Friday Evening NHL Rumor Update – February 17, 2012.

The latest on Rick Nash, Patrick Kane, Jack Johnson, Mikhail Grabovski, Nikolai Khabibulin, plus updates on the Flyers, Bruins and more.

TSN.CA: Darren Dreger, responding to readers e-mails, reports Chicago Blackhawks forward Patrick Kane has never been mentioned as a trade option, except by what he charitably called “the odd creative blog, tweet or online chat”…He doesn’t believe the Columbus Blue Jackets are 100 percent locked on getting a goalie as part of the return for Rick Nash…If the St. Louis Blues decide to move a goalie by the deadline, it’ll be minor league Ben Bishop…It’s hard to imagine the Toronto Maple Leafs trading Mikhail Grabovski unless he’s part of a bigger deal…Dreger “tweeted” yesterday the Maple Leafs had an offer for Grabovski of a second round pick and a prospect, but the Maple Leafs could get more, plus they’re still hoping to re-sign him.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Dreger’s right about no player really being an untouchable, but the rumor of Kane being shipped to Buffalo for Ryan Miller originated from Fantasy Island…The Blue Jackets will ultimately move Nash for the best they can get, with or without a goalie. It would be preferable if they could get a promising young starting goalie, but it probably won’t be a deal breaker if they can’t…Elliott and Halak are the Blues tandem for the rest of this season…The only way I think it makes sense to move Grabovski is if you’re getting a center of equal or potentially greater value in return. That lowball offer for Grabovski could be coming from a playoff contender which isn’t concerned about his contract status. I can’t see a non-playoff club like Columbus making that pitch with Grabovski not under contract.

PHILLY.COM: Sam Carchidi doesn’t expect the Flyers to make a blockbuster deal at the trade deadline.

NBC SPORTS PRO HOCKEY TALK: Mike Halford reported’s Pierre LeBrun claimed some league executives informed him LA Kings defenseman Jack Johnson was ” in play but only for the type of deal that hands the Kings the top-line forward they’ve been craving.” Johnson lacks a no-trade clause in his contract.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Little wonder the Kings are being linked to Rick Nash in the rumor mill. Still, if the deal were that simple, surely it would’ve been done by now. Stay tuned…

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jonathan Willis makes the case for the Oilers to shop goalie Nikolai Khabibulin if there’s reasonable interest in him.

CSNNE.COM: The Boston Bruins have extended contract offers to pending UFA center Chris Kelly, right-winger Shawn Thornton, center Gregory Campbell, and left-winger Daniel Paille.


  1. I would not sign Paille or Campbell until after playoffs and if they perform. If some other team pays big bucks for them then who cares. Thats why you have a farm system and the young guys need to play. I would sign Thornton for two more years as he is there energy guy. Chris Kelly I would sign but at a fair price for both.

  2. Rick Nash will be a Flyer soon.

    Grabovski is into money. Leafs will pay. What an overated player.

    Did you see Gill traded for a 2nd round draft pick? People laughed at me when I said that. Moen may be shopped for 2 2nd round! Or for Jason Demers and a 2nd round draft in 2013.

  3. Chris Kelly would be a definite signing based on his contribution in both points, +/-, and his two-way play. I have to disagree with you Obe1… as I would sign Daniel Paille to a 3 contract. Paille is 27, was taken originally in the first round, and has produced an average of 15 points a year, with a positive +/-. He’s a great energy player, and provides the Bruins with a solid 4th or even 3rd line winger. Shawn Thorton and Gregory Campbell have contributed quite a bit to the Bruins, in terms of energy and 4th line expectations, however, I feel the Boston Bruins can obtain better depth in these positions easily with just a promotion from our AHL affiliate.

    I’d also like to tackle the Tim Thomas rumors circulating around… his controversy with opinions have created quite the stir among sports news websites/television, although this should not affect the view of the player, and where he currently stands on the team. I do feel though that the Boston Bruins should visit the idea of a potential trade of Tim Thomas after this year is up, regardless of how he performs in the later. Tuukka Rask is the future goaltender of the Boston Bruins and should begin to fill that position. We’ve seen this year that the Bruins feel this way too, as it’s evident through the number of starts, and chances they’ve given him.

    Let’s plan for the coming years, the Boston Bruins have an opportunity to create a stellar team.

  4. Dave hodge of TSN believes the Canucks may offer up Tanev Hodgson Schneider and a first rounder for Nash. Do you think this could happen lyle?

  5. Tourbear you must be a Philly fan Nash is Norway going to flyers and you want to talk overrated and overpaid look at the flyers awsome goalie deal, that was a joke (Bryz)

  6. Tourbear not gonna happen. Philly isn’t on Nash’s list of teams that he would accept a trade to.

  7. Leafs fans are hilarious. If Kadri is so good, and Colborne is gonna be a stud, then why do you offer them up in every fantasy trade offer you have? Weren’t you supposed to be getting Getzlaf, Perry, Bobby Ryan, Parise, Eric Staal and Stasny in deals earlier this season? Why didn’t you get any of them with your super prospects? Why not trade Kadri straight up for LaFontaine while you’re at it?

    And to whoever suggested Reimer is a better goalie than Bernier needs to be the head scout for every NHL team. Apparently every other GM and scout in the league is wrong and you are right and you are a genius hockey mastermind just waiting to be discovered in your cubicle.

    Nash wants to play in Toronto because he is from the area and in his heart wants to help the Leafs out? Lol comedy at it’s finest. Someone must have tricked him into signing those extensions in Columbus then.

    Keep dreaming. Maybe you’ll get a first line center like Connolly in the summer. Oh wait….

  8. @ Alex,

    i cannot see that deal happening, mainly because of Luongo’s meltdown history. They need to have the security of Schneider as a go to guy, if Roberto goes AWOL. Vigneualt alone deserves to lose Hodgson as he has treated him like dirt, but back to the question at hand. The package of players that Dave Hodge suggests takes very little money off the payroll, and certainly not nearly enough to cover Nash type money.

  9. Habs need big forwards. Forget about Carter, because Geoff Molson would rather drown in a vat of Export before taking on that insane contract. But, two young francophones in junior can be had. First, trade Brendan Gallagher to Vancouver for Alexandre Grenier and the Nucks second round pick in 2012. That will give them 4 second round picks in 2012. Then, trade a combination of those picks, this year’s first rounder, Thomas Plekanec, Yanick Weber, Lars Eller and Michael Bournival for Jonathan Huberdeau from the Panthers. Panthers need Pleks if they expect to a make a push for the playoffs this year, while stocking up on some young guys for the future. Habs fans can drool over watching Grenier and Huberdeau next year as part of a much beefier lineup.

  10. B’s should re-sign Kelly and Thornton for sure if the cap hit is right
    Paille and Campbell are solid 4th line players but expendable if they ask for too much, Caron needs to start playing more
    I could really see Jordan Tootoo signing with the B’s next summer, they would love him in Boston
    &the one guy I could see moving out of Boston after this season is Krejci. Seguin would back to playing center

  11. @DomKing, I can tell you’re still hung up on the Mtl and small forwards issue from a couple yrs back. A couple of things to consider . I really doubt Huberdeau is going anywhere he is definately a player to build around, these types of players are keepers, Florida would be nutz to trade him. Even if he was traded to the Habs a young Francophone would have so much pressure on his shoulders t would be be hard for him.The Habs have improved their size on the wing now with Cole , Pacioretty, Bourque ( Moen if he stays) a bit more would not hurt but IMO the Habs primary need to address is getting better on the backend. Markov is damaged goods, he may play again but not at the same level when he was healthy and younger, Subban is good but has too much on his plate he’s still a kid. Gorges is a good stay at home d-man but the what the Habs need a veteran stud d-man , someone who can log lots of minutes , mentor Subban and the other young players.
    N.Beaulieu may help in the future but not for a couple of years. To be honest I know nothing about Grenier his numbers are ok in Jr . Gallagher has shown he’s got game, sure he is small but so is Desharnais. Being small is ok if you have speed and spunk , I would not give up on Gallagher just yet.

  12. you gotta really laugh at some of the idiot posters on here,especially the leaf haters..if toronto offers “crap” players in a trade they are ridiculed for it,and told they have to offer quality to get quality,so they offer young prospects like schenn,kadri or colbourne and what happens?? they get idiot comments like “if kadri and schenn and colbourne are so good,why do the leafs fans keep offering them for trades” haters just gotta hate and leafs fans cant ever win

  13. @fergy22 (btw, I just figured out who that handle refers to) Habs have definitely gone in the right direction with their current additions, but all their upcoming forwards are small, and small just won’t cut it anymore in the NHL, especially in the playoffs. They can have Desharnais and Gionta in their lineup as small guys because they go to the heavy traffic, but that’s it. If they hope to compete with the Bruins and Flyers all their other guys have to be beasts. The Rangers will soon find out just how important that is when Gaborik disappears in the upcoming playoffs. Habs defence is set with a good mix of veterans, rookies and top juniors. Up front, however, is woefully weak after the first 5 or 6 guys, with nobody in the minors nor in junior. Yet, after the Gill trade I am optimistic that Gauthier/Gainey will do a very good job.

  14. Please school me on this. Miller for Kane is a ridiculous deal….why?

  15. haters just hate? I think the point was very well made, if these players were so valuable for the leafs, why haven’t they cracked the roster, Khadri especially? If you are going to refer to delusion, I think it might be the fact that many leafs fans think other GM’s are delusional and will fall for that idiocy.

    As far as Campbell and Paille, to me it depends on term and numbers. They proved in the playoffs last year that one advantage the Bruins had was a solid 4th line that could play against anyone.

    And lastly, reality check for both leaf and habs fans. When was the last time any player signed with either team or asked to be traded to either team strictly because they were “hometown” boys. It’s been a few years and in fact the last few Ontario and Quebec boys up for free agency seemed to avoid their hometowns like they had the plague. I think recent history has proven that this is more an issue with the fans than the players.

  16. I don’t want to see Nash in Philly. The Flyers already have the best offense in the league and they may also have a Rick Nash type in JVR.

    I believe Doug MaClane started the Kane for Miller rumours….Or some other Toronto radio guy.

  17. Spec, do you really think Nash will go by the trade deadline? I see a far better return available for Howson in the off season.