Flames Sign Hiller, Leafs Sign Robidas.

The Calgary Flames have signed goaltender Jonas Hiller to a two-year, $9 million contract, while the Toronto Maple Leafs signed defenseman Stephane Robidas to a three-year deal worth $3 million per season. 

Jonas Hiller joins the Flames.

Jonas Hiller joins the Flames.

 SPECTOR’S NOTE: After going with little-known goalies last season the Flames decide to bring in a proven starter. Hiller’s posted solid career numbers but lost his job last season with the Ducks. The starter’s job in Calgary is now Hiller’s to lose. A bit expensive on the salary but it’s a favorable term for the Flames.

Robidas is 37, in decline and the Leafs just signed him to a three-year deal for $3 million per season. Just let that one sink in. Not a smart signing by the Leafs. 


  1. No need to let it sink in, about the signing you’d expect for the Leafs.

  2. I dont hate it…which is saying something, if he retires deal is done for 1, its not a terrible hit like Niskanen Orpik Boyle Markov or many of theseguys are getting. He provides a bit of leadership with out the overpayment of 1 or 2 mill on the cap I dont think he dramatically improves the D but 3 mill? Not terrible, not great, but not terrible is a pretty good thing.

    • Don’t all FA signings after 35 years of age have recapture penalty if they retire early?

      • Yep you are right, srry I thought the recapture rules were for previous to this cba 35 + deals….even still Idont really mind this deal not great but not too bad either. Veteran d guy fairly short fairly cheap deal. Not a big fan 8f Komarovs 4 year deal or moving D’amigo, but if this is as bad as it gets I am pretty relieved. Didnt over pay Bolland McClemment (yet) Raymond Boyle Brodeur or all the rest someone is always going to pick something apart by the Leafs on ufa day no matter what but realistically these moves are relatively small potatoes it could have been much worse.

    • I like the Leafs deals so far. I am glad they brought in a veteran D-man as a mentor. Robidas being “in decline” is a bit of a harsh and untrue statement. I don’t doubt he will decline right through this deal, but he is being paid like a 4-5 guy, but has been playing well as a top pairing guy for many years. He played 22 plus minutes a night with Dallas pretty well right up until they traded him. Like I have said, older players at reasonable cap hits will be very unlikely to handcuff the Leafs going forward, even if the deal doesn’t work out and he doesn’t play overly great, he won’t have so much committed to him that it hurts the teams.

      As for Komarov, I don’t think he is that drastically overpaid. You can afford to pay a 3rd line player around 3 million now. I mean if Pouliot is getting 4 million for 5 years, why isn’t Komarov worth 3?

      The signing I feel the Leafs missed out on was Jussi Jokinen. I think for 4 years at 4 million, he could be a steal. Guy is very good defensively, has put up a 40-50 pt pace pretty consistently. is great in shootouts, takes draws, kills penalties, can play all 3 forward positions. He is so versatile you will easily be able to fit him in the lineup to make use of him, so I think for a team like the Leafs he could be that perfect stop gap guy over the next few years. He could play anywhere on the 2nd or 3rd line and do it well, which creates some competition with younger guys like Holland, Kadri and Nylander over the next few years, and gives the Leafs someone to play on of those holes in the meantime if anyone isn’t peforming.

  3. The Leafs desperately need leadership. There in big trouble. Whether they signed Bolland and Gorges still would have not been enough. It’s hard to get excited about this team. They seem stuck. Aside from blowing up the team and going into rebuild mode I don’t see what else this team can do.

    • Let some of the younger players play some minutes? Why is it always about leadership? What did Bolland do to becomr such a great leader how bout Callahan…players play they gain experience and become leaders its not jus domething that id taught from one plauer to another. Over the past few years look at all the guys brought to this team under the leadership category Bolland Clarkson Komisarek Liles McClement Phaneuf on on onand everytime they parade out a guy they pick up whst do they say, great character guy whowe brought here whos hard to play against and to provide some leadership…heres an idea get some younger players with talent and let them play. Sll these leaders are not getting us to the playoffs.

      • Do the Leafs need leadership? Yes
        Does it help young players to have solid veteran leaders/mentors? Yes
        Are they in big trouble? Yes
        Do they need a lot more then Bolland and Gorges would have offered? Yes
        Is it hard to get excited about the Leafs? Yes
        Do they seem stuck? Yes
        Aside for a rebuild do you have another solution?

        • Best thing that can happen to the Leafs if they finish at the bottom of the league and get the first pick in next years draft.