Flames Fire GM Jay Feaster.

The Calgary Flames have announced the firing of general manager Jay Feaster and assistant GM John Weisbrod. Team president of hockey operations Brian Burke will act as interim GM until a permanent replacement is found.

Jay Feaster no longer GM of the Flames.

Jay Feaster no longer GM of the Flames.

 SPECTOR’S NOTE: So much for Burke remaining in the background, though I doubt many Flames fans are upset over this move.  Feaster failed to improve the Flames during his tenure, presiding over their decline and the departure of franchise players Jarome Iginla (trade) and Miikka Kiprusoff (retirement).  

The  club is presently engaged in a rebuild, and while Feaster did hire coach Bob Hartley, drafted promising Sean Monahan and last year signed Jiri Hudler, it’s apparent the front office lacked confidence in his ability and weren’t happy with the pace of the rebuild.

Cynics will suggest Burke will only make a token effort to find a replacement and install himself permanently as GM, but it’s more likely he will instead hire someone who can rebuild this club to his specifications. It’ll be interesting, however, to see how some of the draft picks and prospect acquired by Feaster over the past couple of years go on to become part of the Flames future.  


  1. While Claude Loiselle and Dave Poulin are likely to be candidates, you could also see someone like Joe Nieuwendyk, who was being mentored by Burke (with a Flames connection too) before heading to Dallas, and then being fired, or Brad Treliving from Phoenix, as “youth” was mentioned as a desirable attribute. And if he hires them, it still allows Burke to have “input”, which translated in Burkese means, the final say…

  2. Kind of like a new GM often means a new coach, I guess this is the same type of thing. A good rebuild can take 4-5 seasons to show results, so I’m a little surprised that Feaster was not either let go as soon as Burke came on, or not given another year or so to show the clubs success.

  3. seems like an odd time to drop the ax, right before christmas and all. and it’s not like he’s recently made some bad moves that he had to pay for or the team needs a shake up. everything is pretty much status quo for this bad team so why can the guy now? they could drop him after the holiday freeze and be no worse off.

    • With the Christmas freeze Socchi and then trade deadline right after that it makes most sense to do it now ..regroup get a team in place for trade deadline moving forward with that plan….if Socchi wasn’t this year than maybe after Christmas may make some sense !

  4. Burkies Christmas present to himself…..a great big, brand new spotlight (on himself) !

    Just heard on the Radio Flames have requested permission to talk to former Dallas GM Joe Nieuwendyk, just as I suspected….

    • Amongst others …

  5. Burke’s ego is the size of the universe. Didn’t he say when he was hired that he thought the Flames just had the best draft of any organization? I had the Flames figured for 30th place this year and they are doing better than that by a bit. Don’t get this at all, but maybe I do. I expect whomever he hired will merely function as his assistant, not as a true GM.

  6. I’m not surprised by this at all. Let’s face it they didn’t get nearly enough trading Iggy when they did at the last minute and they got nothing for Kipper. Burke is blunt but he is also honest and I believe that it took him the 2 and half months to do a report card of Feaster as GM. I think Burke was going to fire him but did due diligence and called around asking advice.
    Why do it now? Like he said they are not the only team looking for GM and they want to ensure they get their man and not Buffalo. Plus Calgary has to make some choices on what to do with their pending UFA vets and you don’t want the guy who wasn’t going to be around for long making the deals.
    I personally think Joe Nieuwendyk will be the guy because Burke know he will run everything by him which is what Brian wants. Plus Flames fans will be happy with Joe as GM as they rebuild.

  7. Burke in charge in Calgary seemed like the inevitable no brainer and now it is; as I’m very doubtful he will look too hard for find somebody to replace “him” albeit defined as “interim”. We shall see.

    Randy C? You aint makin’ it count in Toronto anymore. That team has tuned you out. Matters not what line combo’s you come up with;..the players… based on performance, don’t seem to care for your voice anymore and either can’t figure out WTF you want or don’t care about WTF you have to say.

    In short..injuries aside, you just don’t seem to be measuring up anymore

    Dave Nonis: time to become a GM and dump the coach your predecessor saddled you with and pick your damn coach cuz otherwise, you and your sorry ass come April, are going to be on the outside looking in.

  8. Does everyone forget that before Burke came on board Jay F was told he had to make the playoffs this year or he was done? They aren’t making the playoffs so this was an, as aforementioned, inevitable outcome.

  9. There’s no way anyone didn’t see this coming, especially Feaster. Hiring an outsider to evaluate what you’ve done says that your boss has some doubts over what you’ve accomplished. When that hire is Brian Burke? Well, that says its time to polish up your resume.

  10. Dam i could of made money on this,i said to my co-workers when Burke was hired he would be the new GM. by Xmas being a leaf fan i hated this guy i see a trade coming up between the flames and leafs right after the new year mark my words it will happen. go leafs