Kings Ship Bernier to Maple Leafs.

The Los Angeles Kings have traded goaltender Jonathan Bernier to the Toronto Maple Leafs in exchange for forward Matt Frattin, goalie Ben Scrivens and the Leafs choice of a second round pick in 2014 or 2015.

Bernier a Maple Leaf.

Bernier a Maple Leaf.

 SPECTOR’S NOTE: A good return for the Kings. Frattin, 25, is a speedy forward with a good shot who has the potential to become a good depth winger for the Kings. Scrivens is a solid backup for Jonathan Quick, and picking up an additional second round pick is a good throw-in.  

Maple Leafs GM Dave Nonis has significantly bolstered his goaltending depth, but I fear he’s now created a gaolie controversy which could become an unnecessary distraction next season. James Reimer played well this season as the Maple Leafs starter and was among the reasons the Leafs not only made the playoffs but pushed the Boston Bruins to seven games in the opening round of this year’s playoffs. Adding Bernier suggests Nonis lacks confidence in Reimer, which I’ve suspected since the Leafs GM tried to land Miikka Kiprusoff and Roberto Luongo prior to this year’s trade deadline.

If Bernier outplays Reimer, the latter could become a trade chip for Nonis perhaps by next year’s trade deadline. Maybe Nonis considers moving Reimer later this summer, allowing the Leafs to acquire an affordable backup for Bernier. 

Given Reimer’s performance this season, I believe this move was unnecessary. Time will tell. For the Leafs sake, hopefully this deal works to their advantage.


  1. Talk about insulting to Reimer. The guy posts incredible numbers and they still don’t think he’s good enough. WOW!!

  2. I really don’t see a problem with this. They were going into the offseason with a goalie who locked experience and yes played well as the number one but still had question marks. You’ve now got another possible number one in bernier and given up a 3rd line forward at best and a career back up at best. Both those pieces weren’t getting them a number one centre or top d man. Still free agency and the draft to make moves. This could just be the beginning.

    • what question marks? how many good seasons does this guy have to have before everyone stops saying hes a question mark not too mention Bernier is a way bigger question mark than Reimer is… Youve now insulted your current starter who just won the job this year and brought in another guy who asked to be traded because he wasnt the starter… your telling me Bernier is supposed to jsut come over and sign to be a split time goalie? This was a good trade but in the completely wrong situation which has made it a dumb trade

      • One full 82 game season would probably be a good start…Reimer hasn’t been able to stay healthy, he hasn’t been able to solve his rebound control and his glove hand is a problem. How many games did they lose to a shoot out cuz Reimer let in some questionable high gloves?? Yes he has potential, yes he played well but what happens if we are sitting here next year with the same problems? Is Bernier going to be available again? Worst case Reimer proves the team wrong and becomes the legit number 1 starter…best case they both become legit starters and you have an asset to trade for more… A good problem to have IMO

      • What question marks they have on Reimer must be health. The only knock I can find on Reimer is that he hasn’t played more than 40 games in any one of his 3 seasons in the NHL.

  3. I thought Bernier would get the Kings more than just a depth winger and backup goalie. The 2nd rounder is not bad .. but I still feel the Leafs made off like bandits in this deal. I’m not 100% convinced Reimer is a bonafide #1, but he certainly earned my respect this year.

    Kings could have picked up players like Frattin and Scrivens through free agency, so they really only got a 2nd round pick for Bernier.

  4. Kings could have picked up players like Frattin and Scrivens through free agency, so they really only got a 2nd round pick for Bernier.

  5. Yay. I hate Reimer. He can catch and has awful rebound control and no confidence. I hope we can trade Reimer away for an asset but I don’t think he is thought of highly in the league

    • His rebound control inflates his stats. I dont think he is viewed on a starter on any other team

      I would of preferred going with a proven goalie luongo but any other goalie is an improvement

      • you want lolongo? and no kidding Reimer doesnt have confidence… as soon as he gets any momentum going management does something like this to knock him back down again… how about isntead of trade for goalies (because thats worked out so well in the past) we just go with the best goalie weve had in a decade who is from our own system

        • I agree with Darcy. Just leave well enough alone. Reimer obviously is a #1 with tons of upside. This trade has bad news written all over it for controversy.

  6. I think this is a great move for the Leafs. They didn’t give up much to get him and now they are real solid in goal. They didn’t want to go into this season with Scrivens as they’re backup. This way now if there’s an injury to Reimer, or he doesn’t play well, they have Bernier. I cant wait for this year it will pay off in goal for sure, it just remains to be seen what other pieces they add. Should be an exciting year!

  7. Also forgot to mention i don’t think this says they don’t have confidence in Reimer, it just solidifies that position. I don’t know how they wouldn’t have confidence in him with his performance this year. Yes he needs to work on his rebound control, but other then that he’s a beast. This was his third year, I think he’s only going to get better from here.

  8. He should have been a Flyer!! Another questionable non-move by Holmgren. The Flyers really need to “rebuild” without completely “re-building”. They need to start in goal and Bernier would have been a great move. Rather than wasting time on washed up players like Mark Streit, Holmgren should be focusing on adding a promising young goalie and youth on the blue line! As it stands now, there is really no other option for the Flyers except for keeping what they currently have in Bryz and Mason. Hopefuly they don’t make a panic move for Halak, Hiller, Backstrom or Luongo! None of them are the answer, that’s for sure! Maybe Bobby Ryan can play goal? … Gonna be a long season in Philly!

    • crazy video game trade here BUT what IF
      Philly gets Backstrom’s rights, and Heatly (once of IR)
      Wild gets Bryzgalov and B. Schenn (bc of Bouchard’s concussion issues)

      • Why would the Flyers trade Braydon Schenn for an over-the-hill goalie who gets hurt every year and would end up as the back up to Mason? Especially when they could sign him as a UFA in a few weeks?? With no other young goalies being available, the best scenerio for the Flyers is if Vancouver buys out Luongo and the Flyers sign him to a short term (3-4 year) deal at a reasonable price. Otherwise they are better off keeping Bryzgalov until next off-season.

        • it was a mere way to trade off Brzy for the rights…they can let him walk away and free cap space…. without using a compliance buyout. That was all I was trying to get at.

  9. Heh, so that ends Luongo to the Leafs…..

    Guess whats left is…Philly and Edmonton. Florida possibly.

    I would say Pheonix, BUT if they are going to pay that kind of salary for a goalie, they would pay it to Smith. so, Vancouver would have to EAT like 2-3 mill of his salary.

    There Could also be a situation with Washington to get Luongo, but there are salary issues there.

    My guess is now for Vancouver….Take ANY trade you can for him. If you can’t get one, buy him out and be done with him as they don’t want him.

    • If Van and WSH are looking to make a swap for Lu then who would go the other way?

      Van gets Schutlz, Neuvirth and Erat and another bad contract?? All contracts that WSH does not want?
      WSH gets Ballard and Lu ?

    • Philly won’t trade for Luongo and take that cap hit. They have that issue now with Bryzgalov. In the end I bet Luongo ends up being bought out and signs a reasonable deal with the Flyers. In Philly he has a chance to win unlike Florida and the Islanders. …. Would be funny if Luongo and Bryzgalov both end up being bought out and swap teams!

      • If Luongo is bought out I think he goes to Florida on a cheap deal. The Canucks are in real hole now, I don’t think any other team in the league will have cap space, or was will to give an asset other than the Leafs. Things could get ugly for Gillis in Vancouver if the media doesn’t like the next coaching choice.

  10. Couple of things – Dave Nonis may be concerned about James Reimer’s history of injuries but, more significantly, I really think this is the first of several moves by the Leafs with the ultimate goal of landing a first-line centre. I would keep my eye on Leaf talks with Edmonton and/or the Flyers. Things are getting interesting.

    • Reimer and Phaneuf to CGY for…..say…..Giordano??


      Corey Sarich (CGY wanted to rid him for cap reasons) and 3rd pick?

      • you must be kidding…

        • I agree with the Reimer lover (Darcy Tucker) above me lol.

          No way Dion goes back to Calgary

  11. @ Miller,

    i agree the flyers are now a possible destination for Luongo, provided he is bought out. I disagree though with your comments about playing for a contender. Much as many do not like to admit it, the Islanders have been quietly gaining momentum. Yes they lost Streit, but lets remember; They may made the playoffs, the Flyers did not. Pronger is not coming back, and Streit is not Pronger. Mr. Clutch Danny Briere, is no more.The Flyers with Luongo are improved. The Islanders with Luongo could be even better. BTW I am not an Islanders fan.

  12. What has Bernier ever done? He was supposed to be the guy in LA. Quick passed him by leaps and bounds. Trading for the next potential goalie has become a hot thing to do in the NHL, yet when has it worked? (Ask Steve Yzerman). Toronto created a goalie controversy in a market that won’t leave any story alone. Bernier now has a ridiculous amount of pressure to come in and be the guy. You also can’t forget that Bernier is an RFA. Any team could make him an offer the Leafs would almost have to match, and he is going to get a huge raise based on potential. Those deals always mean trouble. Horrible move for a Leafs team that has much bigger holes than in goal. Reimer should demand a trade.

    • I’m not sure how many BIG holes the Leafs have to fill, but they certainly didn’t have any need to trade Frattin/Scrivens and a pick for a goalie who hasn’t performed as well as Reimer in the show. We’ll wait and see what Nonis does, there must be more to this? The Leafs have goaltending depth right on the doorstep with the Marlies.

  13. A bought out Luongo could help in a lot of places on an affordable contract, but I think he more interested in being near his family in Florida than being on contender or even up and coming team like Philly or NYI where he would fit in perfectly.