Friday Evening NHL Rumor Update – February 24, 2012.

All the latest on Dustin Brown, Dennis Wideman and Roman Hamrlik . Enjoy!

TSN’s Bob McKenzie reported earlier today via Twitter “BOS, BUF, EDM, NJD, NYR, PHI, TOR, VAN are amongst teams with high levels of interest” in LA Kings captain Dustin Brown.

TORONTO SUN: Mike Zeisberger speculated upon the Maple Leafs’ interests in Brown.

NEW YORK DAILY NEWS: Pat Leonard picked up on McKenzie’s report of the Rangers being among the clubs interested in Brown’s services.


CBC’s Elliotte Friedman subsequently “tweeted” Kings GM Dean Lombardi was telling people Brown was not available, which prompted a reply from McKenzie that, if the Kings were no longer considering moving Brown, they had been prior to that. Both agreed what happened is the Kings may have talked to a small number of teams about Brown, and things quickly snowballed.

TORONTO SUN: Mike Zeisberger noted Brown may be off the market, and wondered which players the Maple Leafs might target by the deadline.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: McKenzie this evening reported there’s a sense the Kings might still move Brown for the right price. We’ll find out by Monday if they’ll get that price. For now, it seems he’s off the market, unless they get an offer they really like.

NEW YORK POST’s Larry Brooks ‘tweeted‘ the Rangers might have interest in Capitals defenseman Dennis Wideman but he’s not available at the moment. Brooks believes the Capitals will trade disgruntled defenseman Roman Hamrlik.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I get the sense the Capitals will be making a move soon. The outcome of tonight’s game against Montreal could determine what they do and who gets moved.


  1. I think at the very least, he’s stripped of his captaincy. I also think moving him is hasty. I’d be annoyed at teams waiting until 3 days before the deadline because you’d like to “try” new players rather than make three deals at once.

    Hamrlik obviously isn’t a fit there… as for Wideman, I’m uncomfortable with his defensive coverage. But who are the Caps going to replace those guys with?

  2. “the right price” would have to be malkin or stamkos or something lombardi absolutely couldn’t pass up.

    i’m sure brown might have been mentioned to a couple of teams as lombardi shopped for a 30-40 goal man but there’s a big difference between making him available for the perfect deal and actively shopping him.

    with a solid sniper (hopefully) now on the team, the kings having had a good kick in the pants and being called to task for not living up to their ability, i’m quite certain that brown isn’t going anywhere. i doubt, barring injuries, the kings make any other moves prior to the deadline either, not even tinkering -unless penner is dumped off on someone desperate to take him.

  3. i think the leafs and rangers are involved in every rumor. in 2013 it’ll be perry and getzlaf and staal all rumored to the leafs or rangers lol

  4. hemsky 2 year deal for $10 million. wow he robbed the oilers!

  5. No kidding he robbed them. I’d have a hard time giving Hemsky 3 million.

    NJ’s about to screw their roster and add Zidlicky. Unless Tallinder’s going the other way, I’m extremely disappointed in the deal.

  6. I guess Edmonton could not get anything of value for Hemsky. If a 40 point player signs for 5 Mil (Hemsky and Ruutu) Grabovski has got to be thinking 6 to 6.5 right about now. This deals might have just spelled out his exit for Toronto.

  7. Pierre Lebrun stated that Edmonton has offered Khabibulin to leafs and they are considering it. Not sure for what in return though. Also stated they would really consider it if someone offered a 1st for Grabovski. I would assume he could get that and a mid level prospect easily for him. Remember what they got for Versteeg last year?

  8. I don’t mind the term or money for Hemsky… He would’ve fetched it in another market I’m sure. (See Ruutu)
    There’s little doubt that he has a great skill set; speed and mobility with the puck and good smarts, the downside is he’s a complete band-aid and extremely soft. -With the abundance of young talent in Edmonton the 5 million would’ve been best suited to other areas of their lineup.

    Who knows this could turn around great for the Oil if Hemsky has a bounce back year and actually has trade value? I still think on the right team Hemsky could be quite the player.

  9. Devils got Zidlicky in a horrible horrible trade…

    Foster, Palmieri, Veilleux and a 2nd rounder and another conditional pick… horrible. I would have given those players, but a 2nd round pick? Zidlicky wasn’t even fricken worth the second round pick itself!

  10. MJR – Totally agree

  11. anyone else giggle when they hear the name zidlicky lol

  12. I giggle that the Devils got fleeced that badly by the Wild in this trade. Zidlicky is awful!

  13. As a canuck fan I look at 5 million as Ryan Kesler money .. Hemsky has not been good in 5 or 6 years .. That is the worst signing I might have ever seen .. These small market teams get all worried they are going to loose a player and over sign . Is Horcoffs deal not bad enough , I thought Tambolini was a little smarter

  14. Jersey had to give back $$$$ to make the deal. Remember the league is lending them money to run their operations, and they have given Lou an internal budget to work with. That money is 2 extra marginal players

  15. First the NJD deal for Zidlicky is crazy, I think Lou has lost his touch for drafting good young players and playing the Neutral Zone Trap. Wild pick up 3 players that they know and can use in their system.

    Hemsky’s deal is absolutely insane in the membrane and I think that the philosphy has to change in EDM, where Offence is not everything. You need good quality D-men.

    Ottawa should go after Brown like to see a team go against Neil, ZK28 and Brown

  16. thanks edmonton for jacking up the price’s because if Hemsky is worth $5mil.GRABOVSKI would want $6mil and good luck with that Dustin Brown for grobovski because his agent will look at the Hemsky deal and have a big frigging smile on his face this deal has handcuffed Brian Burke there is no way he will more then what Hemsky got and also look at there players numbers the groboski blew hemsky away so good by GROBOSKI will will miss you. leaf fan

  17. NJs drafting is just fine. Parise was at 17th, Zajac was like 20 something, Josefson was at 20 something and these guys are all going to be playing NHL hockey for a long time. Did I mention Henrique is a 3rd rounder? I’d hardly say they lost their touch… I think where he’s lost his touch is how much he underestimates them.

    Last year, he was playing his acquisitions and they were sucking and then when they call up guys like Fayne, Josefson, Tedenby, Palmieri to fill in the holes, they go like 22-3-2. That isn’t bad drafting if you ask me; that’s having no faith in your drafting.

  18. Zidlicky price must of been due to other teams competing for him… I agree with MJR 2nd round pick should of been enough

  19. @andy exactly

  20. If Burke dIdnt hate Edmonton before he does now

  21. The Hemsky deal is an overpay based on production and availability, but looking at the Oiler’s cap, it won’t kill them. A two year deal doesn’t prevent them from re-signing Hall and Eberle in 2013.

    Now, it does screw everyone else in the NHL, but did the Ruutu deal influence the Hemsky deal? As in – if Ruutu is worth 4.75, then Hemsky has to be worth at least 5?

    Sometimes it is better to lose a player too soon than too late, and Hemsky has been injured and awful for the past several seasons. I don’t know why the Oilers would want to keep him for a market deal when I don’t see that he is worth it.

  22. RE: Zidlicky – I also agree that the inclusion of the draft pick makes it an overpay from NJ.

  23. Lou is banking on Zidlicki’s connection with Elias (they’ve known each other since age 14) and Sykora to translate into success. Looking at what they gave up, in Foster they lost a marginal d-man who did help out their PP, in Palmieri a guy who wasn’t playing and constantly in DoBoerr’s doghouse, Vermieux a guy who never played, and a 2nd rounder that may pan out, and may not. The $4 mil Zidlicki makes is no biggie because he’s under contract one more year…but if he gives you nothing more than Foster alone did, then it’s a bad deal. But for me, on paper and considering what Minnesota is as far as an NHL team, I don’t think we’ve seen the upside of what Zidlicki can do.

  24. I think the Devils had to include the 2nd round pick so that the Wild would take back the extra salary in Foster & Veilleux. If the Devils weren’t on a budget they could’ve absorbed all of Zidlicky’s salary.