Keith Suspended Five Games.

Keith suspended five games for this hit on D. Sedin.

The NHL has suspended Chicago Blackhawks forward Duncan Keith five games for his elbow to the head of Vancouver Canucks forward Daniel Sedin. See the video of league disciplinarian Brendan Shanahan’s decision here.


  1. I’m in two minds about this. 5 games is fair for a guy with no history. But recently the league has been including the length of the injury in the suspension. Why not wait until the details are out, Chicago doesn’t play for a while yet.

    I still think it’s stupid that the league waits for the guy to be injured before giving a suspension, there are a few high elbows here and there and dirty hits, but as long as the guy pops up and keeps skating, no harm no foul. Players would take notice if they were suspended on plays that ref’s didn’t see and no one got seriously hurt.

    My two bits.

  2. brutal! this was an attempt to injure that leaves the Canucks crippled if Sedin has a concussion and is unable to play in the playoffs. regardless if this was Keith’s first suspension or tenth it was predatory and Chicago will benefit if they play Vancouver in the playoffs. all the league said with this ruling is up until there’s six games left go after any possible playoff opponents star players heads and hope to knock them out. i really don’t see any deterrent to Keith as all he gets out of this is some rest before the playoffs.

  3. I thought 5 was the minimum he would get, I am a but surprised that it was not more.

  4. Boutique got 5 for his hit on Backstrom. That did not seem enough. This hit was more vicious.

  5. This has to stop. Star players being taken out of the game, Crosby, Backstrom and now Sedin. This isn’t casual any more it’s selective injuries. Keith gets 5 game rest before the play-offs. NHL is becoming a laughing stock amongst major sports.

    If there’s a injury in the last 10 games of the season make them sit the suspension out in the play-offs. In fact any suspesion should be in the play-offs…or the following season which ever comes first. This hurts the owners as much as the players and if the player is a FA it really hurts.

    Lets get real. Mr Betteman your sport is becoming a gong show

  6. I think he should have received 10 games. That would impact playoff games, as well as the Blackhawks’ regular season push for playoff position. It was a pretty dirty, deliberate attempt to injure – and a successful one. The in-game call was also terrible – I fully agree with Kerry Fraser that it should have been a 5 minute major and game misconduct: