (Yes it’s possible, NJ converted Elias to a C this year and he’s going into his late 30s). But that’s if Burke is resigned to give up two d-man prospects/roster players, a first rounder, and Colbourne for him.

  13. Regarding Nash’s list of teams…I doubt very much that Nash leaked the information and if you were Howson would you leak it? Especially if its just to the Leafs? Talk about killing your bargaining power.

  14. Brian … I hear ya and as a Flyers fan was thinking just the opposite. My favorite Flyer Gagne is out in LA with Richards and Carter. It’s like Phiily-West out there. If you want we can send you Bryzgalov as well … Just give us Quick back in return. :)

  15. @ Chris – YES! Involve Kessel in a deal for Nash if you can, but I would rather not give up Colborne. Brassard has not come close to meeting expectations, and Mason would do nothing for us (we already have two weak back up goalies)… How about Nash for Kessel, Kadri, Reimer, and a 1st rounder?

  16. @ Chris why is it every leaf’s fan thinks that every good player thought to be on the block wants to go to toronto. Another thing is that Toronto needs goaltending and a big number one vented. If you trade kessel for Nash you get a player that’s more expensive and produces only a few more points than kessel oh and not to mention kessel is gouged and you’ll probably have to give up picks and or prospects too. I agree with Lyle the Leaf’s would be stupid to go after Nash. And also quit saying that kessel is going to bust in the playoffs and Nash will ne great. Neither one has really been to the playoffs. In four games Nash had a -4 rating 1 goal and 2 awaits. At least give Kessel a chance to prove himself in the playoffs. I mean look at Joe Pavelski in San Jose he about the same size as kessel and puts up about the same amount of points no one thought he would be as big in the playoffs as he is for them. If the leaf’s want to trade for someone it should be a true number 1 vented and or a goaltender.

  17. I hate auto correct

  18. @ Chris Really? Kessel, Colborne Schenn and Scrivens for Nash AND Mason AND Brassard…come on..this deal makes no sense.Columbus is asking that much – kessel alone for Nash…not 3 guys.

    point taken on Kessel being soft, but he has been the best player the leafs have had since they made that trade, hes consistently getting better each year and is still young. Nash will not effect this team enough to be competitive after getting rid of Kessel. Say want you want, but that dressing room should be on their hands and knees thanking Kessel and Lupul for still being in the position of 9th place and in a playoff race.

    Terrible Defensive game is the leafs problems, not kessel. If I am Brian Burke, and Brown is Available, i would pursue him over Nash, wouldn’t cost as much and would add leadership and size to your top six without emptying the cupboards. Keep Colborne, Drop Kadri.

    aside from that the crap that is on the ice is the same as it will most likely be next year, and this same crap we will all be cheering for, hoping they can keep their crap together and win some games. aside from aquiring a 1st line center, no moves this team makes this deadline will change their fate of possibly making the playoffs and getting crush in the first round.

  19. If anyone thinks Howson has a master plan I think you are crazy-now maybe Craig Patrick does but not Howson.

    Jackets top 6 looks a bit anemic for next year and would be a complete disaster if Nash is traded without getting a top 6 forward back. I like Dubinsky and a couple of Rangers signed prospects (one D one O-and forget Erixon &Kreider because they are not signed in the case of Kreider and Erixon is a potential head case) as the best for the Jackets long term although if (and its a big if) Boston would give Rask then I’d ship Nash to Beantown in a sec. With Lady Lottery Luck shining on the jackets I could foresee adding a Malkin/Crosby or Kane/Toews combo over the next two drafts. One can dream.

  20. its supposed to say Columbus is Asking for that much without Kessel in the deal for Nash only not three of their players.

  21. @ Chris and All of the Other Leafs Guys.

    There’s another factor that you’re not taking into account. Burke could make a deal with the Kings for Bernier and then package Bernier in a deal for Nash.

    I don’t know the Leafs that well, and I’m just throwing this out as a hypothetical. Suppose the Leafs traded Kessel to the Kings for Brown and Bernier. Then they keep Brown and flip Bernier in a bigger deal to Columbus for Nash. I’m not sure whether or not the Kings would want Kessel, but you get the idea.

    The other possibility is something like Bernier for Colborne and then Toronto flips Bernier in the package to Columbus.

    I think you guys mayt be on to something though. Columbus has the All Star game next year and Kessel along with Johnson would be good representation from Columbus.

  22. OK GUYS all points well taken……BUT….. NASH wants to play in Toronto !!!!!! Hes a LEAF FAN….!!!!

    Are you kidding me…… this Leaf team HAS NO IDENTITY ….and for emptying cupboards A DEAL LIKE THIS does not come along every year this is a once in a decade type deal and one the Leafs have needed fpor 6 years or longer ……You guys place way to much value on certain players that are ONLY PROPECTS!!!!!!!!!!
    Nash is a once in a generation… team leader proven winner ….anyone with Hockey sense would trade Kessel Schenn and Colborne for Nash & Brassard ……ANYONE with some sense !!!
    You cant build a TEAM around Kessel …BUT you can with Nash and hes in his prime 27 years old…this is the GUY!!!

  23. People are like “he’s a leafs fan” etc etc etc…

    Guess what, if Detroit is paying me 6 million dollars a year, screw my loyalties, I’m a Detroit fan. Hockey is not religion, you’re allowed to switch sides.

  24. @ thisguy – Yes Leafs fans like me are ridiculous, and we love to fantasize that every player ever rumoured to be available would love to come to play for toronto, and can be available for the low, low price of whatever overrated, under performing player we no longer want… In this case however, Nash DOES want to come to Toronto. He is from Brampton, and Toronto is on the list of teams he will waive his NTC for.

    You’re right… We need goaltending before we address anything else

  25. Its was said that his prffered destination is Toronto ….he has the choice to spend the resto his years playing in the area he is from and the TEAM he has always wanted to play for!

    Thats all!
    It has been said ..

  26. Brian Elliot?? Didn’t he just re-sign a two year deal with the Blues??? That doesn’t make sense at all.

  27. @ Chris….point Nash is a leader…what has he ever lead columbus to? and moving him to this team without a proper center leaves him in the situation they were in in columbus…and how well as that worked out for him. Also Prospects are what you build your team on, if you trade colborne for nash you’ve eliminated torontos only potential 1st line center in the system with high expectations…seems stupid to me. Nash costs more and Kessel is producing with less…unless they can get rid of Kadri, Kulimen, and someone else along with a 1st round pick…i dont see why we would even considering ruining our team to bring in a guy that isnt going to adress the real problems of the team.

    as soon as gardiners name comes up…if im burke i walk away and form another plan.

  28. Nash to the makes sense Burke likes to be the center of attention and this would certainly keep is name in the media.

    The problem is if he makes that deal and the leafs dont make the play offs they are basically where they were after the Kessel deal.

    IMO there is no way they can ever trade Kessel and any deal with CBJ is basically going to take 2/3 of the second line there (Mac,Kuli or Grabo) and Kadri and picks.

    I would try and do something like

    To CBJ – Mac/Kuli/Kadri first this year second next year

    To TO – Nash/3rd rounder

    Schenn might have to fit in there somewhere and i doubt CBJ wants to part ways with Mason just yet

  29. When I see Kadri in the proposed deal, I immediately know it’s not to be taken seriously.

  30. Brian,
    As a Flyers fan I feel bad for you. I hope Richards is enjoying some sort of resurgence out there but once Carter gets there its all over. They have a bad reputation for being party boys and me first players. Carter is constantly hurt and is invisible usually come playoff time. Richards hasn’t been the same player since in a couple of years since all the new rules, he’a dirty player who can’t play his game anymore. You guys really have become Flyers west out there. I DO hope though that Simon Gagne can get well soon. He was a fan favorite out here Philly and an all round great guy. You still see a ton of Gagne jerseys in the crowd at a game. He can be a big piece for you during the playoffs. He has the penchant for the big playoff goals.

  31. I reverse my stance on LA trading Brown if the right deal up. What could that deal be?

    Here’s a shocker and my theory for what LA is trying to do. Enetr Tampa Bay. Yzerman will deal if it makes his team better long term even if it puts them back a step fighting for that 8th playoff spot (i.e. Downie for effectively a 1st rounder). So LA sends Brown and Bernier to Tampa for Martin St. Louis.

    Why it works?

    LA needs more real scoring and Lombardi is playing for now (his job basically) so why not take on a 35 year old proven scorer?

    Tampas needs a real goalie solution long term. Enter Bernier and Brown is not a bad player, would look good playing with Vinny and is much younger and cheaper than St. Louis giving Stevie Y some wriggle room to spend on UFA next year.

  32. Anyone who says the Leafs should trade Kessel in a deal for Nash is ridiculous…dont you guys view as a sideways move? The Leafs want to add a major player but it just doesn’t make sense to acquire that by parting with your current best player. A first line of Connolly, Kessel Nash looks pretty good doesn’t it?

    Maybe Clb won’t be asking for Gardiner since they acquired Johnson as well…

    so what about this:

    Schenn, Kadri, Mccarthur, Gustaffson or Reimer, a 1st for Nash, Mason

  33. I think St. Louis will retire before he plays for anyone but Tampa….

  34. Johnny…Dont you think the Kings looked into that? Carter and Richards back together should have a complete opposite effect and help them strive together again. These are big ego guys who want to prove everyone wrong. Great move by Lombardi in getting him for Johnson and a pick. Voynov will step in to replace Johnson, and Carter will be a great addition to the first line.

    And whoever pegged these guys as party boys is ridiculous….you’re telling me if you were a millionaire in your early twenty’s you wouldn’t be hitting the bars and crusing for babes…?? you’re lying to yourself if your answer was no…

  35. @ Chris:

    Can you explain to me how a 30-35 goal sorer / 65 pts player is “once a generation”?
    You make him sound like Brett Hull, or Peter Bondra, or Pavel Bure,…
    oh wait… those players DID score 50+ goals in multiple seasons.

    Can you explain to me how a guy who has played 4 playoff games in almost a decade, lost all 4, and fails to make the players round him any better is a “team leader proven winner”?
    You make him sound like Steve Yzerman, or Bob Gainey, or Bobby Clarke.

    Get Real.

    “A DEAL LIKE THIS does not come along every year this is a once in a decade type deal”

    Within the past 10/11 years, Thornton, Hossa, Kovalchuk, Heatly, Tkachuk, Jagr (twice), Selanne, Lindros… (the list goes on)… have all been traded.

    WTF are you talking about?

  36. @ Leavoy: Completely agree with everything you said.

    I was very upset when the Ducks traded Gardiner.
    If we still had him, along with Cam Fowler, we would have a very solid 1/2 pairing for years to come.

  37. Chris if you’re gonna make crazy claims you need to back it up with links or facts. I get it, its hard for you to understand what makes a really good hockey player like Kessel. I’m just glad that management has more sense then the fans/media does, for once.

  38. Burke, time to be a seller not a buyer.

    What wins in the playoffs? Goaltending and grit. This Leaf team does not have what it takes to go anywhere if they even make the playoffs this year. Continue the rebuild: dump expensive underperforming assets wherever possible (the usual suspects: Komi, Lombardi, Connoly, Armstrong) for whatever you can get. Bring up Colborne and Kadri and Aulie. Continue the rebuild in the summer.

    A trade for Brown and Bernier might work too.

  39. 36 Crazyfists, that trade actually sounds like it could happen. They may ask for Colborne or Kulemn instead of Kadri or Mcarthur. All you people talking about trading Kessel are dumb asses. Leave Kessel alone he is a good player.

  40. @ EJ
    LMAO Kings will not trade Brown & Bernier for Martin St. Louis he’s like 36 and has like one more year left keep wishing thats the dumpest trade i heard my whole life ! give us Stamkos than u can take that trade sounds dumb right ! ok

  41. If anything the kings will not trade Brown till summer thats for sure and try to sign Parise from NJ ….If they do trade Brown & Bernier together it will be in the Summer and maybe get a 1st Round pick and Kuilman from Tornoto or to Tampa Bay for Connolly and Victor Hedman, In the summer there will be more options so they will wait …….The kings will try to trade Penner and maybe Stoll to playoff teams for maybe a D-Man or swap scorers will see but i know Brown & Bernier are not going anywhere till the summer !

  42. @36CrazyFists: Thank you for demonstrating there is such a thing as a Leafs fan with a brain. Why in God’s name so many of our fans want us to trade Kessel for Nash is beyond me. Complete insanity. Yeah, let’s trade our best player and rising star (comments about being soft aside) for a player who is older, producing less, and costs more. Wow! Great idea. How are all these guys not GMs.

    And don’t get me started on this Nash is a once in a generation player. My God, since when did he change his name to Gretzky, Sakic or Sundin? (to use an example closer to home).

    Leafs don’t need Nash. If you’re going after offence, get a centre or don’t do anything at all unless it comes extremely cheap. As for goaltending, ours is in disarray right now, but honestly, whether we make the Playoffs or not, we’re not built to go deep this year, so let the guys play out the string, see what we’ve got in them so we can better assess our needs for last year.


  43. Elliott is having a great season in St. Louis… but would he be the same behind a weaker defense in Columbus. He is less than 1 yr removed from a bad season in Ottawa/Colorado…

    He has improved his game a great deal… and as a Sens fan I’m happy for him… but how much has the defense in front of him helped.

    So if Nash is not traded by Monday… do we have to listen to this trade stuff until the next season starts…. enough already.

  44. How about that Toronto win last night?, Oh what, They got beat again oh my. Quick to the Burkemobile, let’s go pick up Alex Ovechkin, for Aulie and a 2nd round pick, then we can go and trade gustavson and a first for Rick Nash. After that maybe we pickup Sid Crosby for Kessel straight up.

    WAKE UP!!!!!! Toronto fans Really

  45. @Canadian Friend
    I agree they should be sellers at this point based on what we have seen from this season and based on what Burke said about how he didn’t want to make the playoffs and get knocked out in 4 but the fans won’t put up with Burke selling and missing the playoffs due to him selling especially when the Leafs are this close. Sometimes you have to lose to become the big winner in the end. This is not our year and we don’t have a team that can compete against any of the top teams or most of the mid range teams. Goaltending, defensive systems (coaching), size and grit are major issues going forward. Burke still has a lot of work to do so if he doesn’t sell some assets now to get better for the future the Leafs are doomed for mediocrity.

    To all the Kessel bashers
    I agree that Kessel has some flaws due to his size and grit but if Burke had of surrounded him with big strong gritty heart players that can also pass and score Kessel would be an awesome player in that senerio. The problem is he is flanked by Bozak who runs at the sign of trouble let alone protecting Kessel. Lupul can look after himself but he’s not big enough or tough enough to protect Kessel against the big tough teams. So unless Burke has some big plans to get him some proper mates on the top line I agree he should be moved for a guy like Nash.

  46. Several points:

    1. Your assets are only as valuable as other teams perceive them. For example, the “rumor” is out that Columbus could have had Bernier in the Carter trade but passed because they don’t like Bernier. Therefore, Bernier has no value to Columbus (right or wrong).

    2. Good teams husband assets but they don’t fret over acquiring them. Detroit finds players in all rounds of the draft and has the patience to allow them to develop in the AHL or overseas. If you trade away assets, there should be a purpose to the deal, but also the realization that you should and could replace those assets in some way.

    3. Nash to Toronto – Columbus has every right to ask for Kadri, Gardiner and whatever else they think Nash is worth and Toronto has every right to refuse to include those players. However, from the Columbus perspective – they don’t have to move Nash (even if he really wants to be moved). If Columbus holds firm on Scrivens, Gardiner and Colborne and picks, so be it. It’s not Toronto’s right to acquire Nash for bits and pieces, contrary to what the sentiment on the hockey boards seems to be.

  47. I am a Leaf fan and I don’t want Nash! And when I read “Burke has to do this ….he really does……Kessel Colborne Schenn Scrivens and a 2nd rounder for Nash Mason and Brassard.” I can only shake my head! A guy who’s on pace for 40 goals without a no. 1 center, one of the leafs top prospects, a young d-man with potential and a young goalie (don’t know to much about Scrivens) for a 65point “franchise player” with a $7.8mil cap hit, a bad goalie and an underperforming first rounder! This will never happen!
    Just look at the stats, how many guys scored 30 goals or more? 6 including Phil Kessel! And some guys want to trade him! His cap hit is also ok!
    Burke should try to get Brown, even if he’s not a center!

  48. Try to get Brown, but not for Kessel….
    And get red of Armstrong, Conolly, Komisarek….


    We have been waiting for your post!

    What took you so long?

    Yes, your beloved Stanley cup contending Sharks beat the totally irrelevant (in your mind) Toronto Maple Leafs by a staggering one goal. Get your sunglasses out, you are about to have a parade.

    But lets look a bit more closely. Sharks have 6 more points than the Leafs. Factoring out goofy Division placements that put teams with less points ahead in the standings, Leafs remain the same, one point out of 8th, and your Sharks fall to 7th / 8th. So I do not know if grandstanding is in order. Without that policy, you guys are fighting for a playoff spot.

    But I am not trying to spoil your fun. I just hope for you and all the other Sharks fans they have gotten over the choke factor they normally experience in the playoffs. Leaf fans would love to have that problem yes, but I think you need a bit more perspective.

  50. It basically boils down to this:
    If you empty out your roster/prospects to acquire Nash, you become the reincarnation of the current Blue Jackets = last place.

    So no way the Leafs (or any team for that matter) are dealing their Kessels + Schenns +++

    By the way: Coumbus has no leverage in the deal with Nash because Ricky himself decides what team he wants to play for.
    So if he says, trade me to NYR or TOR, then Howsen is forced into a deal. If NYR and TOR don’t want to pay CBJ’s price… then what? Do they keep Nash and let him ruin your team for years? or do you get what you can and move on?

  51. @ Sharkattack.
    Don’t look now, but there is a flock of Ducks that are doing to eliminate you from the playoffs.

  52. @Murph

    I hope to god the Sharks don’t do their annual CHOKE JOB in these playoffs as well. Frankly I and all other Sharks fans have grown to hate the fact that we don’t have that 1 Player with some grit to help push us over the top. That’s why I hope we land Nash as he has size and GRIT and dosn’t have to come in and be the Savior of our team like he did in Colombus.


    The DUCKS SUCK !!! I can’t wait to see C. Perry get his head bashed in, he is nothing but a PUNK.


    If the Sharks cannot get Nash, the player that best fits their needs is Dustin Brown. Miraculously he became younger by 10 years since my second last post (LOL).

  54. Ok im not a leafs fan but let me give it a go, i am under the impresion that toronto needs to upgrade there def, i dont think there 2 young goalies are the real issue, leafs are in the top 5 in goal scored. and in the top 5 for goals againts. So why all the non sense about a number 1 center, you guys need shot blockers, and defensive minded defense..

    Plz dont flam that is just my opinion

    go habs


    So what you are actually telling Murph is that your team lacks Corey Perry?

  56. @Murph

    I wouldn’t mind the Sharks getting D. Brown, Dudes a BEAST. The Sharks need a Byfugliyn TYPE guy, somone who has GRIT and SIZE. I believe the Sharks are at the tipping point, 1 Big Player away from Hoisting the Cup.

  57. @NikK

    NO, Corey Perry is more like Patrick Marleau, SOFT and Opportunistic. D. Brown is GRITTY, Nash is GRITTY, Byfugliyn is GRITTY. Corey Perry is Abrasive like single ply toilet paper.

  58. columbust is looking to rebuild their franchise with one trade. rick nash is not worth the assets that are being asked for. i would never want him on my team, so much salary for a player whos numbers arent any better than kessels.