Hockey Blog Beat – December 19, 2011.

Should the NY Rangers trade for a defenseman?…Should the Wild trade Josh Harding? …Could a resurgence be coming for the Sharks blueline?…The Stars search for consistency…The career of former Blues goalie Ed Staniowski…Looking back on Mark Messier’s impact upon the 1997-98 Canucks…Why players wear numbers on their helmets…Panthers prospect goalie Jacob Markstrom’s busts a move.

BLUESHIRT BANTER: Why the NY Rangers won’t be making a trade for a veteran defenseman. Spoiler alert! Because they don’t need one.

Harding could net the Wild a solid return.

JACQUES LEMAIRE’S TRAP: Why the Minnesota Wild should trade goalie Josh Harding.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I agree Harding could net the Wild a solid return of either a good prospect forward or defenseman, but I disagree with the suggestion he could be used to pry Jared Cowen out of the Senators. No way in hell that happens. Remember, the Senators also have a top goalie prospect in Robin Lehner in their farm system.

FEAR THE FIN: Why the Sharks blueline could be producing offensively in the near future.

DEFENDING BIG D: The Dallas Stars seek more consistency and better play within their division.

THE STRANGEST ONE OF ALL: It’s Absurd Goalie Monday with Scotty Wazz, this week examining the career of former Blues goalie Ed Staniowski, who, following his playing career, became an officer in the Canadian Forces Primary Reserve following his playing days, serving on several overseas deployments.

CANUCKS ARMY: A look back at why the 1997-98 Vancouver Canucks, led by Mark Messier, went on to become such a lousy team.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Last week it was reported Messier and the Canucks were headed to arbitration over money Messier believes the Canucks still owe him. Given how piss-poor the Canucks were under Messier’s leadership, it could be suggested he owes them, not the other way round!

NBC SPORTS PRO HOCKEY TALK: Explains why NHL players have numbers on their helmets.

PUCK DADDY: presents: Jacob Markstrom dancing during a lengthy break in a recent minor league game.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Please, Jacob, don’t let the Panthers coaches rob you of your sense of fun when you’re recalled to the bigs for good.


  1. Staal’s getting ready to come back, and the Rangers have pretty decent depth besides. Not to mention they’re one point off the lead for the Atlantic, three from the Conference. It’d be nice if they’d score some timely goals, but the coaching seems to be a bigger issue thereabouts.

  2. ahhh someone finally tells it like it is about Messier..He stank up the locker room…not so great without the great one…over rated and over paid…He does owe the Canucks money and the fans as well

  3. Ummm messier won two cups without gretzky.. There is a very good reason why he didn’t win in Vancouver. It’s simple really… No one wins in Vancouver.

  4. No one should ever knock the great Messier, 2nd in all time points; in fact, he won a Connie over Gretz and is one of the main reasons they were so dominant. But yes, he and Keenan poisoned and killed Vancouver from the inside, setting them back 5 years.