Flyers sign Talbot

Various sources reports the  Philadelphia Flyers have signed forward Max Talbot, details to follow…

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Multi-year deal, five years, $9 million, or a cap hit of $1.8 million per season. An affordable move by the Flyers, who’ll bolster their checking lines with his energetic, physical style. Bit of a lengthy deal, but the average salary per season is right.


  1. grrrrrrrrrrr

  2. First Jagr, now this.


    Pens couldn’t afford to keep him at 1.9? wtf

  3. Pens didn’t want to give the 5 years from what I have been hearing. Unless Flyers are gonna put Schenn or JVR in minors looks like they are done. Only about 900k in cap space.