Gomez & Redden Could Get Early Buyouts.

The NHL & NHLPA have reached an agreement which could allow Scott Gomez & Wade Redden to be bought out prior to January 19.

Gomez & Redden could get early buyouts.

Gomez & Redden could get early buyouts.

NBC SPORTS PRO HOCKEY TALK: The NHL & NHLPA have reached an agreement on an “accelerated compliance buyout”, which would allow teams to buy out players now who would’ve otherwise received compliance buyouts this summer. This would mean teams would take on the full cap hit for those players for this season, but not for the remaining seasons of their contracts, allowing those players to become unrestricted free agents right away.

This could be good news for players like Scott Gomez of the Montreal Canadiens and Wade Redden of the NY Rangers, who were told by their clubs this week not to report to their respective training camps and faced missing the entire season awaiting a compliance buyout.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Before this compromise was reached by the league and PA, the Rangers and Canadiens didn’t want to risk Redden or Gomez suffering a season-ending injury which would’ve made them ineligible for a buyout this summer. Their salaries would’ve counted against their teams’ cap this season regardless if they played or not, but it would’ve been unfair to force those players to the sidelines solely for salary cap purposes. If, as expected, the Rangers and Habs use this option, it counts as one of the two compliance buyouts each team is allowed under the new CBA. 


  1. Both franchises better do this for these guys. It does not benefit them much at all but will help both Gomez and Redden move on.

  2. Wow, a sensible solution reached quickly. Too bad the two sides didn’t negotiate this way for the whole CBA.

  3. Somebody made a mistake – the NHL did the right thing. Priceless.

    • very good