Kaberle Joins the Hurricanes.

TSN’s Darren Dreger reports the Carolina Hurricanes have signed defenseman Tomas Kaberle to a three year contract worth $12.75 million.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: That works out to (drumroll) $4.25 million per season, the exact same salary he made on his previous contract!  And here’s us silly hockey observers and analysts suggesting he’d never get that amount again! Never under-estimate the ability of a general manager to overpay for talent, though if Kaberle should become a good fit with the Hurricanes, he and Jim Rutherford will have the last laugh. Kaberle caught a lot of criticism in his finals years in Toronto and during his short tenure with the Bruins for his poor defensive game and declining offensive production. The Hurricanes however wanted another experienced puck-moving defenseman, and they’re gambling Kaberle can bounce back on the team his brother once played for earlier in the last decade.


  1. Just a little insight here. 4.25 million per season cap hit, for Tomas Kaberle. A player that has been a -, +/- for the last half decade (not considering the move to the Bruins, since in his current trend in TO, he’d again be a minus player). A dman that doesn’t block shots and has little no defensive game, a pure offensive defensemen in every regard…. is going to make 4.25 million a season.

    Yet yesterday when Anton Babchuk signed a 2 year, 5 million dollar contract… the Flames organization was ridiculed inside and out for the most part. for 1.75 million less, the Flames got a Dman that nets generally 10 points less… but showed that he could be a + player (on a miserable Flames team last year) and who was a shot blocking machine. Interesting league dynamics.

    Kaberle will make the ‘Canes a better offensive team; but who will be playing defense at the end of the day? Joni Pitkanen & Tomas Kaberle barely play defense and Joe Corvo can either be a solid stopper or an offensive dman (depending on the year). Meaning there is a chance that 1/2 of Carolina’s D will be be pylons on the ice. All I’m saying, Mr. Stall and Skinner better have some high offensive seasons… because Carolina will have one of the worst GAA this year.

  2. When Tim Thomas or Cam Ward is your goalie, you can afford to have more offensive D men. Kipper is not quite the same anymore.

  3. Multiple outlets are reporting the Bruins acquired Corvo form the Canes for a fourth rounder. So when all is said and done, Chiarelli immediately landed the capability he wanted for $2 million less per season. And people wonder why the Bs are set up for a long run of good hockey…

  4. I think this is a good signing. Kaberle became the scapegoat for Toronto. He also played some of his best years with Paul Maurice. He has been a consistent producer in his whole career and even though he got a lot of criticism in Boston, a lot of it wasn’t due. He’ll also play well in Carolina’s offensive system. Trading Corvo to Boston makes more room for him to get the ice time he used to enjoy receiving.

  5. @BillC.

    Confirmed on the deal.

    The Hurricanes have sent defenceman Joe Corvo to the Boston Bruins in exchange for a fourth-round pick in the 2012 NHL Entry Draft.

    The 34-year-old Corvo had 11 goals and 29 assists in 82 games last season.

    Corvo has 79 goals and 258 points in 568 career games over eight NHL campaigns. He was originally drafted by the Los Angeles Kings in the fourth round of the 1997 NHL Entry Draft.

    Bruins can’t fail in the last while apparently. May have all started when the blind sided TO into giving them First rounders for Kessel.

  6. Good deals for both teams I think. Kaberle will flourish under Maurice, and can play his kind of game when he knows Ward is gaurding the crease.Glad to see him do well, he took a lot of crap for the entire team while he was in TO. Loved watching him hoist the Cup, wished it were for the Leafs though.

  7. Another happy day for a Broons’ fan. We get rid of the biggest loser since Jozef Stumpel and land a good offensive dman in Corvo for half the cap hit and for only one year. Another brilliant move by Chiarelli. Kraperle makes a good pass, but he is so predictable on the PP that it is almost laughable. He was a horrible fit in Boston and was lucky to even be in the lineup. Broons won the cup in spite of him. Giving up that package for Kraperle was one of the worst trades in Broons history, but thankfully now he’s Carolina’s problem.