Hockey Blog Beat – November 5, 2011.

In today’s medley of notable posts from the NHL blogosphere: Whatever happens to Stanley Cup “loser gear”?…Is it time for a Flames rebuild?…Some friendly advice for Dustin Penner…and for Chicago Blackhawks play-by-play men Pat Foley and Ed Olczyk…A review of “Tales from the New Jersey Devils Locker Room”…The schedule for HBO’s “Road to the Winter Classic”.

HOCKEY IN SOCIETY: The politics of sending Stanley Cup “loser gear” to Third World countries. While a good idea, it’s not as easy as it seems.

MATCHSTICKS AND GASOLINE: Scott Lepp examines the question, “Who Wants to Wait 5 Years for a Contender?” in Calgary.

SURLY AND SCRIBE’S L.A. KINGS BLOG: Some friendly, direct advice for struggling Kings forward Dustin Penner: “Go to the f**king net.”

SECOND CITY HOCKEY: “SamFels” with some friendly, direct advice for Blackhawks play-by-play commentators Pat Foley and Ed Olczyk: Focus on the calling the game, we’re not interested in your personal life.

IN LOU WE TRUST: presents a review of a new book “Tales from the New Jersey Devils Locker Room”. Don’t expect anything salacious or gossipy.

PUCK THE MEDIA: The schedule for this season’s HBO “Road to the Winter Classic”.


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  1. I did watch the Chi/Fla. game, the one SamFels is referring to, and it was horrendous. Granted it was a father-son trip to Florida, but I thought it was a spirited game with Fla. coming back to score two and send it to OT. But Foley went on and on about nothing that had to do with hockey. Normally I’m not bothered by other teams home broadcast but that announcing was irritating.