James Reimer to Canucks?

Maple Leafs goalie James Reimer skating with locked-out Vancouver Canucks has generated trade rumors on Twitter.


Reimer’s visit to Vancouver sparks trade rumors on Twitter.

VANCOUVER SUN: Brad Ziemer reports the sighting of Toronto Maple Leafs goalie James Reimer skating with some locked-out Vancouver Canucks on Monday at UBC’s Father Bauer Arena apparently sparked some speculation on Twitter he could be dealt from the Leafs to the Canucks, perhaps in a swap for Roberto Luongo. The truth, however, is far less sexy: he’s in Vancouver visiting his in-laws, and is spending a week or so skating with those locked-out Canucks, as well as several other locked-out player from other NHL teams.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Once the lockout ends, I wouldn’t be surprised to see this rumor resurface, but obviously there isn’t anything to it. I will go so far to say that, if the Leafs and Canucks were to swing a deal which would send Roberto Luongo to Toronto, it wouldn’t surprise me if Reimer were part of it. That being said, I’m certainly not expecting it to happen.



  1. Lyle

    Question for you or any of the readers. Because of the lock out, teams cannot offer contracts to any players that have contracts that end at the end of this season. That means if there is no games this season these players become UFA’s or RFA’s at the end of season ( July 1, 2014).

    Question: Let’s say that on January 1 NHL announces that no agreement has been reached and NHL has decided to cancel all remaining games on schedule, meaning the season is over and done.

    1) Since the potential UFA’s and RFA’s cannot sign with anyone else until July 1 does that mean that the teams who still own their rights can start offering contracts as soon as NHL season is cancelled or

    2) Do they have to wait until what was scheduled to be the end of the NHL schedule (mid April) ?

    3) If they cannot talk to players because there is no CBA agreement and July 1 arrives then are there really any UFA’s or RFA’s ? Doesn’t the fact that no CBA agreement been signed mean that no one goes anywhere and nothing can be done on players and player movements and contacts until an agreement has been reached ?

    4) If the players de-certify union how does that change the picture ?

    • If a whole year gets lost they just defer all contracts by a year. That is, your salary for 2012-13 would now be your salary for 2013-14, and so on. In a decertification, no contracts would be valid and players could sign anywhere for any terms, as long as the owners decided to carry on without a union, which is unlikely, since the players would likely create a new union shortly there after.

  2. Reimer skating with locked out Canucks? Big deal. Come to Oakville, Ontario, a suburb of Toronto in the offseason. You will find John Tavares skating with Mike Camilleri and other NHL players. it happens all the team across Canada because of where players or their families live, or where there is a reputable pro camp happening.

    Lyle, while I agree any deal to be made between the Leafs and Canucks for Luongo will probably include an NHL ready goalie or prospect, my money would be on Ben Scrivens, or one of the Leafs goalie prospects, not James Reimer.

    My rationale being that after all this hullabaloo about Schneider taking Luongos spot, and signing him to the contract that they did, they are not going to replace him with a goalie who might challenge for the number one spot, and go through that whole scenario again. My bet would be on Scrivens, who has a 2 way contract for the first of his 2 year deal, which means Vancouver can go between him and Eddie Lack
    as Schneiders back up and let them battle it out for the games Schneider does not play. Also, if Luongo came to the Leafs and was the number one with Reimer as the number two, that is going to be a short lived situation as within 4 to 5 years their roles will have reversed. Reimer will then be an NHL seasoned goalie and still under 30. Not to mention Reimer is at 1.8 million per year and Scrivens at 600k, which really helps the Canucks (at 67 million cap) to get down and stay down. As that trade ups the Leafs cap, they can instantly buy out Tim Connolly if they have to, with no negative effect. Vancouver would need to buy out a minimum of 2 and up to 4 pending UFA’s to hit those 4.75 million dollars

  3. During the last lockout player contracts did not carry over. The last year of Brian Leetch’s contract, for example, expired during the lockout year. At the resumption of business, Leetch and others in the same situation became free agents.

    It would be an about-face if contract years were deferred.

  4. During his last summer as a UFA, Bill Guerin skated with both the Devils and Islanders, if I recall correctly. And there were even pre-exsisting rumors of him and those teams, and it turned out to be nothing.

    Christian Hanson has also been skating with the Pens during the lockout, and no rumors about that have started at all. He’s just from the area, much like Reimer’s in-laws and VAN.

    Then again being Leafs country this is viewed entirely different than it would be in almost any other NHL town. Save for Montreal perhaps.

  5. I guess that some Hab players will be traded of they have been practicing with other team players. Give me a big break. Next we will here what players had for breakfast or what ever else