Jarome Iginla Signs with Avalanche.

TSN reports Jarome Iginla has signed with the Colorado Avalanche on a three-year contract worth $16 million 

Jarome Iginla lands with the Avalanche.

Jarome Iginla lands with the Avalanche.

 SPECTOR’S NOTE: Iginla heads to his fourth team since March 2013 in search of that elusive Stanley Cup. Iginla wanted to re-sign with the Bruins but they lacked the cap space to do so.

Big gamble for the Avs. Iggy should give them one good year, maybe two, but after that…He turned 37 today and signing him to a deal of that length could hurt the Avalanche if he fades by the final year. Investing $5.33 million annually is too much for too long to spend on a fading asset. Nothing against Iginla, he’s been a great player, but he’s not worth that much anymore. 


  1. I find it hard to believe he will fit in with the Av’s high tempo game. He didn’t do great in Pittsburgh, and Av’s have similiar playstyles. He should have signed with Boston where he fits in really well. I think the avs will regret this signing. Iginilia would have fit will in vancouver since they are a little slower tempo cycle game.

    • Would of worked perfectly with the Sedin twins

  2. i agree Hugh and apparently it came down to 3 teams with the Lightning and the Canucks being the other 2. this is likely Iginla’s last contract and like Spector said it’s at least a year too long and although the Av’s or the Lightning would probably give him his best chance to win a Cup his style would’ve worked better with the Canucks and their players will leave him far behind.