Kaberle Days with Bruins Numbered?

Defenseman Tomas Kaberle hasn’t performed as well as expected for the Boston Bruins, fueling speculation they won’t re-sign him.

CSNNE.COM/THE GLOBE AND MAIL: reported former Toronto Maple Leaf Tomas Kaberle has not panned out as expected for the Boston Bruins down the regular season stretch and in their opening round series against the Montreal Canadiens. There’s rumors he wasn’t in the best conditioning shape when he arrived, and GM Peter Chiarelli admitted his disappointment in Kaberle’s performance so far, going so far as to say they’d “expected better”.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Kaberle did get an assist during Boston’s Game Four victory over Montreal, meaning he now has only 10 points in 28 regular season and post-season games with the Bruins. If he doesn’t step it up soon, it’ll justifiably fuel speculation the Bruins will opt not to re-sign him and let him depart via this summer’s UFA market, where he might have a tough time finding a lucrative raise.


  1. Kaberle was doing little or nothing with Toronto when they finally managed to trade him and in my opinion, he appears to be content just to play the regular season, collect his paycheck and then enjoy the off season from April to Sept; much like a regular guy doing his job and taking his annual vacation.

    My guess is next year, he’ll end up playing in Europe as there won’t be much of a market for him in the NHL without taking a substantial pay cut as his skills appear to be declining

  2. A defenseman who makes only 4.25 million and gets 47 points in the regular season probably doesn’t need a substantial paycut. I just don’t think he should expect a raise.

  3. Well not to disagree that Kaberle isn’t playing up to his level but who on the Burins is? I mean look up and down that line up and no one is really stepping it up. Where is Chara, Lucic, Horton , etc? They are playing just as bad if not worse. Its a shame he’s being a scape goat for the Burins sucking.

  4. There will be an off-season market for Kaberle, but don’t expect the Bruins to be interested. Six years at a lower cap hit than he had before – that’s my guess. He may not be gritty, he may be invisible some nights, but he’s still capable of a point every game or two, and will be for years with that kind of passing ability.

  5. Joey, the guy averages nearly 50 points a year and only makes around 4 mil. Most will agree he hasn’t been a good fit in Boston, he was excellent for the Leafs. And to say he won’t find a job next year other then Europe or a paycut, is just plane ludacris. Somebody will pay him on par or more for his services. My guess, NJ, Washington, Dallas, NY, or Montreal.

  6. Well it was nice to hear from all the Kaberle fans who likely felt I was too harsh in judging his play. Well fair enough I suppose, but in watching him play for the Leafs from his career onset, I feel he has shown all his true colors. While he may still offer any team about 40-50 points a year as a Dman, his game is very one dimensional;albeit a preferred dimension for some teams buy maybe not the Bruins or the Leafs. Yes he offers a great first outlet pass to a rushing forward but he also offers little or no physicality to his game.I mean, how else does a Dman play top minutes for 82 games by and large and not miss time through injury. He is on the ice a little too often when the other team scores so this too will affect his free agency status.

    He may end up in Europe or he may not…one thing is for sure..I’m doubtful with the CBA expiring next July that he and/or many other UFA’s are going to find long term lucrative contracts in the NHL much bey9ond next season