Holdouts looming?

With NHL training camps opening next week, several notable restricted free agents remain unsigned. Read on for the latest media reports on Drew Doughty, Zach Bogosian, Luke Schenn and Josh Bailey.

TORONTO STAR: Damien Cox reports six prominent young players – Drew Doughty, Luke Schenn, Zach Bogosian, Brad Marchand, Kyle Turris and Josh Bailey – remain unsigned with the start of training camp just days away. Despite some of the differences regarding their respective contract situations, Cox suggests Doughty’s status may be impacting the others, who may be waiting for him to re-sign. Forwards Marchand, Turris and Bailey may have James van Riemsdyk’s new contract – a six year, $25.5 million deal – in mind. Cox also noted whatever strategy works for these RFAs could be employed by next summer’s crop, which includes John Tavares, Evander Kane, Victor Hedman and Matt Duchene.

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS/WINNIPEG SUN: report the lines of communication remain open between Jets management and the agent for Zach Bogosian but so far no deal appears imminent. A deal is expected before training camp but time is growing short.

TORONTO SUN: Lance Hornby reports agent Don Meehan, who represents Maple Leafs defenseman Luke Schenn, claimed another meeting with Maple Leafs management is slated for early next week.

NEWSDAY: Katie Strang reports Josh Bailey remains unconcerned over his contract negotiations, expressing confidence a new deal will be done soon, adding he wants to remain an Islander.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: These players could be re-signed before the middle of next week, when training camps open. Some may not. It appears the agents for these players are looking to get the best deal they can for these players because this upcoming season is the last one under this CBA, and it’s uncertain what could be implemented in the next one which might adversely affect their future value. So, we wait…



  1. Doughty, Schenn, Bailey and Marchand will be signed.

    Winnipeg needs to make trades in order to sign Bogosian. 3 players want out of Winnipeg. It takes time to make a deal.

    Turris will be picked up halfway through the season. His worth has fallen considerably.

  2. I could see Bailey being traded as the islandes have more than a few young kids ready to crack the roster. Niederreiter is all but asured a roster spot(and a Calder in my opinion) and Strome is more ready then his weight would tell you. Honestly I think Bailey to the leafs for Komisarek and a 2nd would be a good trade. Even though Komisareks worth is low I think he would do well as an Islander as his atributs match the Islanders needs. Also just to get crasy I wouldn’t be suprised if the Preds shopped Weber at some point this season and the islanders have the peices to make it work. I think DeHann, Comeau, and Baily for Weber would be a good deal for both teams but im sure a few of you disagree. the rest of the rfas will be re-signed before the start of pre-season

  3. i think theres alot of gms looking at these negotians,and how it will affect them and there future stars and the new cba.what owners will ask to change.i think weber will be traded just because of salary.the islanders would be a good trading partner with them.i guess it depends if weber wants to go there and if he has a no trade in new contract,i understand trying to get the best deal.but i think these gms are trying to be fair and not hand these kids the world.boston wont give marchand jvr money,schenn will get around 4 or 5 millon more than likely a little much but the way salaries are going every d man is cashing in.doughty who knows what he wants and boogisian same scenario who knows what hes looking for.maybe these teams trade away these headaches.if i was a gm id give them a fair offer and then if they dont like it go sit at home.call us when you want to accept.yes they are all good players but they cant hold a team hostage

  4. Niederreiter is already assured a Calder trophy? Ummm

  5. How many of those guys are represented by Don Meehan’s agency? Four of those six.

  6. Just a thought- given their respective teams troubles, could Turris and Bailey be pushing the holdout issue to force their teams to explore their trade worths? Maybe thinking a more modest deal with better teams might be more attractive than struggling to duke it out for bigger money to stay in the same old place.

  7. good point acr.i could see turris wanting out of phoniex.if i was a player i wouldnt want to go there to unstable an enviroment.bailey may want out of the islanders but the ownership is stable.i dont care for the gm but that owner looks like hes not afraid of trying to build a winning team.now if they could only get rid of dipetros contract.