Flyers Ship Hartnell to Blue Jackets for Umberger.

Various sources reports the Philadelphia Flyers have dealt winger Scott Hartnell to the Columbus Blue Jackets for winger R.J. Umberger and a fourth-round pick in 2015. 

Scott Hartnell dealt to Columbus for R.J. Umberger.

Scott Hartnell dealt to Columbus for R.J. Umberger.

 SPECTOR’S NOTE: Well, nobody saw this one coming. Hartnell had a full no-movement clause and Umberger at 32 was expected to be difficult to trade because of his contract (three years remaining at $4.6 million per) and declining production. Hartnell agreed to waive his clause to go to Columbus while the Flyers must have been on Umberger’s list of preferred trade destinations, as that’s where he began his NHL career.

So what to make of this one? Well, the salaries are almost equal (Hartnell’s cap hit is $4.75 million per season, though his contract is a year longer than Umberger’s) as are their ages (32).  On the face of things, the Blue Jackets get the better of the deal. Hartnell had 57 points this season and when healthy remains an effective two-way winger, while Umberger’s numbers have significantly dropped over the past couple of years.

Perhaps Umberger will be a better fit to move down to the second or third line, as the Flyers could promote Matt Read onto the first line at left wing. Hartnell should provide the Jackets with an additional boost of experience and leadership for their young roster. 


  1. Please let this be a move that leads to a bigger move. Like trading up to get Aaron Ekblad. Otherwise, this move makes no sense at all.

  2. sharp move by CLM. they didn’t move up a lot but they didn’t get set back either, which is what most of us thought would happen when they moved umberger out. getting a push out of the deal is really a win for them.

  3. There is nothing wrong with this deal. Hartnell took too many bad penalties, he had 5 more years left on his contract, he was over paid and the Flyers have Wayne Simmons who is the same type of player Hartnell is except more skilled. Umberger only has 3 years remaining on his contract, he makes slightly less money and the Flyers got a draft pick in return as well. …. There is a chance Umberger gets traded this off season anyway. More teams would have interest in him with only 3 years left on his contract then they would have in Hartnell. …… Either Umberger or Lecavalier will be moved soon too to clear up more cap room.

  4. Great deal for the Jackets, Hartnell fits right in with the CBS culture they are building and makes them an even more competitive team. Columbus is a team that is really starting to put itself on the map in my eyes.

  5. this one is a head scratcher…not really sure how this help the Flyers.

  6. The Jackets won this one. Who would of even thought someone would waive their no trade clause to go to Columbus.

  7. What is the over/under Hartnell is an LA King by trade deadline?

  8. according to Hartnell, the Flyers came to him a few days ago and told him to his career was done as a Flyer. Management claims that Umberger gives them more speed and flexibility because he can play anywhere in the line-up and all 3 FW positions.

    i like Hartnell but his contract was a killer. he had 5 years left. Umberger has 3.

    they signed B Schenn yesterday to a 2-year deal. i like Schenn a lot. rumor is that the Flyers are pushing hard to get the #1 pick from the Panthers. they’re trying to trade Lecavalier. not sure it would be enough but i could see them sending to the Panthers their #17 pick, Vinny, Voracek, and Laughton (1st rounder 2012) for the #1 and then landing Eckblad.

  9. Why would they trade Voracek in a package for Eckblad?

    He’s not Drew Doughty.

    Vinny and Couturier would get it done, then put Umberger
    at 3rd line centre with Raffl and Laughton.

    First line: Schenn-Giroux-Voracek

    Second line: Read – Umberger – Simmonds

    Flyers love Couturier, though, so I doubt he gets moved.

    Vinny will be tough to deal, Flyers will have to take back
    a bad contract or kick in a decent draft pick in any virtually scenario.