Hockey Blog Beat – November 29, 2011.

Should the Predators pursue Bobby Ryan?…Assessing the introductory press conference comments of new Hurricanes coach Kirk Muller…The players with the best bang for the buck in November…Thoughts on the Devils at the quarter-mark…A Denver Post columnist shoots venom at the Avalanche…The Rangers unveil their Winter Classic jerseys…Five reasons why “Rick Nash for Tuukka Rask” would make no sense…A lighthearted look at potential issues in the next round of NHL CBA talks.

ON THE FORECHECK: Rumor has it the Anaheim Ducks are shopping Bobby Ryan, so could the Predators land him? Maybe.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I agree the Preds probably wouldn’t be front-runners, but they could put together a package which could having them in the running, provided, of course, Ryan is being shopped, and if the Ducks were willing to move him to another Western Conference team.

CANES COUNTRY: looks at the comments by new head coach Kirk Muller during his introductory press conference to see what he might have in store for the Carolina Hurricanes.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Hurricanes fans shouldn’t get their hopes too high for a big improvement, but at the very least, Muller should be a breath of fresh air for this club, and hopefully will have a positive impact going forward.

THE HOCKEY WRITERS: Andrew Sykes presents his November edition of the ten NHL players providing the “best bang for the buck”. Notables includes Sheldon Souray, Kyle Wellwood and Brian Elliott.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I like the concept behind this listing, and look forward to future editions. I’m also in agreement with Sykes’ assessment of the player providing the “best bang for the buck” in November. Hint: It’s a member of the St. Louis Blues.

RUNNING WITH THE DEVILS: A not-particularly optimistic assessment of the New Jersey Devils first quarter.

THE BIG LEAD: Looks at Denver Post columnist Adrian Dater unloading on the free-falling Colorado Avalanche.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Love him or hate him, and judging by the reaction to this, some fans love to hate him, but Dater has never been shy about expressing his opinon, especially about the Avs, who really are sucking on toast right now. Besides, he’s a KISS fan, so he can’t be all bad…;)

Rangers Winter Classic 2012 jersey.

BACKHAND SHELF: The NY Rangers unveiled their Winter Classic jerseys.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: My verdict: thumbs up.

BLEACHER REPORT: Nicholas Goss lists five reasons why trading Tuukka Rask for Rick Nash would make no sense.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Goss is spot on with each one. Nicely done.

DOWN GOES BROWN: takes a lighthearted look at the issues in the next round of NHL CBA talks.





  1. This is SO annoying because I swear I originated the Rask to Columbus rumors. But I never said Nash because that is idiotic. And it is pretty obvious that Rask is the goalie of the future in Boston……not like any needs to point out that they want to keep him. However…..if offered 3 first round picks, Chiarelli would be forced to accept. It’s just too much value for the future of the club (see Seguin). From Columbus’ point of view, well they can’t draft, and they might not exist in three years. Hell, take 4. Looking at how they play with even the marginal talent of Sanford, I’d say I correctly diagnosed the problem as mainly goaltending.
    Sheesh….a perfectly legit suggestion and suddenly you here Elliot Friedman say, “Nash for Rask makes no sense… know they are considering keeping Rask”.

  2. I wonder if Elliot can keep up his play? I loved him in Ottawa and if he keeps up like this a Vezina Candidate he could be at the end of the season. I’m looking at Elliot, Thomas, Lundqvist right now with Rinne, Quick, and Habby easily able to jump into that mix.

  3. The rights to Radulov, Ellis, Lindback and a 1st round pick for Bobby Ryan……….got a deal, Ducks fans? :)

  4. I’d take it Griz……but it really depends if they want help this year or a brighter future.

  5. -Ellis is a very good prospect, but is not a shutdown type dman and they already have Fowler, so Ellis doesn’t fill a “need”.
    -Lindback is a very good backup, who might be a starter in the future, but they have Hiller, so Lindback doesn’t fill a “need”.
    -That 1st round pick will be somewhere around 20th overall, not bad, but not great.
    -Radulov hasn’t played in the NHL for years, and may never play in the NHL again, nobody knows for sure.

    I’d say no to this offer, in a heartbeat.

  6. If you are looking to stay in it this year, then Ryan for Suter is the only thing that makes sense and is simple. Preds fans may think it this is a bit light, but remember Ryan is signed and Suter isn’t.

  7. I’d hate to be in the Bruins position with such a good backup goalie and Thomas not appearing to be about to lose momentum. Problem is, goalies go quick and Rask might be very, very good. Oh well, they have a lot of assets.

    As for Ryan to the Preds … make the deal. I swear he’d flourish with Gomez as his center. No, really. Really, really, I am serious ….

  8. I have an idea for fixing the ducks and it is simple. they are a good team with little depth, kind of like calgary, but with good young players. why bother moving any of them, why not move some of your picks etc for players. this is my first time posting on this so be gentle.

    ana 1st rounder plus maybe 2nd or 3rd for keith aulie and kulimen. gives amaheim depth (not factoring salary cap etc) which they are in desperate need of and a good young D. give toronto a great pick in the mid teens early 20’s (by the time they inevidably go on their run).

    does not matter if toronto is winning this season or not. they are not done their rebuild. as a leafs fan, i wish the others had the patience i have. forget trading for all these stars etc…get picks and continue to stockpile. if we move kadri, colberne and aulie for “stars” we will be right back where we were before, a playoff team without high level prospects. this draft is so deeop and strong toronto needs to continue to stockpile draft picks and be patient.

    just to run with the topic though (sorry). if there is any team that should take a run at ryan it is montreal. no one short of subban and price should be unavailable…anyone and anything on that team should be pushed. that team has been lacking size for so long here is a chance. it might take all their prospects but they are not rebuilding, they can move those guys when toronto cant.