Flyers and Predators Rumors – May 11, 2012.

Check out the latest speculation on possible off-season moves by the Flyers and Predators.

Could there be interest in van Riemsdyk this summer?

CSNPHILLY.COM: Tim Panaccio reports on possible moves for Philadelphia Flyers GM Paul Holmgren this summer. Holmgren claims he’ll wait until July 1st to decide what to do about his defense if Chris Pronger (concussion) isn’t ready to return next season, though Panaccio doubts the Flyers GM will wait until that date. As there’s a belief the Nashville Predators could try to move UFA blueliner Ryan Suter before June 30th, Holmgren could try to make a pitch for him.

“One Board of Governor told earlier this month that “all the big-money” clubs will “max out” on the cap because if the league has to adjust under the next CBA, it will do so across the board and not penalize the top spenders” reports Panaccio. Holmgren also said he’d like to re-sign blueliner Matt Carle. As for Jaromir Jagr, it remains to be seen if he’s willing to re-sign.

PHILLY.COM: Frank Seravalli speculated on what could happen to oft-injured left wing James van Riemsdyk, whose six-year, $4.25 million per season contract kicks in next season, believing if he’s shopped there won’t be any shortage of interest. He believes trade deadline acquisition Pavel Kubina won’t be re-signed. Sam Carchidi meanwhile doubts Jagr returns, Holmgren expects Carle to re-sign for less than market price, while Kimmo Timonen will return next season. The Flyers GM also hopes Chris Pronger will be ready to return next season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Interesting bit there from Panaccio regarding big money clubs, though it’s not a surprise the league would adjust across the board if the cap ceiling were to decline under the next CBA, but even if salaries are rolled back, teams still must ensure they give themselves enough leeway to stay under the cap even with a salary rollback. Remember, under this CBA, teams are allowed in the off-season to go over the cap ceiling by ten percent, but we don’t know if that will still be allowed under the next CBA. That could create an additional headache for those who “max out”. As for Jagr and Carle, I have my doubts they’ll return, and while there would be interest in van Riemsdyk, his new salary and injury history could scare off some suitors. Guess we can forget about retirement for Timonen, at least for next season. I fully expect the Flyers will try to land either Suter or Weber if one or the other becomes available next month. Whether they can land either guy is another story, as there will be serious interest around the league.

THE TENNESSEAN/EXAMINER.COM: Josh Cooper reports Predators GM David Poile has made retaining Shea Weber and Ryan Suter his priority, and also said he’d like to re-sign pending UFA Jordin Tootoo. Cooper also noted Alexander Radulov said he would like to return to Nashville, while the Predators face a tough choice on inconsistent RFA forward Sergei Kostitsyn. Jim Diamond meanwhile reports Poile would like to retain the veteran presence of blueliners Hal Gill and Francis Bouillon.

CSNBAYAREA.COM:  Kevin Kurz is imagining Ryan Suter coming to the Sharks, especially the cost of signing him as a UFA.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’ll be interesting to see if the Predators are willing to re-sign Radulov. Gill, Tootoo and Bouillon should be affordable re-signings, but of course that’ll depend on how much it costs to retain Weber and/or Suter.  They could qualify Kostitsyn’s rights and then perhaps try to shop him later if they need to free up some cap space, or if his salary demands are too expensive. The Sharks aren’t the only club to imagine Suter playing for next season, as there will be considerable interest in his services if he hits the open market in July.


  1. Oh the Sharks are funny that team is a mess. They cannot afford Suter and to sign him they would seriously need to make some big trades. At that point why would he want to go there assuming Suter wants a title anytime soon. The Sharks should look in the direction of former Shark Brad Stuart that would be a better fit financially for the team.

    If I am the GM of the Sharks build around Pavelski, Couture, and some of those young D-men. Everyone else see what you can get for them including Marleau and Thornton.

    I look at Thornton like I look at Luongo TONS of star power based on regular season accomplishments. NOT playoff success in fact as long as he is the captain and main player on the team he will also not win anything substantial.

  2. Weber to the Pens!!!!

  3. Matt Carle will be re-signed….Jagr….not so much. As I stated before, Jagr wants to be the “guy”….the top line guy and given his age and how the latter part of the season turned out for him, he won’t get 20 minutes a game like he feels he deserves. Reading between the lines he wasn’t happy with his line mates or time on ice as the season progressed…it seemed like if he weren’t on a line with Claude Giroux, he wasn’t happy. And the Flyers can’t tell him he’ll be the top line guy. If anything, having him around this year did great things for the young players on the team.
    I also fully expect Philly to get into the Suter show (if Pronger is done) when July 1st opens up. If they do succeed then either Carle or Mez would have to go. I would think it would be Mez as Carle wants to be in Philly and from reading, he might be willing to accept a home-town discount.

    • Not sure how it works, but Pronger has to be evaluated every year for the rest of his contract to stay on LTIR. They just can’t say he’s “done” for the year. If something happens and the league says he can play, pretty sure they have to agree with a teams doctors on if a player can’t play, they have to clear up the 5 mill a year to make cap room for him. That’s how I have heard it explained before at least.

      • You’re probably right in saying that however, given his age and how his health has been, it won’t take much convincing that he can’t play. All he has to do is explain that he is suffering headaches and other post concussion symptoms. The longer he is out the worse his conditioning becomes then there’s a separate issue. Ian Laperierre sat out the last 2 years with a similar injury. But if Pronger was healthy, I would love to see him back, I don’t think there’s any Flyer fan hoping that he won’t come back.

        • I am not a Flyers fan but I would LOVE to see Pronger back one my favorites to watch. All this talk about Suter and Weber lately got me thinking when in his prime neither one of those guys holds a candle to Pronger.

          • I agree, Pronger is one of the greats. I remember the coach being mad because Pronger came the other way in the Shanny trade. Was that Keenan?

          • That sounds about right Keenan is an idiot

  4. Yeah, I think Suter’s camp has decided he is moving on, and despite the fact there will be hevy interests from more than a dozen teams, I am fairly certain he will land it what he thinks is a “hockey market” city.
    The guys is solid all over the ice, and my head is still scratching that so many equate the Shea Weber cannon and his size as Norris trophy. I just think he doesn’t have the all-around agile foot & hand quickness to be what ammounts to an elite defender. I wouldn’t be overpaying for the cannon, unless my team had no pp point men.

  5. Carle and Suter play a very similar style game, are about the same size, weight and are both left hand shots. They both skate well and are puck movers, neither have that big shot from the point. They’re not overly physical, as far as dmen go, but they play a very strong positional game, and block a lot of shots. Carle’s shot blocking has gotten better in recent years. Yes, given the choice, everyone would chose Suter, and rightfully so. He’s a little better in all areas, but Carle would be the fall back plan for any GM that missed out on Suter, and Carle could be had for a little less money.

  6. Vinnie, I agree with you about Thornton – there is just something about him where he can get close – but no cigar. I believe they realized this in Boston and that is why he ended up in San Jose. Like you, I see Stuart returning – he wants to come back to the West Coast and since his family lives in the area, the Sharks will benefit from a home town discount. I don’t see the Sharks resigning Vandermeer and White – so that frees up $2MM – I also think they could unlead Doug Murray to some team because he is god awful slow.

    I also see the Sharks offering up Marleau for trade as he is the “scapegoat” for this years failure to get past the 1st round. In reality, I think it was coaching as McLellan kept shuffling lines. Ownership is still out on McLellan and in my mind – I found his coaching style lacking. I really don’t see Marleau moving due to his salary and age, but I can see the Sharks doing a deal that involves Pavelski and Clowe. I really liked the energy Winnek brough to the table and they need to resign him. I think the Sharks need to solidify their leadeship – get Joe another forward that brings energy, skill and a veteran presence to the table.

  7. I’ll agree that Joe Thornton for what ever reason hasn’t produced in the post season. Although two conference final appearances in three years isn’t awful. However if your managing any team striving to make the playoffs, and Joe Thornton becomes available then it’s almost a no-brainer. Two more years at seven million per. I would say it’s worth the risk.

    • Yeah I just don’t see Thornton as captain material. He was the wrong choice in Boston because of his age and personality type. But as he got older I still think he’s not working out as the go to leader of a team. He needs to be in a place like Detroit or Pittsburgh where leadership is all over the place. Now I’m not saying either team should make a trade for him. But for Thornton himself thats the best thing for him.

      Look at it this way Malkin seems to get better when Crosby is out. The guy wants his own team not sure he wants to be that superstar #2 center anymore. I think for Thornton thats the situation he would be comfortable in. He doesn’t want to be batman he wants to be robin.

  8. It’ll be interesting to see what changes occur for the Sharks this off-season, and whether or not Joe Thornton is involved. 7 millon is alot for any team to absorb.

    • There would definitely be a market for him. I could see a scenario where a team looks at taking him on and trades 3-4 million in salary back to San Jose along with picks.

  9. Joe Thornton was not the problem with the Sharks this last year and in the Playoffs. The whole lineup just never “clicked” with one another. An almost total lack of chemistry. I still think they will go hard for Nash from CBJ, and offer up a package of pick, pavelski/clowe, + Demers/Braun.

  10. I’ll probably draw a lot of ire for this but I am just worried about one thing with Suter and that is Wade Redden syndrome. Suter is NOT the better of that pair and without Weber he is going to get worse … not by much, but he isn’t going to live up to expectations (unless of course he gets another elite pairing D). But we’ve seen a lot in the NHL when we have two d-men that everyone thinks are great, split them and one falls in the gutter.

    Markov – Komisarek
    Chara – Redden

    For example. So it might not happen and I certainly hope it doesn’t … but Redden was a very similar Suter style d-man. Playing with a beast … Redden isn’t actually terrible, he just isn’t worth $6.5 million on the blueline. He’d be back in the NHL at a $1-$2 million a season deal.

    • This particular trend has also been on my mind for a year or so although I have never seen anyone pick up on this issue yet. You were the first, I’ve read on it.

      Compared to the present situation, I don’t think Suter will shine as much on his own, and additionally, his new salary will probably also hamper his ability to excel on whatever team he goes to.

    • I completely agree with this. Suter IS an all-star d-man, he is a great american player… However, it really, really, really helps that he’s playing with the best defenseman in the league.

      Someone is going to give him a 7-8 year 50-57 million dollar deal, and I think we’ll know soon enough if that money is worth anything when he has to go top pair vs top line w/o Shea.

  11. Send Thornton to CBJ for first round pick and or picks and/or prospects and then Nash can resign with CBJ. This frees up space to go out on the free agent market and get a couple good to top free agents to solidify your top 3 lines which are struggling. Shot and if you can get Marleau to drop his NTC move him also. And strengthen your defense with Suter and Stuart and get some more picks and/or prospects for the future.

    • CBJ is going a different way at this point of time. They’ll want people like Nash leaving town, and not picking up players that are on the down slope of their careers.

      Saying that, Nash might end up going to SJ. Sharks might be one of the teams in the worst condition at this point of time… I mean…

      Marleau + Thorton should be enough to get you a couple first round picks, some propsects and even a top 6 forward. You have Clowe, Couture and Pavelski to build off of. All those guys are impact players. Thorton can still get a team 70 points and a legit first line center, so moving him shouldn’t be any kind of a problem to be perfectly honest. Marleau’s price tag is pretty deep and he’s always been tagged as soft or heartless, so… I think he’s movable but for much less of a return than Thorton can get you.

  12. Why not trade JVR to the Pens for Michalek and a 2nd? Michalek was one of the few Penguins that were decent in the playoffs, and with the lingering issues of Pronger, they need a replacement. The Pens would love to put JVR on a line with Sid

    • Not gonna see Pens and Flyers as trading partners anytime soon.

      • I don’t see why it matters. If it benefits both teams, then why not try?

        • Rivals don’t trade. Especially between two that are red hot like the Pitts/Philly rivalry…

          You understand like Calgary-Edmonton… since you know… one has been an annual bottom feeder and the other a very lackluster franchise and a real BoB hasn’t existed in over a decade.

    • Michalek and a 2nd for JVR? LOL, keep dreaming Tom. I’m not trying to be rude, but that’s just not happening. And especially to their biggest rivals, then Pens.

      • I heard everyone hates JVR on the Flyers, and with Pronger’s concussion issues, they need another sturdy defenseman

        • You’ve heard, have you? Well, even if that were true about JVR, Michalek and a 2nd is nowhere near enough for him. Besides, if the Flyers wanted a player similar to Michalek, they’ll simply resign Carle. The only thing Michalek offers that Carle can’t, is a right handed stick, which I admit the Flyers desperately need. But it doesn’t make any sense whatsoever to give up JVR for what you’re offering.

          • I heard a lot of Flyers fans hate Carle as well. Michalek and Carle play completely different styles. Carle is more of an offensive D that struggles in his own zone, while Michalek is the opposite. Michalek is a tank on D

          • Yes, Carle is a scape goat most of the time. And I’ll even admit that I sometimes think it best to allow him to walk via FA. Also, I must disagree that Michalek is “a tank on D”. Over the last 5 years, he’s averaged around 22 mins per game, has less than 1 hit per game, and around 2 blocks per game, that’s it! He’s also a -60 in turnover/takeaways, over the same period.

            Sorry Tom, but that’s not “a tank on D”. At 29 years old, he’s a 4th dman at best, and would probably anchor the 3rd pairing on most of the top teams in the league.

            Michalek does eat up his fair share of mins though. I’ll give him that, and he’s positionally sound, but that’s what he is, a positional dman, as is Carle. Neither of them are very physical.

  13. For one thing, Thornton is not going anywhere. The Sharks and the media continually sing the praises of Joe – so that leaves Marleau. I believe that a trade for Nash will be beneficial to the Sharks – Nash is 27 and would bring that X factor that would take some pressure off Joe. Couture is also untouchable – but I can see a trade of Pavelski and Clowe to Columbus for Nash. I also can see Stuart coming back to the Sharks via a home town discount – but to me the Sharks need to replace Vandermeer, White and Murray and maybe should look at someone like Garrison, Sulzer, Del Zatto or Bickel.

    • I see your points all I’m saying is S.J at this point would be better off dumping a couple ageing top line players for draft picks or prospects in the future. And taking that salary they would be saving and going out to the free agent market and fill their depth issues with that money. This would help their future team and their present team. Because their talent level coming out of the minors is thin unless you need a netminder