Flames Trade Watch – Wednesday, March 27, 2013.

Get the latest on Jarome Iginla and Miikka Kiprusoff.

Are Iginla and Kiprusoff on their way out this week?

Are Iginla and Kiprusoff on their way out this week?

SPORTSNET.CA: Mark (no relation) Spector reports the Flames want goalie Malcolm Subban as part of the return from the Boston Bruins for Jarome Iginla, but Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli refuses to part with him…He claims Flames GM Jay Feaster has approached the LA Kings about backup Jonathan Bernier. Spector believes Bernier and a first round pick would “make Iginla a King”…Penguins GM Ray Shero won’t part with the draft picks to land Iginla but will stay in the bidding to drive up the asking price for the Bruins…The Blackhawks are internally discussing the cost of a rental player and if Iginla could play left wing. Chicago hasn’t made an offer nor have the Flames named their asking price, but the ‘Hawks won’t part with Brandon Saad.

LOS ANGELES TIMES: Lisa Dillman reports the Kings are unlikely to make a serious pitch for Iginla, as they have eight free agents to re-sign and a shrinking salary cap for next season. Dillman believes the Kings want to avoid the same salary cap pitfall which forced the Chicago Blackhawks to dismantle their 2010 championship roster.

CALGARY SUN: Randy Sportak reports goalie Miikka Kiprusoff has reportedly told Flames management he’d refuse to report to a new team if he is traded, citing family reasons (the recent birth of his son). The report apparently originated in Kiprusoff’s home country of Finland. The no-movement clause in his contract expired last summer.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If the Flames aren’t careful, their asking price could kill off interest in Iginla. No surprise the Bruins won’t part with Subban, who could become a backup to Tuukka Rask in two or three years. I’m not convinced the Kings will part with Bernier this season, largely because of Jonathan Quick’s erratic play this season. If they trade Bernier, who’s their fall-back if Quick struggles after the deadline?

I don’t see how the Penguins can land Iginla without giving up a couple of quality prospects. Stranger things have happened, and the Flames could panic and lower their asking price, but still, it wouldn’t surprise me if Shero just wants to make things difficult for the Bruins. As for the Blackhawks, while I can understand their interest, I don’t think they need Iginla when their most obvious need is depth at center. Besides, Iginla reportedly doesn’t want to be a rental player, and the ‘Hawks can’t afford to keep him beyond this season. For that matter, neither can the the Penguins, Bruins and Kings.

As for Kiprusoff, hopefully we’ll have more info on his situation soon. Refusing to report if dealt is a bold step, resulting in suspension without pay.


  1. Gawd seems like Feaster keeps digging and digging deeper holes to climb out of….

  2. Boston, LA, & Pitts could keep him long term but it would involve very creative cap management, which could hurt the team. I think that either Iggy will have to expand his list or accept being a rental and find a new home in the off season (where as a free agent he will likely command far more money anyway). Right now I try and force a trade to the Pens who would just become deadly and then sign in the off season with Montreal or Ottawa (if he would play in those cities) in the off season as they are both developing teams with strong playoff hopes and the cap ability to bring him on. Spezza – Iginla sounds like a great combo!

    Was shocked by the report on Kipper, but I can understand if it is for his family and it only mentions the deadline so he could be more open to a move in the offseason when everything calms down a bit. This is when most people expected he would move anyway so this kinda makes sense.

    I wonder who else on the Flames other than Iggy, J-Bo, and Kipper might be available? A lot of teams are looking for scoring depth and might find themselves interested in Cammo or Steps, but both have another year on their contract and Cammo is at a $6 million hit. I also expect at 33 and signed for 3 more years after this that Taunguay won’t receive much interest. I would say the biggest target would be Glencross but would the Flames part with him and would he agree to move?

  3. Iggy is 35 and I’m sure he knows 7 mill isn’t gonna happen again also he’s made what one run to the finals in his whole career I’m guessing dropping his salary to around 3-4 mill for the chance to win a cup is more important at this point in his career.there are rumors the B’s are offering Horty and Pevs and a second round pic this could happen goooooooo Bruins

    • That sounds like a good deal to me but why would the Flames want Horton, who’s a pending UFA, and The Peverly Hillbilly who has been having a poor season?

    • Why would the Flames want vets like Horton and Peverly? Try putting yourself in the shoes of the other team when suggesting hypothetical deals. The only thing of value in your deal is the 2nd round pick, and the Flames would want a lot more than a 2nd for Iginla. And rightly so.

  4. Mr. NONIS please so your job!!! CAN you please get rid of PHANEUPH,GUNNERSON, LILES, and MACARTHUR. OFFER PITTS all the money they want and pry MALKIN out of there. GO after VANEK too. Bring these 2 guys into T.O. Everything-else will fall in place. STANLEY will be RELIEVED to be coming HOME. POOR STANLEY stuck in LA with all those plastic people and bikini bottoms. It has been a long 46 years wandering here and there. STANLEY just want to go home. NONIS let`s bring him HOME.
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    • I was going to argue with you, but then I remembered I live in LA and there are tons of plastic people… But don’t knock biki bottoms… And there’s something to be said for wearing shorts on Christmas Day….

      Anyway, I’m not sure why the Leafs would want to do anything but add a piece or two. They’re solidly in the playoffs. If they can add a playoff rental without giving up too much, that’s the route that they should go.

    • Keep Dreaming

    • Mikey, its time for a different rant. When people see your name they just skip on by to the next person.

      • Like Back Checking. He’s probably changed his name by now. One wall of text was enough.

    • This is relevant to the Flames trade watch, how??

    • You’re making Leaf Nation look bad, put the mouse down and step away from the keyboard slowly….

    • There is the brain dead zombie. Can’t wait til the Toronto fans find him and sacifice it to the hockey gods.

    • Leafs won’t win the cup til 2067

  5. Peter Chiarelli reiterated this morning on 98.5 that he would not part with Subban.Seems Feaster is turning into Scott Howson on his approach to trading the face of the franchise.Anyway the Bruins need a left winger and Ales Hemsky fits the bill for me,5.4 million and he is signed through 2013-14.I am tired of Horton sleepwalking through these games and he is a free agent in July.I would love to see Seguin centering the top line.We will see soon enough.

    • Hemsky doesn’t exactly fit Boston’s mold. I know they have Krejci, but they’d also probably prefer to get rid of him.

      • No way krejci isn’t wanted in Bos where did you get that from must be a habs fan

        • No, Krejci’s been subject to numerous rumours including the hotstove.

    • Frankly, I’d prefer to have Marty St Louis. He’s a playoff performer, has a great work ethic and 2 years left on his deal.

  6. Okay, somebody needs their head checked if he or she thinks the Kings are trading Bernier and a first round pick for Iginla. Maybe if you reverse it… Iginla and Calgary’s first round pick… There’s no way the Kings are giving up Bernier and a first for a 35 year old playoff rental. And if the Kings did get Iginla, I don’t think they would necessarily be intending to re-sign him, certainly not for a long period of time.

    I’m beginning to think that the Flames don’t really want to trade Iginla, but they’re throwing out a ridiculous request to see if they can get it. While it’s always smarter to get something for UFAs, but Iginla is a special player to the Flames, like an Yzerman or Sakic. Of course, if he’s already told managment that he wants a chance to win a cup, then that’s another story.

    • I could see them getting Bernier or Subban if they included another player and expanded the deal.

      Iginla, Bouwmeester for Subban, Horton and a pick?

      • Ehh Calgary gets the shaft in that deal…maybe another piece beside Iginla but definitely not J-bo and Iginla both for that…

    • We heard all of this “oh they want too much” stuff with Ryan O’Reilly, and the media and other people constantly try to diminish the value of players.

      Here’s the thing about Nash: Howson got a good return. Anisimov, Dubinsky, Erixon, and a first are very good pieces to get for Nash, even though Nash still has a few years on his contract.

      Iginla does not want to be a rental, so that means his price goes up for teams who have interest in re-signing him for another few years. And JUST because he submitted those four teams doesn’t take Montreal out of the equation either. I bet you Bergevin could coax a much needed Iginla from Calgary and convince Iggy to be a Canadien.

      So this “ridiculous” price suddenly becomes somewhat warranted. I don’t think he goes to the Kings because they don’t have a first and probably won’t give up Bernier. Beside that, they’re probably not going to pony up Voynov either. That knocks them out. But the Bruins, Hawks, and Canadiens are very much in, and could probably strike a deal for a guy who’s going to be very good in the playoffs.

      If Iginla joined the Canadiens, they’d be a way better playoff team.

      • For some reason I’m thinking along these lines as well wouldn’t maybe the Canadians be a place of interest for Iggy? they have some pieces they could deal for him they look pretty strong this year and could go deep in the east with him they might even have enough to get by the Pens or Bruins and if he jelled well and took a hair cut on the next contract (and a shorter term) with some of the guys emerging there they could be set up for some success in the next couple years..

      • Agreed, MJR. I wrote a couple of days ago that I think Iggy will be traded – but NOT to a team on his list. Montreal is a completely believable destination.

        (Another for me would be the Blues. All those talented kids could use another grisled, will-go-through-a-brick-wall-to-win-the-Cup veteran in their line up, and lord knows they have more than enough talent to give up for him!)

      • Difference is Nash has the years and signed for them. Iggy doesn’t and not signed for them either.

  7. At first it sounded like everybody on Iginlas list was going to go to war over him. Now it seems that nobody wants to give up much. Teams have to make up there minds if they think he can put them over the top to the cup or not. If the answer is yes then you will have to pay to make it happen. If your that confident that you will win with him isn’t it worth the gamble to give a 1st and a top-notch prospect.

    • It’s a week before trade deadline. Let’s see what the offers are come the deadline, especially if the Kings make a move for a good rental.

  8. There’s plenty of conflicting reports stating the Flames would like a top prospect, a good prospect, and a 1st round pick… But I’ve yet to see anything stating the top prospect needs to be a goalie. Many reporters keep speculating that the Flames are after Subban, however, Calgary themselves already have a late 1st round goalie prospect in the pipeline, and 5 others under the age of 26. For some reason I highly doubt they’re after Subban… But would understand more reasonable attractive pieces such as Koko, Spooner, Bartkowski, even some of our current roster players, and our 1st round pick.

    • That they do, and Gillies made Subban look baaaad at the world juniors.

  9. Wow. The Panthers and Leafs played last night and there are no Toronto media rumors that the Leafs may get Huberdeau for Bozak? AMAZING!

  10. The Kings aren’t trading a first round pick they don’t have which belongs to Columbus a-la Jack Johnson Jeff Carter deal, and I’m guessing Calgary’s not going to be too stoked about waiting a year to get it. Pittsburgh sort of threw a wrench in the spokes when they picked up Morrow. The Hawks won’t part with Saad, but what about Leddy?

    Things will get to annealing point if Calgary waits for Boston to offer up Subban. Given Subban’s performance at the World Juniors, they might be better off anyway. The irony is that Calgary already has the best goaltender from that tournament as a prospect in their system (Jon Gillies, USA).

    Now Flames, don’t be greedy, pass those goaltenders around so that EEEV’ryone gets a piece, okaaay?
    Bu-bu-but-bu-but… M-Malcolm S-su–
    Just pass!

    • The Hawks would be crazy to part with Leddy. He and Keith are the only guys capable of carrying the puck up the length of the ice by themselves when the pass option is taken away, and Leddy’s better at it than Kieth. It’s a real weapon, and is replacing what Campbell brought to the table when they wont he cup in 2010 (for over 5 mil less too). Iginla cannot replace that.

      I think a top defensive prospect like Olsen, Lalonde, or Clendening is much more likely – maybe along with a 1st rounder and a lesser Center prospect or something.

    • Wasn’t John Gibson MVP and best goalie in the world junior tour ?

  11. The Bruins can manage resigning Iginla after this season and they don’t even need to be that creative. They need to sign Rask long term and that would be around 4.5 and 5M a year probably. Ference will not be resigned and Horton if back will be at half his cap hit now because of injury history. Plus the Bruins still have not used the long term injury cap stipulations on Marc Savard yet which means like a another 4M in cap space. All that with the fact that at 35y/o Iginla can’t possibly expect another 7M dollar deal. I say 5M tops. Bruins can swing this long term. Also think Peverley or Kelly will not be back next season hopefully Peverley.

    • Yeah all of the reports stating that the Bruins would find it difficult to resign Iginla next season are merely assuming they’re resigning all of their UFA/RFA in the offseason. Obviously given this seasons play, injuries, and such… I doubt they work towards signing all of their impending free agents. As you mentioned, Savards cap can be moved to LTIR. The Bruins could certainly sign Iginla to a contract. Come to think about it the Bruins need a highly skilled veteran on offense, top 6 position. I the scheme of things, they’d almost certainly have to give up on one of our current top 6 players to do that (long term contract signing). Horton may be the odd man out unless he takes a solid cut.

      • Iginla is in that Ray Bourque end of his career situation. Does Iginla want to finish his career with the Flames or leave and try to win a cup somewhere? That’s the big catch. I’ve yet to read a report suggesting who between the Flames and Iginla really wants the trade. Are the Flames just trying to get something for Iginla, or are they honoring his request to leave and get a shot at a cup?

  12. Ok, one (of many) things I don’t understand:

    Cam Ward has had two great playoff runs in his career, and not made the playoffs in 5 of 7 seasons. His career numbers are also thoroughly average (2.74 GAA, .910 sv%). However, due to these two clutch playoff performances, he is considered an elite and untradeable goalie.

    However, not even a *year* after Jonathan Quick wins the Conn Smythe, people are saying Bernier is untradeable because Quick might not be their goalie of the future. (Quick’s career #s, for the record: 2.32 GAA, .915%)

    So I wonder: Why the love for Ward and not Quick? (If I were the Kings, I’d definitely at least consider a Bernier+ for Iginla deal)

    • Honostly I think it comes down to this years current goaltender situation in LA. Quick certainly has had some fantastic seasons, however, this season is less than average at best. Bernier clearly has better numbers and is playing much better in goal this year. If the Kings think they stand a chance at another Cup this year then they’d be wise to keep Bernier and Quick for the playoffs. If they dont think they’re going to contend then obviously there’s no reason to attempt a trade for Iginla. Also, I’m sure Iginla has some say in where he goes… It’s the least that Calgary can give him. If I’m going to be traded to a cup contender this year and for the next couple of years, am I really interested in a team who’s just traded their hottest goalie this year? No, not really.

    • i wouldn’t say bernier is untradable and i’d question the judgement of anyone who said he was. he’s tradable just not now.

      quick is having a rough season. following offseason surgery he didn’t start the season in game shape because he wasn’t able to work out or play in europe. so he’s struggling. additionally, unlike previous years opposing teams look at him as one of the top goalies in the league and as such are are bringing their best stuff and studying the tape and picking his game apart. it’s a normal growing experience for young goalies. but neither of those things make bernier the better goaltender. however if the kings want to try and win again this post-season they will need better goaltending then quick alone can offer.

      i agree with spector that they will hold onto bernier for the playoffs and then trade him this summer.

      as for iginla, the kings don’t need another wing they need help on defense and don’t have any option to resign him longterm due to a lack of cap space.

      • Bernier: I don’t think it’s a problem for the Kings to trade Bernier. Bernier asked for a trade during the summer. I think the question is solely about return. You cannot trade a guy like Bernier for a playoff rental. Even if Iginla was locked up for two more years I still don’t think it’s worth it. Iginla is 35. Who knows what he has left. All you have to do is look at guys like Tkachuk, Roenick, and Weight.

        Iginla may be a heart and soul guy, and if the Kings got him they may rally around him, but you can’t risk giving up that much (Bernier) for a playoff rental whose playing on borrowed time.

  13. Once again the Bruins prove that they totally over value their own prospects. Subban is a “good goalie prospect”, who has never played an NHL game. We will be destined for mediocrity once again with the likes of Jordan Caron, another over valued perennial 3rd line winger who really brings nothing to the table, and our Warsofsky, Krug, Bartkowski “undersized puck moving” defesemen types, let alone the savior Carl Soderberg, another unproven in the NHL.

    These guys are all good “prospects”, including the Spooners, Kinghts and Campers of the world. Give up any one of these guys for Iginla. He is a Recchi plus, who would fit perfectly into the Bruin power forward system. He is a leader and motivated for a cup and has a few years left so you could re-sign him in the off season to replace Horton.

    Also, go out and get Ryane Clowe from San Jose, he is not having a good year but he can give you 20ish goals a year and is in the Thornton category for toughness and fighting ability. He could take some of the “stepping up for your teammates” pressure off Thornton and guys like McQuaid and Campbell, who is much more valuable as a good 2-way, pk, faceoff guy than sitting in the box for 5 minutes.

    • And please tell me that the Bruins claiming Kaspars Daugavins off waivers from Ottawa is a prelude to a trade and not Chiarelli’s answer to adding “depth” and scoring.

      • Well let me ask you this question…. He’s 24, still young, a prior 3rd round pick and he has more points than anyone on our 3rd line with the exception of Peverley who has seen PP time and top line time a couple of games this year. He’s certainly an improvement to our 3rd line as a depth acquisition. Chia said he wanted to have depth to both the offense and the defense… He’s definition of depth included players ranging from top 6 to bottom 6, and top 4 defenseman to bottom. I’d say this is just an attempt to add an NHL player to the 3rd line, who has some youth and speed on his side. Lets see how it pans out first..

    • Keep in mind Blake Wheeler wasn’t really anything special given the amount of time he played on the ice during his outings in Boston… And look at him now. Jordan Caron, and the likes haven’t seen sufficient playing time, as well as consistent seasons on the Bruins. Blake Wheeler at the very least saw more time, and opportunities (seasons!) on lines with other talent and still seemed mediocre. These higher round prospects are still coming into their own… Spooner looked great in his short outings this season and Caron adds value. Boston’s team is very deep and has deep talent so many prospects don’t shine because of lack of chances, and TOI. Calgary could benefit from anyone of our top prospects given their situation and current roster. Go Bruins!

      • Don’t get me wrong, all I meant was I hope claiming Daugavins isn’t Chiarelli’s final answer to adding depth and scoring. Also, your statement that Daugavins has more points than anyone on our 3rd line is not only incorrect; but also the production is so little that it’s basically a wash between Daugavins and everyone else. Kelly had 6 points in 23 games before injury, Peverley 11 (like you said), Bourque had 4 pts in 18 games and Caron has 2 pts in 9 games. Daugavins had 1 goal & 2 assists for a total of 3 pts in 19 games for Ottawa at a minus-7, so I think it’s debatable if he is an improvement from the standpoint of a depth acquisition, on any line, but it’s basically all semantics anyway because of the lack of production on the 3rd line. My overall point is that I hope the Daugavins acquisition is the prelude to other bigger moves, either by utilizing Daugavins himself as a trade chip or using him as a replacement for someone else that may be traded for that depth winger / d man.

        Also, we could debate all day about the higher round prospects coming into their own or not, I could name several examples of highly touted and high round Bruin prospects that haven’t come into their own to counter your Wheeler example, (Hannu Toivonen, Jonathan Aitken, Lars Jonsson, Zach Hamill) to name a few. The point is that they are “prospects” and no prospect should be untouchable including Subban and Spooner if it means the difference between landing a proven NHL player with the cache Iginla has (11 straight years with 30 or more goals, 2 with 50). I wouldn’t say Spooner looked “great” but rather as is expected from a 21yr old, let’s remember he has played a total of 4 NHL games and the Bruins are a team that is expected to go deep into the playoffs.

        I’m not saying give up the entire farm or a combination of prospects and your core for Iginla, but don’t make these prospects untouchable, really, the only young untouchables right now should be Seguin and Hamilton. You will have to give something up to get a guy like Iginla.

        • Daugavins is a versatile player who can help kill penalties so it’s really just a depth signing to help offset the loss of Chris Kelly. He’s still young and I believe his contract is up at the end of the season.

  14. as a hawk fan having iggy would be great but i’d rather go after a center and not give up so much,or just stand pat,i’d really be angry if we gave up tuevo or saad for a rental,its just not worth it,we doing fine as is

    • Agreed. Neither player should even be in consideration. Plus there would be cap concerns, so getting rid of prospects alone won’t accomplish much and makes it impossible to resign Iginla. Calgary would have to absorb some salary, maybe Bolland or Frolik.

  15. How is Calgary supposed to get better, if Iggy is too expensive for teams to acquire, and Kipper will not play the remainder of the final year of his contract in the NHL? $12.8M between two rental players.

    • LOL could have saved this whole mess if they blew it up last year..plus with getting rid of them last year for sure Calgary is the bottom of the league this year thus more likely picking McKinnon or Jones And having other teams picks in their pockets from the dismantling of the roster a year earlier. Probably would not have been out of the question to get a 2013 pick with prospect or a couple of picks in this year’s draft depending on the fire sale packages.. Feaster really should be fired no matter what he gets for these assets the guy has been nothing but a clown in Calgary…

      • I don’t think Feaster is in charge of deciding the direction of the franchise. I think he’s following orders from ownership. Ownership want to do a “soft rebuild” while continuing to squeak into the playoffs so the fans can at least watch a “competitive” team that mathematically has a chance to win a cup. Sounds great in theory, but it doesn’t always work in practice, as we’ve seen the last three years. Point is, Feaster is just doing what the owners are telling him to do. And up until now that has been: “Spend our money on vets and get us back into the playoffs, while doing a soft rebuild in the background around Baertschi, Backlund, Brodie, etc.” I don’t think Feaster deserves to be fired for following orders. In many ways Feaster is just a soldier, not a general. I don’t think he’s made any really “bad” trades or contractual decisions like Darryl Sutter did.

  16. Bernier not practicing with the kings this morning? This means what…I don’t really know?


  17. Lets face it I think this is going to be Feasters defining move. If he screws this deal up for Iginla he is going to be gone. I know people will say its too soon but upper management in Calgary is not patient since this will be the 4th year in a row without playoff hockey. In the case of Kipprusoff, he just doesnt want to leave Calgary is all, even before the birth of this child he stated that if the Flames tried to trade him he would most likely just retire rather than play somewhere else and to be honest I dont think that anyone in Calgary minds that he wants to stay.

  18. One thing that nobody has pointed out as of yet is that the Kings traditionally do not grab the big name guy at the trade deadline. The Kings traditionally make the big moves during the summer or at the beginning of the season (Palffy, Allison, Roenick, and Richards). To the best of my memory, the two times they did make big deadline deals (Blake for Deadmarsh and Jack Johnson for Jeff Carter) both involved major players going both ways. Last year’s deal for Carter happened out of desperation somewhat by chance when Voynov made Johnson expendable.

    Traditionally, at the trade deadline, the Kings have always gotten the smaller fish as playoff rentals (Ronning, Anson Carter come to mind). I suspect that if the Kings were going to make a deadline move, it would be more for a guy like Whitney in Dallas. I’m not saying it will be Whitney, but a player like Whitney.

  19. Iginla a scratch from tonight’s Flames game and Matt Bartkowski / scratched from Providence Bruins game

    • Bartkowski and Khokhlachev scatches from Prov B’s

      • If the reported return from the bruins is correct I think Shero jumped the gun. I would rather have had iggy than morrow. Don’t get me wrong I think morrow is a great addition but he’s not iginla…

      • That’s what the trade looks like to me, Bartkowski and the Russian guy plus the 1st pick from Boston to Calgary for Iginla. If that deal goes through tonight, Jay Feaster should be hung by his fat butt all over the Red Mile. I don’t know much about Khokhlachev but I did see Bartkowski play against the Leafs twice this week and he was simply awful. It was funny watching Carlyle and Julien trying to match lines. I could swear that Carlyle was trying to get his top players to specifically line up against Bartkowski in order to expose him. Sorry Flames fans but you are getting royally hosed big time here.

        • Flames fans probably wished that was the dal cause right now it looks better then the one they got from the Pens…lol

  20. Iginla is now a penguin