Flames Sign Ryan O’Reilly to Offer Sheet.

TSN’s Darren Dreger reports the Calgary Flames have signed Colorado Avalanche center Ryan O’Reilly to a two-year offer sheet. Details to follow.

O'Reilly signs offer sheet with Flames.

O’Reilly signs offer sheet with Flames.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As per Dreger, “O’Reilly will make $1 million in base salary for 2012-13 with a signing bonus worth $2.5 million. His 2013-14 salary will be $6.5 million”. Big surprise to see this coming from the Flames, but this is a desperate club right now, and desperate times call for desperate measures. The Avs have one week to match the offer, or they’ll receive a first and a third round pick as compensation.

UPDATE: Well that didn’t take long. The Avs have matched the offer. He stays in Colorado and will join the lineup soon.



  1. Avs should take the picks. More than they will get from any team and if mached teams will wait avs out next year knowing he’s gunna walk after that.

  2. Yet again the Flames make a move that’s 20% likely to be successful, and 80% likely to be braindead.

  3. I just don’t see how this helps the Flames. If they get O’Reilly (which they will, due to the qualifying offer issue the Avs will have to deal with), does anyone think that gets them over the hump and makes them a contender?

    If not, what’s the purpose of doing this? To have O’Reilly for two years and two first-round playoff exits?

    • Colour me surprised!

  4. Really this is only for 100ish games as we’re already almost half way through this season. Then he can walk UFA if he wants.

    Couple that with this year being a deep draft, and with the Habs owning the Flames 2nd rounder, do they have any other pics from other trades or they content with not picking until round 4?

    Seems odd (read: a bad choice) for a team that right now is pretty old as is.

    • wrong, he will be a RFA for another two years after this deal is up

  5. the flames waste their picks anyway. hope the avs let him go

    • Agreed. Out of curiosity I was wondering how many recent Calgary draft picks have played 400 or more games for the Flames. Nothing too difficult to accomplish. I was wrong. So wrong. Since 2000: none. Since 1990: none. The most recent comes in as Robert Reichel drafted in 1989. Even Columbus has had two of their own draft picks make it to over 400 games as Blue Jackets since 2000.

      I think the Flames best chance of success may be continuing to hand out as many offer sheets as possible.

  6. 1st and a 3rd seems like a lot to pay for a season and a quart of another -with hopes of maybe resigning a player that’s proven to be a difficult resigning.

    tough spot for colorado to be in. they really should get more than a first and a third for o’reilly but they’ll be in that same crappy spot as calgary in two seasons if they match. i guess that’s what the avs get for letting this drag on and not getting him resigned or traded sooner.

    • Yep, ROR really stuck it to the Avs with this one. This is the worst scenario for the Avs. If they match, they can’t trade him for ONE WHOLE calendar year. Awkward. If they don’t, he scores a hat trick against them every time (I kid, but it’s what former Avs do).

      $6.5M QO after 2nd yr is only if they don’t agree to another contract, which would most likely be long term and for less AAV. Not the worst position for an NHL club. But ROR protects his long-term value. Huge win for him.

  7. Well wether you look at it as a good move for Calgary or not this is what happens when a team (Avs) take their sweet ass time with a player teams obviously wanted. I was really surprised to hear it was Calgary that did this. I myself don’t really see an upside for Calgary to make this move. The 1st and 3rd is probably less then what they were asking for but I don’t see how they can match and have him come back to that dressing room or having to use the 6.5 as a base for the next contract. Either way I guess it was a unsurprising move by a surprising team that doesn’t seem to have a happy ending.

    • $6.5M isn’t necessarily a base for the next contract, it’s only a Qualifying Offer needed to keep his rights for one year. If they agree on a long term contract, that goes out the window. Also, if, for some stupid reason, the Avs don’t match, Calgary gets a super-motivated player who will pound the Avs every game. I think it’s a nice move by Calgary against a divisional foe. Win for CGY and ROR, huge loss for COL.