Fallout from the Parise-Suter signings – July 5, 2012.

What next for the teams which lost out in the Parise/Suter sweepstakes? Will they turn toward the Blue Jackets and Rick Nash? 


Bouwmeester could prove attractive to clubs which lost out in Suter sweepstakes.

DETROIT FREE PRESS/MLIVE.COM/DETROIT NEWS: Suggest potential trade and free agent targets for the Red Wings, who have considerable salary cap space. Trade options could include acquiring Rick Nash via trade from the Columbus Blue Jackets, Bobby Ryan from the Anaheim Ducks, Keith Yandle from the Phoenix Coyotes, Shea Weber from the Nashville Predators or Jay Bouwmeester from the Calgary Flames. Free agent options include Alexander Semin, Shane Doan, or Carlo Colaiacovo.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Nash is definitely available, while Ryan and Bouwmeester certainly could be. It’ll take more than the Wings are willing to pay to pry Yandle out of Phoenix, and in my opinion,Weber will become available only if he wants a one-year deal from the Predators.

CSNCHICAGO/CHICAGO SUN-TIMES: The Blackhawks could look to Bouwmeester, but aren’t expected to get into the bidding for Nash or Ryan. They are rumored shopping defenseman Niklas Hjalmarsson. They could also look toward free agency, where Semin and Doan are available, though there could be plenty of competition for their services.

CSNPHILLY.COM/PHILLY.COM: The Flyers are reportedly negotiating with UFA blueliner Bruno Gervais, though he’s nowhere similar to departed defenseman Matt Carle. They’re reportedly still interested in Ryan and Nash, but the asking price remains prohibitively high. Shane Doan interests them, but he could remain with the Phoenix Coyotes if the team doesn’t move.

PITTSBURGH TRIBUNE-REVIEW/PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE: The best trade bets for the Penguins are Nash and Ryan, while the best UFA forwards are Doan and Semin. The Blue Jackets would want goal-scoring forwards for Nash, which the Penguins have none to spare. The Ducks, meanwhile, would want a second-line center as part of a return for Ryan.

NJ.COM: Rich Chere listed Ryan, Mattias Tedenby or Brian Gionta as options to replace the departed Parise.

THE TENNESSEAN: Josh Cooper reports the Predators will turn their focus to re-signing captain Shea Weber to a long-term contract, then try to fill Suter’s skates, likely via the trade market.

COLUMBUS DISPATCH: Aaron Portzline suggests the signings of Parise and Suter could work in the Blue Jackets favor in their efforts to trade Rick Nash, whose preferred destinations include  Detroit, the New York Rangers, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and San Jose. It’s possible he might be willing to expand that list. The Carolina Hurricanes are one club not on Nash’s list expressing serious interest. Michael Arace, meanwhile, pleads with the Jackets not to trade Nash to division rival Detroit.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: And so the focus will shift back to the Nash trade speculation for the clubs who were in hot pursuit of Parise, but don’t expect a quick resolution, as the Jackets will insist on maintaining a high asking price in hopes one club gets desperate enough to meet it. I also believe we’ll see Ryan traded before Nash. Yes, I believe Ryan is available for the right price, and won’t be shocked if he’s moved this summer.

If the Preds are inclined, they could use the cap space set aside for Sutor to add Bouwmeester, though that’ll depend on what the Flames want in return. Bringing in “Jay-Bo” could help in convincing Weber to re-sign long-term. Wouldn’t surprise me if the Flyers and Wings also jump into the bidding for Bouwmeester.

The free agent market may be draining, but things could be heating up in the trade market in the coming weeks. 


  1. The Pens don’t have much to offer that would interest rival GMS for Ryan or Nash.

    Boston could offer Krejci + for Ryan and then move Seguin to center.

    Detroit could take a big drop in the standings if they don’t make any moves now, having lost Lidstrom and Stuart on D, plus Hudler up front and possibly Holmstrong to retirement. Brunner could be a good one, however. At the moment, I think St L and Chicago will battle for the division title, but a lot can change in 3 months.

    • the wings will be fine, they always are.

  2. Wouldn’t that be interesting if nashville traded for boumester shrinking the trade pool and leaving the big name teams still looking.
    I think ryan will end up in philly as holmgren has to much of an ego to make big moves to have the wild oit do him.
    Sure sounds like we finally could see some moves

    • love to see the bruins get bobby ryan from ducks for brad marchad good trade for both teams

  3. So Paul Holmgren loses out on Ryan Suter, somehow fails to re-up Matt Carle and now has to resort to courting Bruno Gervais or overpaying for a diminishing return in Jay Bouwmeester? Christ Almighty. The one area in which Philadelphia needed to upgrade was defense, and they’ve actually taken a step backward. Awesome work Paul. Why not just move out Coburn and Timonen for Bobby Ryan. Who needs defense when you can score 8 goals a game, right?!? =/

    • couldn’t disagree more …..had no mez, no pronger, carle turning the puck over like a machine and bourdon playing considerable minutes last year ..this year, healthy mezaros back, full year of grossman and swapping schenn for carle is an upgrade ..and, they may actually have money under the cap for end of year upgrades for once.

      • Watching Schenn in T.O. for the last few years, I can comfortably say that it would be a stretch to consider him an upgrade over Carle. An upgrade over Lilja would be a more accurate statement (not like that would be a boastworthy accomplishment), but Schenn won’t amount to anything more than a defensively capable #5-6 (#3-4 max) guy with a non-existent offensive game. I’m of the opinion that there could have been several better uses for JvR than trading for a bottom pairing defenseman with limited upside.

        • I’m going to agree that people who are expecting a lot out of Schenn are probably going to be disappointed. However, I really think the Flyers’ front office views him currently as the 5-6 dman that he really is, and hope his game has enough upside that he could eventually move into a 3-4 role. With that said, as a Flyers fan, I am very glad we did not give Carle a deal with a 5.5/mil annual cap hit. Carle is very overrated, because while he has a nice offensive game, his D-zone coverage is horrific and he is prone to turnovers at the most inopportune times.

          I’d like to agree that JVR could have been utilized as a better trade asset, but I think his value really bottomed out after last season. As a Flyers fan, its just all the more frustrating considering that he could have been the centerpiece of a deal for a stud D-man coming off his performance in the 2011 Playoffs. Unfortunately, I think he might always be one of those streaky type players that plays amazing for stretches, but is also invisible for weeks at a time.

          • Sorry, I don’t think you trade a top 6 forward for a d-man who you consider to be a 5 or 6 … Flyers will force feed Schenn into a top 4 role …

    • …and, don’t be surprised if Gustaffson turns out to be a much cheaper, better fit than Carle

      • They didn’t re-sign him as quick as they did for no reason. He’s no stud but far from a slouch.

    • I don’t disagree with you that it was disappointing to see Suter AND Parise go to the Wild, I’m counting my stars (Not the ones in Dallas) that they didn’t end up on the Penguins or Rangers. But how can you be ticked off at Holmgren? He offered them more money than anybody else to play in Philly? The only other thing would have been to promise that they relocate the Flyers to Minnesota or Wisconsin to get them signed.
      As far as Carle, I didn’t want to see him leave either after losing out on Suter, but nor for 5.5 mil per year cap hit!
      We will see what happens. Maybe we ride what we got and go for somebody next July 1 instead? I would rather see that than watch the farm go to Columbus or Anaheim…

  4. I am not sure we will see a slew of trades right away, but like most insiders and Gm’s have said the signings now cause talks to heat up. Especially teams that have spent big bucks for new additions, they could be looking to move out money? Here is hoping for some interesting developments to debate.

  5. For the Pens, it looks like they are gonna see just how good some of these young D-men are. Bortuzzo, Strait, Despres have all seen limited but positive time in the bigs. Dumoulin and Morrow are either ready or really close. That’s still leaves Harrington, Samuelsson, Sneep and Grant. If there is any doubt, give Hannan a deal for 1-2 years at 2 mill or so. Sign a forward for a year and look forward to next years FA’s. Much deeper than this years. If things get desperate, at least they have the cap space.

  6. I want the Pens to make 2 signings, Kubina to a 1 or 2 year deal worth 3 million annually and signing Doan to a 4 year deal worth 5 million annually. Thoughts?

    • I’d like to see a shorter term on Doan, 2-3 years a $5 mill. Not sure on Kubina, haven’t heard a good thing about him in a long time. I’d stick with Hannan, Eminger maybe. One to two year deals at best. If not, go with the youngins. JMO

      • I would sign Kubina to a 1 or 2 year deal to let all of our prospects develop. Dumoulin (got in Staal trade) is already NHL ready I believe, but anything can happen

        • From a Flyers’ fan’s perspective, I’d love the Pens to sign Kubina. He was atrocious for the Flyers and couldn’t take a spot from Lilja despite several opportunities, which is mind-boggling.

          • He is the big D that we need. Our only big D we have right now is orpik, and he isn’t even that big. In the right situation, he could thrive. My 1st choice would have been Gill, so you know what I think the Pens need.

    • One thought Tom – Doan is staying in Phoenix. Sorry to disappoint you again.

      • Well Semin is coming here now

        • Even worse, Semin is a cancer and not even worth a offer.

    • No. Doan is to long of a deal. One year deal is a better bet. Kubina probably isn’t needed. We have 6 young minor leaguers that deserve a tryout.

    • Kubina? Lunacy. Stop drinking that koolaid.

  7. @ THEWES

    Dont be so hard on your team just yet ….Holmgren doesnt take lightly loosing out on the dynamic duo !!!

    I would be $10 to a donut that Holmgren lands Weber …he will have to part with a number of first rounders and Coutorier and possibly Brier …but this is a possibl3e scenario as Weber will not stay in Nashville any longer and if Poile tries this stunt he just did with Weber he should be fired ….he HAS to trade Weber he can not let this go as he did with Suter ….Give $120 million to Weber right now and see where he stands before this season starts or you have to trade him while teams have the cap space to do the deal RIGHT NOW …the market will not be hotter for Weber than right now and if I had a team to land him it would be Philly or bust !!


    Brian Burke really has to do some soul searching and really look hard at getting as much in return on any trade he can …Defense man ar the hot ticket right now …he should be shopping Dion Phaneuf like a mad man at a bake sale !! Leafs do not need the contract or his unreliable services ….he has to do the deal NO CHOICE get a multi player return then has to trade Kessel as I have been saying for the past year …Kessel has a no trade in his final year of his contract and next year is his last before UFA so there is no moving forward with Kessel as he will not resign in Toronto FOR SURE!!!
    Have to move him now as well while the iron is hot and get multiple players back as well …If you move both Dion and Kessel you vcan get up to 5 players back between trhe both of them that can be studs in the future and shave a significant amount off the books …Connolly will be done after this year as well so that also takes another $4,5 off the books by moving out those 3 for nest season you save $17 million with a great UFA crop where you can dip in and rebuild the right way ….WITHOUT BURKE!!!
    Burke is at least 4-6 years away to see his draft picks and moves have any impact on the leafs success so there is now no need for him!! Players are not coming to the Leafs because of Brian Burke its simple he cant convince anyone to do it anymore like he used to his show is over!!!

    • Agree with ya on Weber. With the new CBA, I highly doubt these huge contracts will be around anymore. Get it in while ya can, if he’s not receptive, get anything and everything you can.

    • Buddy you know I’ve been behind you on getting rid of Dion and Kessel since the start but I think it will have to be a new GM that does it so if Burke misses the playoffs again this year then you can bet your right nut they will both be shipped out by the new GM. Until then we are stuck with Burke’s (don’t fix your mistakes because I’m to smart to make a mistake) attitude. If he doesn’t have a significant trade before October the fans will be calling for his head since we are esentially going into this season with the same team that got pushed around all last year. Poor JVR will be expected to fight every player on every team.

  8. Why is nobody mentioning that the Ducks’ Perry and Getzlaf are both unrestricted free agents after this coming season? It seems conspicuous to me that they haven’t signed yet. We know what there value is…. If they go into the season with those two unsigned, the Ducks are going to have serious problems.

    • Give it time. I heard Perry was babysat but Getzlaf’s third cousin twice removed by his adoptive foster parents. So they are going to HAVE to play together again somewhere…..lol

    • We mention these guys almost every day. Most of the Ducks fans are cringing at the thought of Bob Murray being in charge of the process of resigning them or trading them. Then there is always the chance he does nothing and loses them to the UFA market. lol

  9. Why don’t the Pens trade for Hemsky? He is currently the 3rd RW on the Oils (Yakupov and Eberle are above him), and he could be a really good setup man to Sid. He would come cheaper because he had a bad year last year, and I think he is signed for 2 years. Or maybe put him along Geno and let him set up Malkin and Neal. I do see a match here, and it would probably only take a 1st round pick max to get him. They should do this if they miss out on Semin. Also, we could try to squeeze Omark out of them, who has the potential to be a 1st line winger. Maybe like:

    Hemsky and Omark for Pens 1st and a D prospect

    Omark is only worth about a 3rd round pick right now, and that is really giving up a lot

    • @tom Hemsky doesnt come cheap. He is signed for the next two years at 5mil a season, which is about 2.5 mil to much for what he produces on the ice. Pens would be better off making a trade for a Dman at that price. I’m curious to what the Flames may get in return for Bouemester considering the better ufa’s are now gone and as one person said “the big name teams” all lost out on the bidding for those players and they have serious wholes to fill on their bluelines

      • If Bouwmeester wasn’t severely overpaid, I’d make a pitch to him. I think that Hemsky would look great setting up Geno and Neal

    • As an oiler fan, I wouldn’t dislike this idea. Hemsky needs a change of scenery and who’s production wouldn’t increase playing on the top two lines in pit? The “experts” are saying that the Oilers are going to bump up Omarks playing time to see if he fits in with the core group.

    • Why? Because Shero isn’t drinking from your koolaid. That’s why.

    • Overpayment for an injury prone player with a 5mil cap hit

  10. Isn’t Omark a UFA?

    • I thought he was a RFA

  11. Slap

    Shopping Dion is not a good thing. Is he overpaid ? Yes but tell me who else would be able to handle all the pressure on them from the fans and media of Toronto. Playing under questionable coaching and rabid media took its toll on Luke Schenn and he was considered a rock at one time. Phaneuf had the best plus minus at the WHC this past spring, that to me says the skill is there and he deserves another year before he gets run out of town.
    As for Kessel you really think Burke would move him after all he invested in him and the abuse both have taken. You really think there would be a substansial return for him ? Kessel is the North American version of Semin. Nothing Burke does will make him forget Kessel. He will never get near equal trade value by moving him. If he does that GM should be fired.

    • Agreed on all points. It won’t be Burke that moves these two guys out.

  12. would love it if the bruins sign semin to a two years 1o million$contract


    Personal opinion is the Pens should be in on Semin. Malkin is the right influence for him and Semin + Neal are two good scoring wingers with two elite centers. I don’t believe they should get into the trade market … though if Doan does become available they could pitch for him also.


    There won’t be movement on Weber for a while. Contract talks will happen to quite some degree and plans moving forward. Weber might ask to see what Nashville is going to do first.


    I do think he will be traded and it will be a shocking deal. I personally think that the Hurricanes could get frustrated over Nash talks and would be the most desperate team. But can never count Philly out of this equation.


    The only team that will get desperate enough to pay the price is Carolina. Howsen needs to let the ‘Canes talk with Nash and see if he’ll add them to the list and then offer up a big deal … if not, I see this being a long saga. I believe Howson might be doing it on purpose to get Nash to open up his list to teams he feels he can get the most out of.


    I believe these two will be signed long term before the summer comes to an end, Ducks just have other focuses right now.


    I don’t believe they will end up landing a solid trade, I truly don’t. I believe they will go to the depth of the UFA market and their system and come up with something but end up taking a step back this year. I think Wolski, Mueller, or one of the Kostytsin’s should be cheap, affordable targets with good upside, even with the downside.

    JAY BO

    I think he will surprise us and go to a shocking team nobody expects to see him go to. St. Louis, Ottawa, Edmonton, or Pittsburgh are my off the cuff guesses.

    • No for Jay Bo on the Pens, we don’t need any more puck moving D. And while I agree with you on Semin, if we miss out on him I want to trade for either Hemsky or Ryan

    • There is no way Calgary trades J-Bo to the Oilers, if anything I think Feaster will hold on to him. I think Gio is the more likely trade bait (And no he doesnt go to Edmonton either).

      The Flames should make a big push for Getz something like

      Gio + Backlund + prospect + plus first rounder.

      They have made it clear they are not rebuilding and Cammy is to small to play center IMO.

    • JJB I agree with you I think the Pens should make a move on Semin. He had a bad attitude on the Caps cause he played with a guy who has the worst attitude in the league which is Ovechkin, I think if he came to the Pens his attitude would change and turn into a great player.

    • Playing alongside Pavel Datysuk would be a great influence on Semin, as well. I would like to see him in Detroit. Babcock and Pavel could turn him into a complete player.

  14. I might agree with some of you about Dion. His trade value right now would be trough the roof. If guys like Carle, can sign outrageous contracts like that someone would def over pay for a d-man right now. On the other hand I would also agree with you who say, “who would replace him?” Dion carries a lot on his shoulders being the captain of the leafs and I personal think he will have a long career with the leafs. Their is very few players who could handle the stress and be an all-star and play for the leafs.

    Kessel- Now I don’t know what you guys expected, but he has always been a defensive liability… The guy is an offensive player period. as for shipping him out of town No Way. If Burke can get a legit #1 center and land either perry or getzlaf to take some of the pressure off Kessel, he might stay a leaf for a very long time. they guy put up over 80 points with a 3rd line center just imagine if he had someone like Thorton, or Getzlaf feeding him the puck?

    • Agree. What more do you want from a scoring pure goal scorer? That is 23 years old and #8 on the overall scoring.

      He needs a true #1 center.

  15. I will start a new rumour.

    Shea Weber to the Oilers for Yakupov and Gagner

  16. Bouwmeester for Heatley straight up.

    • Thats not actually half bad i am sure there would be some other moving parts but they are division rivals.

    • I would do that, but i would rather a centre

  17. My guesses:
    Weber: Montreal Canadiens
    Ryan: NJ or Philly
    Semin: Detroit
    Jaybo: Nashville
    Nash: NYR

    • What would Nashville trade for J-BO that Calgary would be looking for?

  18. I dont see the Oil making any moves for Weber or any other pricey defenceman. They believe in adding youth and are deadly serious about keeping the cap space needed to sign the kids starting next summer. I think the best option for the Oil would be Hjalmarsson or Franson. I think there is definitely a good fit for them to deal with Chicago, who needs a 2C, and they have had interest in Gagner reuniting with Kane.

    I dont see the leafs trading Phaneuf or Kessel, at least not until the trade deadline. They will shoot for the playoffs and if they are flopping, good chance Burke will clean house at the deadline.

    Nashville has a lot of solid young defencemen, so I dont see them desperate to replace Suter, and I think Weber might be tough to sign. No doubt his agent has pointed out to him that this will be the last year of the ridiculous contracts (CBA likely to bring in term limits). So his demands to Nashville might force their hands. Given their depth I think it wouldnt hurt them to move Weber, if they can get a solid return (B. Schenn or Couturier, Simmons and a prospect/pick).

    I am still scratching my head when it comes to the Flames. Their stubbornness when it comes to maintaining their place in hell (9th – 11th place). If they move Bouwmeester, given Feasters moves so far, I am a bit worried what he would take in return.

    • With one correction. If the Leafs miss Burke won’t be cleaning house. He will be cleaned of his house.

  19. Doan is a much better for fit the Pens. Or any team for that matter over Semin. If he doesn’t resign with the Coyotes. Semin won’t be signed until Doan is.

  20. Ryan or Tedenby maybe, not Brian Gionta; he can take his .5 ppg pace playing first line minutes elsewhere. Maybe Mueller, maybe McArthur, etc.

    I also mention the “Kanes”.

  21. 1) The DC Caps are supposedly in the running for the services of Ryan. Don’t doscount the Boudreau-caps connection as he knows that roster well
    2) Yes, he’s had injury issues recently, but Mike Green as a RFA along with another asset could get Anaheim interested


    I would try and sign Selanne to play with Crosby for 1 year then go hard into the deep UFA of the following year!
    Getzlaf , Perry , Iginla , Ryder and many others this way you dont spend to much long term and can not sign a big ticket UFA next year.


    Trade Bobby Ryan for Pat Kane straight up

    Trade Devante Pelley Smith & Matt Smaby(BIG D MAN)& 2nd rounder
    Oilers for Hemsky and Gagner ( reunite Gagner Kane)
    Hemsky Koivu Getzlaf Perry Kane

    LEAFS Blues And Jets

    Trade Phaneuf & Reimer
    to Blues
    For Stewart and Halak
    Everybody gets the positions they need here

    Kessel Colborne and Liles & a 2nd rounder
    to Winnepeg
    Evander Kane & Bogosian

    CALGARY & Philly

    Trade Kipper, Boumeester & Ailu
    to Philly
    Bryzgalov & Coutorier

    • 1. How many times does Chicago have to say they are not moving Patrick Kane? Further more, why do they need to?

      2. Ducks are looking for youth and also help on D so the deal with the Oilers makes ZERO sense for them.

      3. In what world (more so after everything you seem to claim) is Phaneuf + Reimer = Stewart + Halak? The Blues get what you’ve called the leagues most overrated defenseman and an unproven young goalie who only Leafs fans are high on. They give up a young big bodied forward with tons of potential and a helluva starting goalie. Ummm, NO!

      4. Winnipeg isn’t stupid. They are not going to give up two of their franchise players, a young guy with scoring, wheels, size, and grit. A future franchise top 2 d-man. For … exactly.

      5. You will ALWAYS be wrong about this trade. Philly has faith in Bryz, the’ll move forward with him and are damn well not giving up Coutorier who is a non-starter in all talks.

      The reason so many people hate your trade talks is because in everyone of them they only make sense for ONE team, very very much so your Leaf trade talks where you rip a player apart and then trade him for the world. NONE of those have even the smallest chances of happening and if you care for me to give you a detailed, rational, and LOGICAL list of reasons why I most certainly will.

    • None of those trades make sense ….

      • +1

    • Why would the Leafs need Halak? They’re already getting Backstrom from Minny! lol

      Man, those trade suggestions are…interesting. If Chevy traded Evander Kane and Zach Bogosian for that package of players, he’d be run out of town on a rail- and rightfully so.

    • All of those trades work really well …. in fantasyland

    • I’m going out on a limb here and saying none of those trades happen…. especially the one sided Leafs/Jets trade.

  23. I really want to know what the Devil’s plan to do now. I think signing Sykora to a fair deal would be worthwhile, as I can’t imagine he’ll ask for too steep a raise.

    I’ve heard grumblings about possibly going after Semin, which I cringed over at first, but, with a pretty strong European roster filled with skilled veterans who actually back-check, and the similarities to Kovi (skilled “lazy” player becomes more well rounded, yada yada) that could actually be a nice fit, and well within cap constraints.

    Though my biggest fear is that he bolts for the KHL or just doesn’t pan out. And of course everyone’s wondering ho much New Jersey will spend on their roster given their financial situation. But I think a 2 or 3 year deal with a cap hit of 6mil or less would be fair and give them good scoring balance.

    Doan would probably be a better fit, being a little older, more well rounded, and a better leader. Ryan would be nice but not for whatever the Ducks would want back. But knowing Lou, he’s going to sign some depth player and leave it at that.

  24. The Bruins do not need to make a move unless Horton”s head is a no go. They need to see how he is feeling and start letting some of the kids play (Knight Spooner). Semin would be a fit if Horton is a no go but I would rather see the youngsters get a chance. D-man are in high deman glad Boston is set there for awhile.

  25. Slap Shot your crazy or smoking some funny stuff if you would think any GM in the league would make that Calgary Philly trade.

  26. @ JAY
    Bryzgalavs contract is wayyyyy to long and he will NEVER win Philly the cup NEVER ….however Kipper will win you a cup on Philly ….Coutorier is a great player but can not win you a cup alone ….Kipper can win you a cup on his own on a good team just like Quick & Thomas did ..Bryz cant do it man plus it gets Philly what they need a better goalie and a puck moving D man and really only loose out on Coutorier Bryz stinks its really a cash dump and get what you really need for Philly!

    • Why would Calgary make that trade bud to help philly out?

      Do you not realize there are two sides to every deal?

    • Quick didn’t win the cup alone. The kings rolled every team they played.

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    Leafs should take a stab at Oilers lennart Petrell tjios kid is really good under the radar and is a UFA that the Oilers wont sign and play often as they are too deep at Center which leafs need …they shoulkd also sign Jason Arnott another center who has awesome leadership qualities and stanley cups…..which we need in the room in a BIG WAY!!!

    • Ya I mentioned the Arnott thing on yesterday’s post.

  28. @ Dino Rondelly

    Calgary needs a new franchise player after they tade Iginla at trade deadline this year what ever they get from that trade will compliment Coutorier extremely well in the meantime they get Boumeesters off the books and in the end replace there goaltending and upgrade on the front …the only thing stopping Philly from winning the cup is there Goalie …it ends up being a Kipper for Coutorier trade in the ned but Philly secures a puck moviung d am it the trade as well which they are looking for but the term is short on Boumeester and they free up major cash in Bryzgalav ..wher as Calgary will need some money on the books because they have no big names ther after Kipper Iginla and Boumeester leave in the soon to be rebuild next season after Iginlas UFA year and his iminent trade at trade deadline this year or they will go the way of Poile and Suter and get nothing for him !!!

    • So your saying Coutorier is a franchise player … a little to early to say that lets see how he does next season.

      And your assuming Iggy will accept a trade mid season to go to a contender when he will be 2 months away from being UFA and having his pick to play where he wants to.

      And whats the rush to get J-BO off the books?

      As for replacing their goalie why would they want Bryz when he has what 8-9 years left on his deal and Calgary has had Irving who has shown tons of promise at the AHL level and played very well last season in limited time with the big club minus one bad game against Boston.

      By the signings Calgary has made so far this off season (Cervenka,Hudler,Wideman,Comeau,Stempniak,Backlund) I think its apparent they are not prepared to blow it up anytime soon no matter how bad it may seem to people outside of Calgary.

      So with all that said I will say again that is a horribly one sided trade in favour of the flyers and Calgary basically gets a young kid with some upside and a head case goalie who crumbled 2-3 times last season and the Flyers get a 23+minute a night every situation defender and an allstar calibre goaltender.

      Not ever ever ever ever ever gonna happen, besides didnt the flyers already say they wouldnt trade Coutorier in a package for Nash?

  29. @ Beer Goggles

    Sorry dude I missed your post …I really Think Arnott up front on Kessel and Lupuls line would be great but not to mention his leadership qualities and a cup in the room …he is a guy who makes players around him better …if you could move out Connollys contract by attaching a young prospect to make the deal and repalce Connolly with Arnott at a cheaper price for only one year !!

    Really like this Petrel kid in Edmonton ..if he is going to stay a UFA Leafs should look into his services as well smart Swede player …under the radar type of guy but not Physical unfortunately can use him as a 2 way player until we see we we are at next year at the 4 Center positions!

    • Ya that’s where I figured Arnott would fit in at a cheap price for one year. I also figured Grabo centering the bigger bodied JVR and go after another big winger (ie Nash) for the other side. I’m not a huge Nash fan but those two line would suddenly have size and sandpaper. Probably not worth getting into the Nash bidding war though.
      I don’t know anything about this Petrel kid so I have to take your word on him.

  30. Ahh, Jay-Bo… definitely over-paid but much better than the casual observer thinks. I watched at least 70 Flames games last year and while his offensive game has never been what it was in Florida, he is solid, dependable D-man who can eat up major minutes playing against the best opposition, moving the puck well and never getting injured. I don’t want the Flames to move him unless its part of a deal to get a #1 Centre, which the Flames have never had since Nieuwendyk.

    • Cammo, I 100% agree with you. Bouemester eats a tone of minutes close to 30 per game against other teams best players. Sutters system i think is what kind of took JBO off his game. IF the Flames do move him it will be for a true number #1/#2 centre. If they dont, with Hartley there and now Widemam, i think JBO could have another strong year but will add more offensively. However with teams like Chicago, Philly, Detroit, Nashville and a couple others losing out on Suter…Calgary may get that centre afterall. It seems to be the year of weird deals

  31. According to twitter, Semin has contacted the Pens about playing there. I hope he is sincere.

  32. Is everyone forgetting Semins bashing of crosby in a couple of interviews a couple years ago where semin said crosby was overrateed and the league was just promoting an average player>? Semin will never be a penguin

  33. Semin would make sense in Pittsburgh, NJ and Detroit.Hard to think of Doan playing anywhere else but TO would be nice. JVR Grabo and Doan? Aye Carumba! (sp)

    As a Leafs fan I realize Burke is being slow and cautious, but I sympathize with posters Nikk and Alforducks who have the very scary Bob Murray to deal with. Aging UFA’s, and a weakened farm, and the prospect of having to deal some of their best players.

    6 months of Howson torture on Rick Nash means he would probably happily play in Italy next year. Howsons demands and Nash’s value just do not match up for any team at this point. A contending team needs all its roster players to make a push, and lesser contending teams cannot give up their future picks and prospects to help an essentially weak team get better now, but not to the level they need.

    I predict Bobby Ryan gets moved before Nash because Murray will at least recognize he has a full audience. If he waits till Nash is traded he loses out on at least one and maybe more teams to make a deal with.