Flyers Fire Peter Laviolette as Head Coach.

Various sources today report the Philadelphia Flyers have fired Peter Laviolette as head coach. His replacement will be Craig Berube. Press conference today at 11 am ET to make it official.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Looks like Laviolette is the fall guy early. I don’t believe he’s the one at fault here. Laviolette didn’t forget how to coach an NHL team. He can only work with the pieces he has, and right now, the Flyers aren’t a very good team. Maybe Berube can get better results, but it’s not Laviolette’s fault the goaltending isn’t good, or that there’s been no suitable replacement for Chris Pronger. Feel free to weight in with your thoughts.


  1. Holmgren completely destroyed this team. It’s embarrassing. He traded players that ended up winning trophies and Cups…..what did he expect this team to do since then?

    • Philly needed to free up cap space when moving Richards and Carter… though only maybe one had to go. Philly at the time was perceived to get a boatload in return for the players. I still think they won on the returns.

      Richards for Simmonds, Schenn, 2nd round pick (traded for Grossman defensive dman for playoff run)

      Simmonds has been great, just needs a larger role, Schenn was thought to be the best player outside the NHL at the time and still has loads of potential, and Grossman has filled a hole as stop gap for Pronger who you can never really replace.

      Carter for Voracek, 1st round (Couturier) and 3rd (not sure)

      Voracek has blossomed in Philly, then again I would too with Giroux banking passes off my stick, and Couturier who people seem to love as a Jordan Staal type.

      Really for the trade to pan out the young players just need to develop and Philly will have great depth for years to come. They should of gone after Coach Eakins in the summer since he is great with young players.

  2. It was Lavy’s system, the unprepared starts, the inability to adjust to teams….

    Getting it done early just means the season can be saved.

    The parts are there…the system prevented them playing up to their abilities.

  3. I can’t see this going immediately well. Too bad they didn’t do this early in the summer. Tortorella would have been a perfect fit with the Philly media. This is all Bryzgalov’s fault.

    • Are you kidding me?? Tortorella would be a terrible choice!! He won’t last 3 seasons in Vancouver. Simply said, he’s an A-hole! ….. I do think however that Lindy Ruff would have been a great fit in Philly. ..

  4. People keep saying Laviolette coudln’t adjust to other teams…sure seemed like he adjusted against Guy Boucher’s system in Tampa a few years ago hahaha

  5. If Philly has shown anything, it’s that they can turn it around quickly. Thank goodness for those compliance buyouts, right? The focus has to be improving their defense and not making panic trades. If they can’t turn it around this year, at least they’ll be active in FA this summer to re-tool and they’ll be fine.

  6. The goaltending has been good for the Flyers through 3 games and on paper they have one of the most talented rosters in the NHL. I don’t think Holmgren brought in players that fit Lavy’s system, choosing rather to fill the holes he and management perceived the team to have. I liked Lavy and think he’s an excellent coach but change can be a good thing and I love the idea of a hard-nosed guy like Chief running the show for a while. …. Rumor has it he only signed a 2 year deal so his head coaching life could be short lived as could Holmgren’s time as a GM. If the Flyers don’t make the playoffs this year I think they are both gone.

  7. Say what you want about bad goalies, the team hasn’t been the same since Pronger went down. His leadership pulled everything together after Richie and Carter were traded. Giroux just isn’t captain material.

    Holmgren also made a huge mistake putting all of his eggs in the Parise/Suter basket and the Weber offer sheet. Losing out on Jagr and Carle and a number of free agents who could have helped.

    Bottom line is if there’s no improvement with Berube, Holmgren needs to be next. I’m not sure Hextall is the guy, but something will have to be done.

  8. Having watched Laviolette in Philly and elsewhere, it’s clear that his success derives from buy-in to his attacking system and motivational talents. The former only works with the right makeup of players on the roster, and the latter loses its effectiveness over time (see Tortorella, John) regardless of who’s on the receiving end.

    The real weakness in Laviolette’s coaching is that he never adapts his system to circumstances. It’s always attack, attack, attack. “A good offense is the best defense” doesn’t apply 100% of the time, and consequently Laviolette’s teams are lousy at defense.

  9. My comment never made it so here’s the abbreviated version:

    2013 Short Season:
    PP% – 3rd overall
    PK% – 5th overall
    5on5 Goals For/Goals Against Ratio – 0.86 (25th overall)

    Relied on special teams too much and didn’t do anything noteworthy on regular strength. That speaks about the forecheck systems that Lavy uses. 29 teams adjusted to this system and he didn’t make his adjustments.

  10. I think Holmgren is out of time himself, as well. To sit there and say it wasn’t fair to judge the coach on last year because he didn’t have a proper training camp and now give a guy the job who won’t have until next fall to have a training camp himself is mind-boggling beyond belief. 3 games is a massive over-reaction. If you thought it was appropriate to give Laviolette a camp and another chance, you don’t pull the rug out from underneath of him after only 3 games. If you knew you weren’t happy before like you suggested, the move should have been made this summer. Holmgren just doesn’t look like he has a clue what he’s doing from one day to the next and Snider is a fool for not axing Holmgren the minute he said he wanted a new coach 3 games into an 82 game season.

  11. I agree with Brayden. Holmgren was a good player, but a terrible GM. The only reason he’s still here is because Snyder has so many fond memories and misplaced hopes from the old days…and Holmgren, unfortunately, is one of them….