Free Agent Signings and Trades – July 1, 2014.

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  1. Dear Dave Nonis: Brad Richards signed with The Hawks for $2 Million per year…Surely you could have overpaid by a Million $ and signed him to a 2-3 year contract? Dear Dave: You Suck Badly As A GM

    • Dear Joey,

      Maybe Brad Richards didn’t want to come to the Leafs.

      • And who cares if he didnt, he is not the Richards of the past.

    • you are insane if you think brad richards would have signed with the leafs for 2 million, or even 5 million, he wants a chance to win another cup. also playing with the top 6 of the black hawks will inflate his numbers and lead him to a huge payday next year.

  2. Shticky you must be ecstatic. You got your wish from your boy Nonis, a 37 year old D man for $9M over three years and a guy who can’t pass or score and his only skill is he agitates for $3M per season. Then again Richards signed for $2M and from what we hear you could have had LeCavalier for around $2.5M after Philly retains $2M salary. Hmmm, Nonis should hire you to be one of his cheerleaders.

    • If Vinny is such a scoop why are the Flyers willing to eat half the contract, and still cant move him? Richards signed for 2 mill to a team thats won 2 cups in the padt 4 years and made the confrence finals this year….in otherwords a pretty good contender. Go watch money ball again.

      • Enjoy your two new $6M dollar men. They should net you about 6 goals between them. $1M per goal.

        • Am I missing something here, cause I don’t really get your points. If your ripping on the Komarov and Robidas signings, you might want to rethink what your saying. It’s a team game not everyone’s purpose on the ice is score goal ie Orr. Komarov brings a lot of other assets then just scoring. As for Robidas, if you don’t like his game, you probably haven’t seen him much. When he was on Dallas the guy was phenomenal. Everyone’s worried about his leg breaking twice last year, but the leafs medical staff examined him prior to the deal, and they said there not related and shouldn’t be an issue. His contract is only 3years, he’s plus 35 so if he retires there’s that recapture rule, but the leas will get either 2 seasons out of him, or trade him in 2yrs at the trade deadline for low tiered picks.

          • Robidas is phenomenal … pardon me while I clean up my vomit …

        • Ill enjoy Komarov more than I enjoy Vinny who absolutely sucks 5vs5, the goals he did get were second unit pp, whe he is on the ice with good players he drags thr whole lines production down, doesnt matter what line he is slow thru the neutral zone gets hemmed in his own end quite a bit. Do you think its just coincidence that when the Flyers stopped using him in the top 6 they started to play better and actually made the playoffs after that horrible start? If you do I can show you his adv stats that show they were getting out shot and out scored badly like really badly when he was on the ice compared to when he wasnt on the ice when generally they out shot and out scored the other team. So unless you think the Leafs should have picked him up and only used him on the pp for about 8 -10 mins a night and let him sit on the bench for the other 50 mins shut up about Vinny.


    • Shanny is just a media puppet. Just look what has been done so far under his watch. I feel very vindicated since I have been saying Nonis is the wrong man for this job for over a year now. It’s the Maple Laughs for years to come.

  4. I am not defending Nonis, as I think he has yet to prove he has a solid plan, but this free agency is more along the lines of what I wanted to see. I like Komarov, he is a better than average player, is still young, and is signed for an amount that is reasonable (based on 69 million cap, average price per skater is about 3.2 million assuming you use a couple million dollar players as the guys you flesh out the roster). I have also been saying that I like the use of veteran signings on shorter term deals on July 1, as they rarely ever cost the team much, even if they don’t work out. I think deals like Richards, Ehrhoff, Boyle, Robidas, will prove to be the best value.

    I don’t think the Leafs could have had Richards at any price. He has decided to play for a team that could win a cup. That was his only motivation. I am sure he got offer more than double per year what he got.

    Nonis biggest mistakes have been using his buyouts incorrectly (should have used a compliance buyout on Liles last year, and a regular buyout on Komisarek), should have kept Grabovski another year and avoided signing Clarkson, and Carlyle should have been fired. Other than that, I can’t fault him on much. I think Phaneuf is getting too much money, but he wasn’t easily replacable, and has more value in the lineup at 7 million than he has walking away. Bozak was a good re-sign, and I have liked his draft picks (more of a scouting win though).

    I would like to see Nonis get agressive on a couple of select RFA’s, or possibly using that cap space he created to do something creative with teams tighter against the cap like Chicago, Boston, Philly.

    • I agree! Finally someone speaking with some degree of common sense! Everybody thinks they are a GM and EVERYBODY thinks that it is just so easy to sign players and make trades!

      Hey, kids, here is some truth… Not every free agent wants to play in Toronto… GASP! Why? Because our team hasn’t won since a decade before I was born! That’s almost 50 years!

      I don’t think they need to change much drastically. They are close to being a PLAYOFF CONTENDER… They don’t need big names. They have those. They need to better insulate their support.

      So signings like Komorov and Frattin are good. The changes on D… I would like to see another top pair Dman… and no… We aren’t going to be able to trade Orr for Weber or whatever most Leaf Fans think is reasonable, but I think That getting another top pairing dman is key. Gorges not coming is a sign that we suck. If we don’t admit it, we are fooling ourselves as fans.

      Reimer to Winnipeg would be acceptable if they could work Big Buff or Boggy into it somehow. Both will be hard to pull though. Buff would be a solid add for the D plus if you need a spark up front, he can slide in like that. Remember Good ol Wade Belak… Who was better than he was ever given credit.

      The thing here is Leaf Fan…. patience. They will get the support in the coaching staff to help Caryle. They will fill out the bottom half of the lineup.

      Maybe this year, they can start strong and sustain. Every year they come out hot. They always fade towards the end. It isn’t anything other than trying to figure out how to sustain it for the entire season.

      These people are paid to make the decisions. You are not. There is a reason for that. They know what they are doing. Chill out and just watch and see what happens. It isn’t the end of the world if we do not do the biggest thing. Also change can be bad as well sometimes so lets just let things run it’s course.

  5. Dear Dave Nonis: U suck As A GM. you trade back for a hack, U free agent sign a stiff with a double broken legs for 3 years to boot. You bring back Leo, albeit, an enigmatic player for 3x his previous salary; you let a bunch of players go and yet you still think you have done well…You’re an idiot…Come October when you have no choice but to fire Randy, and you will, and all of your signings are not working out, I”m hoping somebody with balls sends your sorry backside to the curb.

    • You and people like you are the very reason leaf fans get a bad rap.. Who wasmoutmthere that the leafs could have gotten that would have drastically improved them?.. No one.. At least no one that would come to a non contender… You know how everyone praises teams like la and Detroit for there depth and talent how do they get there from drafting and letting there young guys develop … How do you do that .. By bringing in guys like robidas to help and take pressure off the young d… I just don’t get why leaf fans say they want to build properly but then come July 1st, the first day a team is able to sign a player, and they don’t get the guy or guys they want they freak out… You can’t go from missing the okay offs to cup contender in one day..

      • Good post Aki. Agreed. Nice to not be guys sevond income or over pay for leadership. Up intill this year Robidas played top pairing minutes, yes he is 37 but moves pretty well its not like he is Franson Ranger Gleason Orpik Fraser or some others who are younger and far less mobile a short 3 year deal for a guy who will probably play in the top 4 is quite a bit of an improvement over Gleason who was paid over 4 to be a 6th or 7th D. Komarov I dont like the term at all but realistically if he can put up 10-12 goals and draw penalties and be physical it may (mayb) be a steal down the road.
        Funny the peanut gallery who think guys like Vinny and Richards are the missing piece and clamoring for older buy out type players from other teams that obviously they were not the difference with them. Newsflash the Leafs were a bad team that finnished 8 from the bottom it was a good start to let the UFAs walk and start looking at some younger players and work on the D without being Washington and Florida by throwing money around. It wasnt a bad day, least thats a start. Pretty good draft didnt do anything overly dumb on ufa day. Honestly starting to wonder if Nonis is on a little tighter leash.

      • Pull your lip over your head Aki..I remember very well how much Aki was a useless stiff on the Leafs which seems to go hand and hand with your comment. Its all good though. The Leafs still suck today..and Harold Ballard will always ensure it does

        • Joey you are 100 percent bang on.

          Shticky you are without a doubt the dumbest post on this site. Komorov $3M X 4 years and you hope he is going to get you 12 goals. Your posts aren’t worth reading but they do make me laugh especially watching you flip flop on a weekly basis.

          • Want to compare how much some other 3rd and fourth liners got? Dom Moore 33 year old 600 nhl gsmes 70 goals 3 mill, Shawn Thornton 36 year old 4th liner 2.5 Tanner Glass got almost 2 mill for petes sake he is the worst posession player in the league….. 2.9 for Komarov is about right, again the term could be a little long but he hits hard draws penalties and if he can manage to put up 10-12 gosls its a steal. Funny all the butt hurt people complaining that the Leafs didnt sign anyone are the same people who complain about their contracts when they do.

          • In all fairness Moore got 1.5 per for 2 years,Not 3 per and Glass 1.45 for 3 years.

          • even still it works out to be a little more than a mill more per year for a guy who is relatively young Komarov is 26 who can play pk very well draws tonnes of penalties, plays wing or center on the third line. If he puts up 20 25 points its not terrible, and the peanut gallery is acting like the Leafs signed Leino. Its 2.9 mill or a 100 k more than Kulimen made to play the exact same role.

          • I agree, I don’t think this is the worst deal. It wasn’t even close to the worst deal made yesterday alone…LMAO

          • stfu – komorav is a freaking great signing
            he is our entertainment on a not so entertainng team
            just so you leaf bashers can understand: its kinda like how your hand entertains you, when you cant get laid in your parents basement

            Robidas is questionable, i understand experience..but I see him as a 7th Dman. I was hoping Willie Mitchell instead – Dummies

        • You didn’t answer any of my questions.. Which players would of made you happy? I would like to know what someone with “balls” would have done.

          • Aki
            I already stated which players I would have targeted for what price and term. What are you not getting?

            Komarov was worth about $1.2M same as D’Amigo. Jerry was every bit as good and driven.
            Prediction: Leafs won’t make the playoffs. Zero chance

          • Which is fine because the had about 0 % chance of making it with the guys (you suggest trading for or signing)who walked or got traded away, they should have more cap room younger players will play and hope fully get a better pick than 8th overall if they miss them, next trade Lupul and get rid of Franson. Vinny or the UFAs avsilable were not going to carry this team to the promised land. Id rather take my chances with a younger team that wont have cap issues going down the road trying to make the playoffs than have a team that finnishes 9th or 10th in a weak confrence that went over the cap. D’amigo was traded for Frattin you really think a trade of fringe nhl guys that are both rfa is a huge issue? Fratin signed for 800k D’Amigo made 810k and would require a raise. How much difference is that? You whine and mosn about everything no matter what they do…they spend too much, so they dont spend then you whine and moan about that. Again stero typical have no clue Leaf fan who only watches leaf hockey games. Did you watch a playoff gsmr tjis year or just rewatch Moneyball over and over again to up your game for free agent frenzy?

          • You weren’t the one that I was talking to.. That would be why
            “I am not getting it”.. As for komarov and d’amigo comparison it is fair and I’m not 100% for the 2.95 for 4 years but it’s not a 5 mill at 7 years which is more along the lines of why it was a positive day.. The leafs were going to is the playoffs well before July 1st no matter which player they signed.. There were no top players that would have come here that we’re available I don’t know what more you want.. The leafs changes this year will be from trades not July 1st

  6. the leafs did not improve themselves today, they got worse…. the habs are a much improved team and will win the division next year

    • Leafs did a few things right today: let Bolland and Raymond go and brought in Komarov and Robidas. I don’t like the cost of Komarov, but Robidas is a smart signing. It takes the pressure off of Riley and Gardiner; and lets Finn, Granburg, and Percy develop a couple more years.
      Sad to see Gunnar go but Polak will bring some grit Gunnar was missing.
      Both Nonis and Carlye are on thin ice this year. Make no mistake Shanny was brought in for a reason and it wasn’t to watch these two guys flounder.
      I still think the buds want Babcock next year and with Shanny at the helm don’t be surprised.

  7. Thanks for not posting my previous comment..Wouldn’t want Nonis the no do 2 be offended

  8. I don’t recall the Stanley Cup ever being won or lost through the decisions a team made in the first days of free agency. There are reasons why most of these players are available. Did LA make any major moves in free agent signings last year? How about Chicago the year before that? “Free agent frenzy” is nothing more than a means to fill a hole or augment what you already have. Championship teams are built through astute drafting and development of players, in combination with the occassional smart and timely trade.

  9. A lot of horrible signings today Orpik at over 5 Stastny at 7 and so on and so on. The teams that are well run are not grasping at straws on July 1st. Chicago L.A. Boston Detroit all know what today brings. Over paid and over term contracts.

    • I really like Stastny in St. Louis, great term, 7 mill is going to be the going rate for a 25-30 goal center who is a 1 c on as many teams as he is not.

      • Until six months from now when you flip flop and start saying how dumb St.L was for paying him so much.

  10. I am happy with today’s results. Florida, Buffalo, Vancouver, Calgary, and to a lesser extent, Edmonton, all became better teams today. I hope the return of Taveres boosts the Islanders performance as well. Here’s hoping the leafs are a major player in the McDavid sweepstakes next year.

    • Did they become better teams yesterday? Miller in Vancouver looks identical to Lou in Vancouver. Florida went on this kind of spending spree 2-3 years ago. Ultimately had zero results. Their best signing was Bolland, yet at the same time their worst signing because of the $$$ and terms. + Mitchell, a couple of back up goalies, Jokinen, Shawn Thornton (4th liner) ? Edmonton Fayne signing was solid, Pouliot 5 years at 4 per….for a 3rd liner? And I’m not so sure Pouliot will be a solid 3rd liner in Edmonton… Buffalo, Moulson…..wasn’t he just there? Gionta, small aging forward and Gorges plays 3-4 d-man minutes and will be good for the younger d-guys. But not going to make a huge difference.

      Teams I think got better yesterday/ over the last week. Dallas, Tampa

      • I agree with Tampa and Dallas Id add St.Louis to that. I think a smart GM right now should be trying to convince Sakic that he has a fringe top 4 d man to trade for a first round pick becsuse that could be a train wreck waiting to happen, Parenteau and Stastny gone replaced by Iginla Brad Stuart and Danny Briere? A good young team with speed and bad defensively got slower older and worse defensively. They better hope that Varlamov stands on his head again.

  11. the worst signing is phaneuf at 7 x 7. i dont care if it happened mid season. there is no way dion ever plays beyond 7 mill. and ofcourse he played himself well away from that number. he is often out of position, takes forever to think. is scared to battle infront of the net, goes out of his way to lay a ill timed hit, or take a bad penalty. i honestly cannot think of a thing he does well. 7 mill for 7 years should have gotten nonis fired. i would rather phaneuf walk, and w.e happens happens, then have him at that number and term. why do people not want to play in toronto, dion phaneuf, and poor management, david clarkson and dion phaneuf make 12.2 million dollars thats almost 1/5 the cap. how can a team contend when they put that much faith in a 3rd liner and a career pylon.

  12. I thought the Leafs did well for not going Clarkson on another contract. I also respect Josh Georges for not going to the Leafs. Buffalo has a good leader for their young players. Chicago may need to dump salary again.

  13. I don’t get all the Leafs fan bashing the UFA moves or lack thereof. From a cap position, the Leafs were not going to go out an be able to do much this year, very similar situation in NY. Both had only 11 players under contract and limited cap space. As much as I would have liked to see NY go out and grab Stastny, Fayne, retain Stralman, Pouliot, and Boyle, I went in knowing that without some serious movement of salary none of that was going to happen.

  14. Hey Leaf fans, Shticky and Aki are right and pragmatic. The Leafs didn’t start the rebuild early enough and tried for the quick fix. It is through drafting and developing NOT the Burke plan. (he seems to have learned that as well) Or if you can find the right trade that helps both teams, but you need quantity and quality assets, which you get through the draft. Every team that has been a real contender for the last 5 years did very little yesterday, or just filled in a hole like Chicago. Look at what the Ducks, Kings, Bruins, Hawks did. nothing or just tweeked. Because they have good assets and depth.
    Edmonton had the core assets and are adding pieces to support them, the Leafs do not.
    They need to finish in the bottom and draft quality for a couple more years. This core won’t win them anything, move them for picks so when you’re new core is ready, you have the cap space to add the pieces you need.
    What Burke should have started to do 4 years ago. Things might be looking better for the Leafs today if he had. Start over and have patience.

    • Edmonton is over paying b rated players. At best they’ll be a bubble team this year, definitely not a contender right now. Also, I don’t know if you’ve looked at the players contracts on the team. None of their top prospects are saving this team any cap space.

      • Mark Fayne was one of the most underrated UFAs in this year’s group. He uses his size and is a good possession player. Great pick up and great term for the Oilers.

        • Very good pick up, agreed Liddy. Out of all the UFAs this is the only guy that I am a little (very little) disappointed about not getting.

  15. Hmm..

    The Sens need a center still. I wonder if they take a chance on Ribeiro (cheeky, very cheeky)

    And does Volchenkov have anything left in the tank? Be nice to have the A-Train back.