Flyers Acquire Streit’s Rights from Islanders.

Various sources are reporting the NY Islanders have traded the rights to defenseman Mark Streit to the Philadelphia Flyers in exchange for a fourth round pick in 2014 and minor league LW Shane Harper.

Islanders trade Mark Streit's rights to the Flyers.

Islanders trade Mark Streit’s rights to the Flyers.

 SPECTOR’S NOTE: Once the Ottawa Senators dealt the rights to Sergei Gonchar last week to the Dallas Stars, it was speculated the Islanders would shop Streit’s rights, as he had no intention of re-signing with them.

The Flyers are keen to add an experienced puck-moving defenseman and I expect they’ll sign the 35-year-old Streit signed to a three- or four-year contract, worth perhaps around $6 million per season. They may wait until after the upcoming buyout period, as it’s expected they’ll buy out Daniel Briere and possible Ilya Bryzgalov. I’ll be very surprised if they don’t have Streit under contract by July 5. 


  1. Love this deal. Getting anything for a player who was not returning is a good move. I liked that 4th rounder. Could’ve been lower.

  2. Have teams that are knocked out of the play-offs always been able to trade players while the play-offs are still going on, or is it just because of the lock out shortened season. I always thought you couldn’t trade until after the Cup was won. Seems unfair to teams still playing.

    • I don’t think the Blackhawks and Bruins mind too much.

    • Technically you can trade a player whenever but after the deadline they are not eligible to play in the playoffs. Boston and Chicago could make a trade right now also, but they would never do it because it’d upset team chemistry and would not benefit them right now.

      • The NHL frowns on teams making announcements during the Stanley Cup finals. But there is no rule preventing it.

      • Thanks. I honestly didn’t know you could make trades between the deadline to the cup final.

  3. 6 million a season….that’s steep. Is he really worth that?

  4. Philly only traded for negotiating rights – who is to say he will sign with Philly once the season is over. Essentially Philly gave the Islanders a 4th round pick and minor leaguer Shane Harper to get a jump on trying to sign him before free agency begins.