Jets ink Aebischer to tryout contract.

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS: reports the Jets have signed former NHL goalie David Aebischer to a tryout contract.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Aebischer isn’t expected to unseat Ondrej Pavelec or Chris Mason, and as the report noted, he’s expected to return to Europe.


  1. you have to be kidding lol,i know its a new team but what kind of bonehead of a gm would do that poor jet fans there is a few goalies out there still looking for I THINK THE LAST HE PLAYED HE WAS A BACK UP FOR ROY LOL

  2. Bit surprising, but then when your starting fresh like this, you need to turn over every rock and see what you can find. If it pans out, great, they’ll get someone with experience on the cheap. If it doesn’t they’re out today’s lunch money on the tryout.