Flames Acquire and Sign Wideman, Re-sign Comeau.

Wideman acquired and signed by Flames.

The Calgary Flames acquired defenseman Dennis Wideman from the Washington Capitals in exchange for defenseman Jordan Henry and a fifth round pick in 2013, then re-signed Wideman to a five-year, $26.25 million contract (an average annual salary of $5.25 million). The Flames also re-signed forward Blake Comeau to a one-year, $1.25 million contract.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Interesting move by Flames GM Jay Feaster, and considering how quickly this went down, I assume the Capitals gave Feaster permission to speak with Wideman prior to the trade going down to determine if he’d re-sign with them. It’s a significant raise for Wideman, who earned $3.95 million per season on his previous contract. It’s also bound to raise questions over Jay Bouwmeester’s status with the Flames, as he’s been the subject of trade speculation in recent weeks.

 As for Comeau, Feaster didn’t qualify his rights but wanted to retain him at a cheaper price.  Comeau taking a significant pay cut (half of the $2.5 million he earned this season) to remain with the Flames. 


  1. Yeah I think Bouwmeesters days are numbered in Calgary. Does anyone know if he has a no trade clause? How about a Derek Roy for Bouwmeester swap that may make sense on a lot of levels salaries aren’t too far I don’t think.

    • Vinnie, why would Buffalo want Bouwmeester or his big contract? They already have a glut of defensemen. They need a centre. So how about this:

      Roy and a first rounder in 2013
      Jarome Iginla

      Sounds much better to me. Not enough? Who else would you like?

      • Pretty sure the Flames are intent on not trading Iggy. Feaster has said it many times, plus I doubt he would waive his NMC to go there.

        Roy is not guaranteed to sign with the Flames after this year also, he’s a UFA and the Flames are in desperate need of a rebuild (not exactly the most ideal situation).

  2. He does have a NTC and at 6.68 cap hit a year for two more years, he could be moved, but it’s not gonna be easy.

  3. Over 5 mil for Wideman??? Suter should get double that then …

  4. Gomez for JBo. Heard it here first ;). Seriously though, I think there’s a lot of moves to be made over the next couple days as teams shed cap and acquire guys. All this talk of the season starting under the same rules while negotiating has to have the gma with cash salivating at a 70 million dollar cap

  5. Not a bad sigining considering what is available for top top 4 dman come July 1st. Wideman has put up consistant numbers for the last couple of years and his style of play will definitely help the Flames. Comeau for 1.25 million, not bad as well. He can play the third/fourth line. I dont think feaster is done making moves prior to July 1st. he seems to have deals pretty much completed 1-3 weeks in advance< Cammellari1 month, now Wideman this deal was struck at the draft, all it depended on was wideman agreeing to a contract.

  6. Not to bad of a signing for Calgary. Maybe slightly over priced but I guess that is what it takes to get an early jump on things. Good luck trading Bouwmeester. If they can’t move him he could make a good partner for Wideman.