Kings re-sign Doughty.

Various sources report the Los Angeles Kings have reached agreement with defenseman Drew Doughty on an eight-year contract worth $56 million. It will be worth an average cap hit of $7 million per season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It appears both sides agree to compromise, Doughty by accepting a longer term than the five years he reportedly sought, Kings management by agreeing to come up from the $6.8 million offer they earlier claimed they wouldn’t come up from. It remains to be seen how long it’ll take Doughty to acclimate, and if it has any impact on his start to the season, but at least this didn’t drag on into the start of the season. The Kings are a better team with Doughty, their star defenseman, in the lineup than without.


  1. 1) The KIngs ‘blinked’ and realized alienating their stars is no way to build a winner. The silly Lombardi bluff to dock Doughty for each day of camp he misses was ridiculous!
    2) Good deal for both sides. Its reflective of Drew’s abiity and give the Kings core stability going forward. Now lets see them win some games!

  2. After all the hoopla about his holdout, I wonder how Kings fans feel now. I heard some Doughty bashing (ahem doughtyfan) Now all is right with the world again, and all the tension will be forgotten. Gotta love professional sports.

  3. I don’t see how the Kings “blinked”. Lombardi got pretty much exactly what he wanted. Earlier this season it was reported that he’d have no problem making Doughty the highest paid player on the Kings. It was only in the last few weeks that the idea that he wouldn’t be came to light. And when you’re talking about $7million 200k is a pittance. What is that, less than %4? Call it a “cost of living” increase over Kopitar’s 2008 salary. The only real compromise Lombardi gave was 8 years rather than 9.

    As for the fans, I know there’s been a lot of backlash toward Doughty. I hope people can realize it’s just business. When you’re talking about millions of dollars and years of your life it’s important that all parties take the time to work out a deal that benefits everyone. I don’t begrudge Doughty for getting a deal that works for him. I’m just happy to have him back on the team.

    It would be interesting to see if Doughty’s 2011 salary is pro-rated for the last 2 weeks he’s taken off. Somehow I doubt we’ll ever find out.

  4. I do believe with the new CBA players begin getting paid at the start of camp, so the time he missed so far would be prorated. Its not like a punishment like Lombardi tried to make it out to be with his threats.