Franson Re-signs with Leafs, Sobotka Awarded One-Year Deal.

The Toronto Maple Leafs have avoided salary arbitration with defenseman Cody Franson, re-signing him to a one-year, $3.3 million contract. An arbiter has awarded Vladimir Sobotka a one-year, $2.7 million contract. 

Cody Franson inks a one-year deal with the Maple Leafs.

Cody Franson inks a one-year deal with the Maple Leafs.

 SPECTOR’S NOTE: It went down to the wire for Franson and the Leafs. It was believed he sought over $4 million per season while the Leafs countered with $2.2 million. They were able to find a suitable midway figure.

Franson will be eligible for UFA status next summer, so this deal gives him an opportunity to prove himself worthy of a more lucrative deal, while giving the Leafs another season to evaluate him.

As for Sobotka, he’ll be playing in the KHL next season so his one-year arbitration award will carry forward to when he returns to the NHL, be it with the Blues or another club. 


  1. In what world does Cody Franson think he is worth over $4million per season? $3.3million is a huger over payment for him and shows the total ineptitude of Leafs management. Can’t see an arbitrator giving him that kind of award for his overall lack of production.

    • Not a huge over-payment, as he do put up decent points. We all know he sucks defensively, but his offensiveness makes up for a lot of his mistakes. Well, as least it isn’t Brooks Orpik money.

      • in cap land, thats hefty, 3.3 mil for what? you need to ask yurself that, think it’s his last year in the scary movie known as “leaf land” cant wait til i can brag about leafs paying over 6 milly for a backup goaltender and cody franson… i think the tanking should start now!

        • 3.3 mill for a guy who is tied for 20th amongst all nhl defensemen over the past 2 years and leagues the league in hits….not too shabby. Personally I dont really care for Franson but give your head a shake if you thinka 1 year deal for just over 3 mill is a bad contract.

    • Agreed – same world that believes Orpik is with 5 years – $27.5M. Why not ask for it?

      • Didnt think you would acutally own up to it but I seem to recall you saying “I wouldnt be surprised if Riemer will get around 4 mill if it was Bernier he would get 4.5…. ” Now as for room, demote Orr, bring up Granberg, 3ish to Gardiner, 3 ish to Riemer = 7 D, 14 Fwds, 2 Goalies and 1.8 mill in room. Besides any other trades, which is still pretty likely before opening season….lots of room.

        • Sorry my above comment was for Leafs24/7 aka Moneyball

          • Get rid of Gardiner – he’s a liability in the Leafs’ defensive zone. The guy is not worth it, get rid of him while he still has value.

  2. Arbitrators always side higher.

    Reimer will get minimum $3M for a year

    • Reimer won’t get $3M, he didn’t prove anything last year, if anything he fell apart. They won’t award Reimer more money than Bernier. The highest Reimer will get, is $2.5M, and that’s pretty good for a backup.

    • Couple weeks ago you were saying Riemer gets 4 why the change in tune? They have 7.7 mill in room lots of space for Gardiner and Riemer. Wouldnt be surprised to see a move or 2 yet. Franson at 3.3 for a year could be a very good trade chip. Arbitrator will usually met somewhere in the middle between player and team, not siding higher.

      • Huh??? Never said $4M I always said $3M. Go back and have a look at my posts because like many of your posts you are wrong as usual.

      • Yes LOTS of cap space with $7.7M left and Reimer ($3M) and Gardiner($2.5M) to sign taking up $5.5M leaving $2.2M for injury ect. BTW that’s with only 6 D men on the cap. Leafs have minimal room just like last year.
        Typical bonehead comment from you as usual…

        • Do the Leafs have any defensemen in their system ready to make the jump to the big club?

          • Granberg, Holzer, Percy, Finn

        • Reimer will be re-signed to a 1 year contract for $2.5M, Gardiner will get a bridge contract, 2 years at $2.5M per. Leaving $2.7M of available cap space. They’ll bring up Granberg for their 7th dman. Unless they can get a UFA dman for cheap, and bring up Granberg next year.

        • Whining about cap room and space or guys getting injured lol…they are 15th with available (7.7 mill) cap space with 2 guys left to sign, compare that to Boston Philly Chicago all over the cap or teams like Pitsburgh Dallas who have a mill less in space with only 18 and 19 guys signed if you look at the League the Leafs are in pretty good shape capwise right now, most of the 15 teams that have more space than them are teams that are always at the floor Arizona Calgary Ottawa Buffalo the Islanders Nashville Winnipeg…. Detroit has a few hundred k in more space but also 21 guys signed. In otherwords the Leafs could be in the top part of the league in available space, not much compared to floor teams but lots of room compared to most others. Who is the bonehead? You post nothing but nonsense.

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  3. reimer 3 million? why? he’s gonna make more than bernier? sigh go leafs go…………… ugh

    • Just what he will get at arbitration IMO. They won’t base it solely on last seasons results and if you want to compare to Bernier then you need to look at Berniers record just prior to signing him to that $2.9M contract. His numbers were very similar to Reimers current numbers except Reimer played a lot more games.

      • There is no way Reimer gets $3M or more. The arbitrator won’t solely base Reimer’s fair dollars amount on last season, but last season will greatly affect the final decision. Reimer will get around $2.5…$2.75M maximum. In 36 games played, he had 12 wins, 16 loses and 1 OT loss. He also had 3.29 GAA and a .911 PCT. Out of 45 goalies who ranked 43rd in GAA. Of Save Percentage, Reimer was ranked 32nd of of 45 goalies. Sure many of those goalies played more games, but they played more games, because they played better than Reimer. You play poor, you don’t get as many starts.