Hockey Blog Beat – September 18, 2011.

A collection of notable hockey blog posts which caught my eye this weekend. In today’s roundup: Wondering if Kings fans will forgive Drew Doughty if he holds out…How Tyler Myers contract extension will impact the Sabres salary cap next season…Martin Brodeur is among 34 goalies to play in NHL beyond age 38…A preview of the Washington Capitals…Why NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman isn’t the devil.

PUCK DADDY: Harrison Mooney wonders if LA Kings fans will forgive defenseman Drew Doughty for holding out?

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If Doughty returns, wins the Norris trophy and carries the Kings to the Stanley Cup, yes. If he returns and has a solid season and helps the Kings at least advance to the second round of the 2012 playoffs, yes. If he plays up to whatever salary he earns per season on his new contract with the Kings, yes. God help him if he falls short.

DIE BY THE BLADE:  Zachary Zielonka takes a look at the impact Tyler Myers’ new contract will have upon the Sabres payroll next season, noting they’ll have over $20 million invested in six blueliners, and over $55 million invested in 16 players.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Even if the salary cap is lowered and players salaries are rolled back, the Sabres are likely to find themselves in need of dumping some payroll to make room for those they re-sign.

IN LOU WE TRUST: John Fischer points out Devils goalie Martin Brodeur is, well, old, noting he’s one of 34 goalies in NHL history to play over the age of 38.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As long as he can play well, it won’t matter how old he is, but it’s clear age has been catching up to him in the form of injuries.

HOCKEY INDEPENDENT: Jeremy Scriven offers up a season preview of the Washington Capitals, observing this talented team which has under-achieved in the post-season, are running out of excuses.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Another early playoff exit and the Capitals will be hung with the label of “chokers”. 

PASS IT TO BULIS: Qris Johnson offers up a fair assessment of NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman, pointing out he’s not the devil many hockey fans seem to believe him to be.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Bettman isn’t perfect, and Buddha knows I haven’t shied away from taking him to task whenever I believe he’s made mistakes (hello there, ‘cost certainty’), but as Johnson noted, he’s presided over the NHL for nearly twenty years and has helped grow the product considerably. That being said, no matter how eloquent the defense, most NHL fans will continue to feel hatred toward him. Much of it is unjustified, often unfair, but that’s the way it goes.


  1. My biggest gripe with Bettman (aside from the lockout) is his failure to capitalize when he had the opportunity to make the NHL bigger than it is today when at the time he took over the NBA was not as strong as it is now and here we are where hockey has dropped behind nascar in terms of popularity!

    The NBA is currently in a holding pattern now and if Bettman cannot or does not take advantage of this situation to further boost the popularity of the game, he should step down. I mean signing that contract with NBC is something that I am interested in seeing if in fact it was a good move or not long term… I still feel that there should of been something done with ESPN and shocked that there is still no hockey on that premier sports network.

    Of course all my points don’t really pertain to those living in Canada, hockey sells itself there and will forever.

  2. The problem right now in the NHL isn’t money. Money will always be an issue no matter what economic time. It’s better in Canada right now because of the parity in currency. The issue now is player safety and discipline. Guys wear armour, skate faster, and are bigger than they’ve ever been. This has resulted in lots of high end injuries. This coupled with guys who don’t care about ending guys careers (Cooke, ruutuu, chara) is a problem. Just like a good parent, when someone steps out of line and really damages another man that had no reason to happen besides disrespect, you have to punish and punish hard. Because there’s no real consequence these plays will keep occurring. Cooke should have been out for the year for his hit on savard, chara should have been gone or the year for his hit on pacioretty, stevkel should be out for the year for his hit on Crosby. ZERO TOLORENCE. They can come back in the same year if he player they injure comes back. Fair is fair in my eyes. Then you will see the head hunting end. Then you will see guys pull back when a guy is in a vulnerable position and a hit would concuss, rip apart a knee, etc. Otherwise they will get no penalty for first offence then what? Two games for a star out for the year?!? Give me a f’ing break. Tell that to ppl who buy these guys jerseys and kids who idolize players only to see them get totally bush leagued onto the IR and nothing happen to the cause of that problem. The NHL is like that 45 yr old fan right now who thinks they should still carve the end of their stick to cut guys and that making a guy go handicapped with a hit is “good hockey”. All that thought process has to be retired and think about what makes hockey awesome and that’s goals, saves, hits, and superstars. No superstars equals less sales/goals/marketing ability for what??? So some asshole can break a guys neck cause he’s about to get burned for a breakaway?!!? What a load of bullsh!t. Rant over.