Hockey Blog Beat – Halloween 2011.

In today’s medley of notable posts from the NHL blogosphere: A look at the Senators week four…A call for the Hurricanes to replace Paul Maurice as head coach…Absurd Goalie Monday…A plug for a charitable donation…Raffi Torres’ Halloween costume stirs up controversy… Hockey Halloween pumpkins and costumes…Some tips for NHL Halloween costumes.

SILVER SEVEN: A look at who’s up and who’s down following week four of the Ottawa Senators schedule, with defenseman Filip Kuba and center Zenon Konopka showing the biggest gains and losses respectively.

Time for Maurice to go?

ACID QUEEN: Believes the Carolina Hurricanes needs to replace Paul Maurice as head coach, calling the club “the best self-coached team in the NHL”.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Hurricanes ownership and management remain faithful to Maurice. I’d say his job remains safe for now.

THE STRANGEST ONE OF ALL: Scotty Wazz’s “Absurd Goalie Monday”. This week: Scotty jumps into the wayback machine to profile Wilf Cude.

ARCTIC ICE HOCKEY: “Hawerchuk” recommends to his readers who wish to contribute to his favorite charity: Education In Need for El Salvador.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I’ve included the link so you can research it if you’re interested in contributing.

PUCK DADDY: Greg Wyshynski offers up his take on the controversy raised by Phoenix Coyotes forward Raffi Torres and his wife attending the Coyotes Halloween party dressed as rapper “Jay-Z” and his wife, Beyonce, which included darkening their skin.

SPECTOR’S NOTE:  I don’t believe Torres and his wife meant anything offensive by this, and as Torres’ teammate Paul Bissonnette pointed out, he’s a big fan of “Jay-Z”. Still, in this day and age, a white person dressing as a famous black person – even for Halloween, and even if you’re doing it because you like or admire the person you’re emulating – will attract controversy, outrage, and accusations of racism. The intention might not be racist, but it could certainly come across that way.

PUCK DADDY: On a lighter note, Greg present some outrageous hockey Halloween costumes and awesome puck pumpkins.

BACKHAND SHELF: Rob Pizzo offers up a step by step guide for NHL costumes.



  1. leave it up to the media to stir the pot on stuff like this and if im not mistaken, torres is half latino. not really sure how that could come across as racist. im sure younger people will have no problem with it. a friend of mine who is white dressed up as Mr. T last year and people loved it.

  2. habsolutely416: things may be different in Canada, but dressing in blackface is seen as extremely racist here in the US (and “people loved it” doesn’t excuse the action). Also, being Latino doesn’t excuse or preclude one from a racist action or statement.


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