Flyers Re-sign MacDonald.

The Philadelphia Flyers announced the re-signing of defenseman Andrew MacDonald to a six-year, $30 million contract. MacDonald was eligible for UFA status in July.

Andrew MacDonald signs a six-year extension with the Flyers.

Andrew MacDonald signs a six-year extension with the Flyers.

 SPECTOR’S NOTE: That’s keeping in line with what MacDonald was seeking from the NY Islanders prior to his being dealt to the Flyers before the trade deadline. It’s a significant raise over the $550K  per season he was making on his current contract.

As NBC Sports’ Mike Halford observed, the 27-year-old MacDonald’s been a solid addition to the Flyers defense corps. “He has four points in 19 games while averaging over 22 minutes a night, blocking 44 shots over the 19 games while dishing out 21 hits”, reports Halford.

Looks like the Flyers have given up on the impossible dream of acquiring Nashville’s Shea Weber and instead are looking toward more sensible options. If MacDonald continues playing that well over the course of his deal, it’ll be a worthwhile contract for the Flyers.


  1. Terrible contract! What is there no middle ground between 500k and 5mil? Besides homer or slats who else would do this? Good luck philly you’re gonna need it.

  2. Well this makes me feel better about theLeafs cap situation…lol Gotta disagre Lyle this contract is not good.

    • I don’t know..seems too long and too high for a 19 game sample.

      The guy was going to be paid…I would consider him a top 4 guy…he fit well with Schenn and let Luke do what he does best.

      We’ll have to see where the cap goes to and what top 4 dmen are being paid in 4-5 years to see if this is a good deal. They are already being paid close to that wage in most circumstances, and MacDonald will only be 34 when the contract ends.

      Not overly thrilled right I agree at this point that it is too much.

      • I think the thing that really kind of gets me aboutmthe Flyers and Holmgren is that they have success if you look at the contracts and moves sure they are not Bryzgalov like but there are always kind of headscratching. L Schenn Streit Mason (who has looked pretty decent but could crash at any moment has showed that in the past) Vinny now MacDonald. If I was a bigger fan (I honestly do kinda like the Flyers) Id be really worried when the window closes how are you going to get rid of some of these guys. I’m not trying to be the pot calling the kettle black Im a Leaf fan, and realize we got some doozies too, it just seems like every time Holmgren signs someone its not great, besides maybe 3 or 4 players.

        • Homer likes to write cheques, that’s for sure.

          I dunno what to think..on one hand MacDonald has helped to improve mobility and has paired well with Schenn.

          Timonen is done at the end of the playoffs, so his $6 million is free, We got out from the Breezy contract, thank god.

          As much as Homer can sign them, he seems to be able to get rid of them.

          Schenn I am not worried about. Can’t fret over a trade 2 years ago….he’s a Flyer and that’s what we have to deal with.

          I don’t really like the Striet signing, but he looked better as the year went on, and looked more comfortable picking his spots.

          I don’t like the Hartnell contract either…but he only has another 5 years on it.

          Pronger’s hit goes on LTIR. Coburn is ok for his price, Grossmann has 2 more years..which gives our kids Morin, Ghost and Hagg a chance to get a season in in the AHL.

          Not too bad. Lecavalier is ok…but he is a center, and now we are overloaded with centers.

          The team needs another scoring winger for each of the 2nd and third lines….defense can be solid.

          • Ya Hartnel was another one, but like I said they have some success so I guess Homer goes on doing what Homer does. One thing for sure when (if) it starts to fall apart in the next few years Hextall or whoever takes over is going to have a mess to clean up. Who knows with guys like Simmonds B Schenn Coturier Giroux Laughton who I thought was a great player in Oshawa it may be years down the road.

          • Lol gives some of us Leaf fans hope even with some sketchy contracts can still be a playoff team. Just like if you fire your coach midseason when things are rolling down hill you can make the playoffs aswell but no one wanted to hear that either I suppose.

  3. Meh, another LHS dman to go along with the other 8-10 of them that are either on the roster, or in the system. 5m today seems like too much, but the length of the deal makes it much more manageable in the final 3 years. Overall, not a bad signing, but not a great one either. He was going to get 5 (or more) on the open market, considering there is not much to chose from this summer, coupled with the fact he’s good at his job. With Kimmo presumably retiring after this year, the money works out okay, and they needed to replace him.

  4. I don’t really mind hartnells contract. I think at the beginning it looked like a lot, but for what he brings to the table he is well worth it. He hits, and he scores at a decent clip, and he plays an intimidating style of hockey. Perfect for the playoffs. Only problem thing is his durability due to his style of play. I’d much rather have hartnell then similar contracts such as gagner, erat, umberger, gionta, malone, booth etc. If he was put on the trade block Im sure there would be a ton of teams knocking on their door. He and simmonds play a simliar brand so i guess they don’t really need both of them, but he is by no means a bad contract. Streit is a BAD CONTRACT.

  5. I like the signing of Mcdonald ,but I think they went with to many yrs. i think 3 yrs would of be ok with me. I also think they have to sign Brayden Schenn. I think he is improving. Also has time to grow at only 22. They need to keep the core guys together. Be patient with prospect like Samuel Morin. He is a Pronger type of player. Be patient. They have alot of good prospects. We also have Mark Alt I like. Also Robert Haig that we signed. We cant for get about Shayne G. from Union College. I really think he has alot of upside to his game. Great puck moving defensemen. Think also about Scott Laughton. Trust ME I know my hockey. Looking forward from hearing a response from you.