Hockey Blog Beat – November 15, 2011.

In today’s medley of notable posts from the NHL blogosphere: the recent struggles of Erik Johnson and Semyon Varlamov…The Sabres want to meet with bloggers…Daniel Paille’s face following a recent injury…Alexander Semin and his home record…No points or love for Islanders’ Blake Comeau…Brad Richards dating an actress?…What was overheard at last night’s HHOF inductions.

NBC SPORTS PRO HOCKEY TALK: Joe Yerdon noted part of the reason for the recent slump of the Colorado Avalanche is the recent struggles of blueliner Erik Johnson and goaltender Semyon Varlamov.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Are the Avs defensive woes of late the result of lack of skilled defensive depth? Poor coaching? Both? I’d love to hear from Avs fans/bloggers on this one.

DIE BY THE BLADE: The Buffalo Sabres are hosting a blogger summit tonight to get feedback on what Sabres bloggers believe the team should or shouldn’t change.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Nice idea by the Sabres, something more teams should consider and emulate.

One tough hombre.

THE NOSEBLEEDS: Dan Paille is one tough SOB.

JAPERS’ RINK: Analysis of Alexander Semin’s record at home.

LIGHTHOUSE HOCKEY: Chris McNally examines the offensive struggles of Islanders winger Blake Comeau, suggesting perhaps the reason for his stunning offensive decline this season is perhaps a lack of respect and appreciation from management.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Interesting theory by McNally, which certainly is the best one I’ve seen or heard yet to explain Comeau’s offensive woes this season.

PUCK DADDY: NY Rangers center Brad Richards is apparently dating actress Olivia Munn.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: No word yet if Brad will invite Olivia home to Murray Harbour, PEI to meet the folks. Probably haven’t reached that stage yet…;)

DOWN GOES BROWN: presents, “Things overheard at the Hockey Hall of Fame induction ceremony”.


  1. Man, with Richards cash and status you would think he could get a better looking date. Lol. Seriously, she’s funny, but not that pretty. Why am I commenting about this on a hockey site? Oh yeah, cause I’m waiting to drive my mom home from the renal clinic and bored lol.

  2. The Avs problems are nothing new, same system has seen roughly 20 defencemen and 5 goaltenders in three years and the results are still the same – average at best. I’ve been saying since the trade for Varlamov that if the team was struggling at Christmas then Sacco is gone. If they finish bottom ten then Sherman is gone. When that deal was made Sherman was betting Sacco’s job and his own. I don’t think anymore player moves are going to make a difference, they’ve been trying it for the last three years and average is still the result.

  3. The Avs defensive problems have been consistent under coach Sacco regardless of personnel on the ice. The team also lacks a full time goalie coach. Cheap owners? That’s for history to decide!

  4. The Avs are much better than most people realize but the team is struggling with the same issues. Varlamov was great to start the season but when the defense is so spotty they leave him out to dry too often. the team got bigger in the back but still make mistakes like they did the second half of last year. They shot a lot most games but they are from bad spots or are always blocked or wide. passing is another issue. there seems to be no chemistry outside of the Winnik, Landeskog, O’reily line. recent chemistry between duchene, stastny and hejduk is nice but it seems duchene can get discouraged often and with constantly switching line mates he can never get comfortable which is why he slumps. I think Sacco has issues changing his coaching style and once teams or other coaches figure out that they just have to clog up the nuetral zone and cut off our speed, the Avs crumble and constantly try to play catch up. if changes arent made in either calling up Elliot or a coaching change then the avs will be in the bottom 5 again and suffer from a very strong draft and over payment of a unproven goalie.