In today’s medley of notable posts from the NHL blogosphere: Why are the Vancouver Canucks hated so much?…Possible coaching candidates for the NY Islanders…Examining the Kings and Devils trade rumor…A look back at recent “Turkey Day weekend” trades…Icky Pierre McGuire comments about Sidney Crosby’s return…Ways the Maple Leafs would be different if Gretzky owned them.

PUCK DRUNK LOVE: Why People Loathe the Vancouver Canucks. One reason: they dive more than the Canadian Olympic Diving team.

Could Isles replace Capuano as head coach?

HOCKEY INDEPENDENT: Possible replacements for NY Islanders head coach Jack Capuano, provided management opts to go that route.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: GM Garth Snow recently said he won’t replace Capuano, but this is still a worthwhile assessment of the pros and cons of a coaching change for the Islanders.

SURLY& SCRIBE’S LA KINGS BLOG: examines what might be behind the recent rumor of the Kings and New Jersey Devils talking trade, what both teams might need, and if the Devils could provide it.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Unless the Devils are offering up Zach Parise – and I don’t believe they are – they have nothing of interest for the Kings right now.

HOCKEYBUZZ.COM: Matthew Barry looks back at recent trades made around the “Turkey Day” weekend, reminding everyone there hasn’t been an impact deal in six years.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: This idea that “NHL teams start seriously talking trade, or start making serious deals around the American Thanksgiving long weekend” is nonsense. Good job by Barry to point out that fact. Yes, trades have occurred, but nothing on the scale of what one would consider “major moves”, unless you consider a “major move” to be Tomas Fleischmann for Scott Hannan, or Guillaume Latendresse for Benoit Pouliot, or Lee Stempniak for Alex Steen and Carlo Colaiacovo.

PUCK DADDY: Greg Wyshynski presents: “The 11 ickiest Pierre McGuire lines about Sidney Crosby’s return”.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I feel dirty just reading them *shudder*

DOWN GOES BROWN: presents: Ways the Maple Leafs would be different if Wayne Gretzky owned them.

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5 Responses to Hockey Blog Beat – November 22, 2011.

  1. Oilersfan says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only person that finds McGuire has a weird man-boy love for Sid. When I heard he was going to vs. and tsn wasn’t having him on games anymore I cried alil, the child abuse was over atleast in Canada. What a creepy man.

  2. JJB says:

    Islanders should hire Cory Clouston … guy is great with youth. Also, Matthew Berry won’t have a job soon … he spoke opposite of “Eklund” he’s pretty much done!

  3. Great Dan says:

    The Isles have one problem: Their GM…

    Snow had his chance…but never did the job as he has to do.
    Every year, the players start the season with energy for a couple of weeks and, suddenly, they are the worst players on the ice…
    It really means that their physical training focus on: “to start strong” but not “to stay strong” or “to be stronger every month”…An NHL season is 8 months, not 3 weeks…
    This year, it was suppose to be different as they hired a new physical trainer…but it was the same…
    Again, wrong decision by Snow to hire the wrong staff…
    Same thing for the goalies situation…how many goaltenders have a knee or hip issue ? Nilsson is the only goaltender known that does not have that kind of issue…So what the GM did to resolve this situation and learn from the last year goalies situation ? Nabokov was not the solution and he was aware of it when he decided to not play for the Isles last year…
    What was the kind of transaction of Snow this summer ? He brings a couple of players and signed them at the end of their career…Pandolfo was the only good signing and he did not came from a trade prepared by Snow…
    Snow was supposed to bring a very good defenseman by the summer and after he was not able to sign Erhoff, what did Garth Snow bring as defensemen ? Staios to play on the first defensive line !
    There is no GM in the NHL except Snow that would sign Staios to play on a first defensive line…Sincerely, no one !!!

    Last year, when he decided to fire Gordon, even Capuano was loosing night after night until february…
    So can someone explain why he signed him as a head coach for this season ??? What did Capuano won as a coach ??? Nothing… What new leadership he bring in the lockerroom ??? If you don’t have leadership as GM, you will not bring leadership on your staff, and on the ice…

    One of Snow strategy was to keep the young talents in Long Island…but what is doing with this talent ??? He is wasting all young talent in his team…To loose every night and to be on the bench because the coach want to make an exemple is wasting young talent…With no support, you have no confidence…And where is the support of Garth Snow while this young players need help to developpe their talent with confidence ??? Nowhere !!!

    This organisation has no respect for their fans…and for the fans, enough is enough…

  4. Ranzeir says:

    JJB, don’t agree with you on Clouston. From what I’ve heard from certain people associated with the team, including a couple of the younger players, he was despised and not a good communicater. His style of coaching only works short term. In today’s NHL you need someone who can relate to the players and get their message across. Clouston by all reports wasn’t good at this, at least at the NHL level.

  5. JJB says:

    He has had fantastic success where ever he has been, he has won WHL and CHL coach of the year awards, has a 95-83-20 record with a less then inspired Ottawa team. During that time I never heard any media or player cry outs against him and normally a story of some sort is made. Maybe you are right, but I’d like to see Clouston with one more stint in the NHL. Mind you right now I think MacClean has to be in line for Jack Adams!!

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