Hurricanes sign Semin.

The Carolina Hurricanes have signed former Washington Capitals winger Alexander Semin to a one-year, $7 million contract.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Not a surprise the Hurricanes signed Semin, as GM Jim Rutherford had expressed interest in the former Capital for several weeks, and the length of the deal is as expected. The only surprise is the dollars, but the Hurricanes did have the money to spend, and wanted to bring in a scoring winger this summer. If Semin can regain his 40-goal touch with the Hurricanes, this could turn into a worthwhile investment for the Hurricanes, and perhaps could result in Semin staying in Carolina beyond this season. If it doesn’t pan out, at least the ‘Canes are only committed to him for one season.



  1. I am surprised that he didn’t end up in Detroit or Pittsburgh considering they both have cap space, a need for a scoring forward and well it was just a one year low risk deal.

    This seems like kind of deal a contender makes when going for it IE Hossa on the Red Wings a few years back.

    Spector do you know if other clubs were heavily in the mix? Or did Carolina probably just completely outspend the competition to the point where Semin couldn’t say no?

    • I Just think the Canes were the only team that would give him 7 million for one season.

  2. I think this is an excllent move by Carolina.. They needed a scoring winger & got one.. Canes have a nice mix of players. They need to shore up the defense a little. Ward made too many saves last year.. They have the makings of a tough team..

  3. Staal – Staal – Semin
    Jokinen – Skinner – Ruutu

    I be liking the ‘Canes top 6 now! Not sure if any of their young guns outside of Murphy are going to be able to push for the team though and that D-Corps IMO is still lacking, needs a bit more size and grit. But the ‘Canes could be hosting a legit team now.

  4. Semin is a perfect fit in Carolina, whether on a line with the Staal bros or with Skinner. 7mil is not too much, as he will easily regain his scoring touch, although this year it won’t be against the Canes! I’m sure Semin will finish in the top 20 in scoring this season, and might even lead the team. Good incentive for everyone else to step it up. The Canes will go deep into playoffs. Maybe even give Eric Staal his first real chance to lead a championship caliber team.

  5. 7 million ? For those stats last year ? The guy gets 6.7 million on a one year last year to light a fire under him, craps the bed this year, and then gets a raise ? Welcome to Bizarro world !! I wish I could get a raise based on crappy performances, potential, and the past. The way these GM’s are throwing around over-paid contracts to guys who are not deserving to receive them is just getting plain stupid.

    I hope stuff like this gets worked out in the next CBA, because if teams have to start over paying talent to come in, then the league will start trending in a bad direction. Players are getting over-paid on either the past, potential, moreso than on the present IMO. Players like Parise and Suter are really good players, but they are not “great” players deserving of such bloated contracts- same as the Brad Richards contract. These contracts are setting a bad trend and I hope it gets under control and dealt with because you got to feel sorry for cap teams like Minny who have to grossly pay through the nose just to attract some talent to entertain their fans and hopefully not be in the red when the season is done.

    I would like to see more contracts based on performance and bonuses instead of their “name” or what they could potentially bring to the table instead of rewarding players like Semin with raises and with too much money for under achieving. I hope younger kids, and especially ones in hockey, don’t think that real life works this way because it’s setting the stage for raising a generation full of under achieving spoiled brats who want something for nothing.

    Maybe the league should start setting a better example and start getting control over these player agents, GM’s, and start making some real caps in terms of salary and term.

  6. And further more …lol, just kidding.

  7. The ‘Canes got one thing right by signing Semin to a one-year contract. Although the Caps learned last season that even playing for a contract with a one-year deal is no guarantee of superior performance (Semin’s numbers did not match his unearthly skill level), you need to give this guy all the incentive you can to perform because it’s clear by now that he lacks internal motivation.

  8. Great move by signing him in the same division. You’ve got to think he’ll have some extra motivation when playing against the Caps. Of course, this assumes the division will be similar next season…