Latest Blackhawks and Red Wings News – May 7, 2012.

Why Roberto Luongo to Chicago is a ludicrous notion, and updates on Red Wings RFAs Kyle Quincey and Darren Helm.


Luongo to Chicago a ludicrous idea.

CSNCHICAGO.COM: Chris Boden lists several reasons why the rumor of Roberto Luongo being deal to the Chicago Blackhawks is ludicrous.  Among them: the Blackhawks aren’t about to help their hated rival move Luongo in order to promote Cory Schneider as a starter, and the ‘Hawks can’t afford to take on Luongo’s big cap hit.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Honestly, I can’t understand why some pundits, who really should know better, keep citing Chicago as a potential destination for Luongo. Did they not follow the playoff series between those two teams? Are they willfully unaware of how many high-salaries players the Blackhawks currently have in their lineup? Did they not hear GM Stan Bowman’s persistent support of the current goalie tandem of Corey Crawford and Ray Emery? Sorry, folks but I just can’t see this happening.

DETROIT NEWS/ DETROIT FREE PRESS: Defenseman Kyle Quincey is looking forward to a fresh start with the Red Wings, who acquired him in a mid-season deal, while forward Darren Helm continues to recover from a forearm injury and is headed to a new deal with the club. Both are restricted free agents this summer.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Of the pair, Helm(who made just $912K last season) would be the easiest to re-sign, while Quincey (coming off a contract paying him over $3.125 million per season) will probably have to accept a pay cut to remain a Red Wing.


  1. If Lidstrom returns and Suter is signed then I could see Quincey being traded to a team like Edmonton. The Oilers are in dire need of top 4 dmen and Quincey fits their age group well. Quincey was acquired by Holland to essentially be Stuart’s replacement. However, Brendan Smith will be on the team full time next season and he will not be the #7 dman. He will be on the 3rd pair with Ericsson most likely. Holland will be aggressive on July 1st and he has lots of cap space to burn to go after Parise and Smith. Quincey did not impress me very much in his short time in Detroit. He reminded me of the guy who Holland placed on waivers years ago in favour of Derek Meech. I just don’t think Quincey is worth 3 mil a season on the Wings. In Edmonton he would get lots of ice time and likely be more like the guy we saw in LA and Colorado.

    • So let me get this straight, according to you the Wings will re-sign Lidstrom, sign UFA’s Suter AND Parise. You are high if you think they can afford to sign those three and there rfa’s. I can see them re-signing Lidstrom and maybe one of Suter or Parise, but NOT both.

      • Actually you are high if you do not think Ken Holland will not be aggressive this summer. He has 20 million in cap space. The red wings are the gold standard organizationwho treat their players very well and are an attractive place for players to play. If the cap increases as rumoured, my predictions are very realistic.

        • Suter just witnessed the passing of the guard to Nashville from Detroit, and the wings are getting older with each day. Suter won’t be joining Detroit if he decides to leave Nashville.

          Detroit has some good players, and even if Holland is aggressive, it won’t be enough to entice him or Parise. They are very likely to stay put with where they are.

          • LOL Thanks for the laugh. You can hate the Wings all you like but the fact is Holland will be a major player in UFA come July 1st.


    Just one question????????

    Why is Chicago dumping on there goaltending when Patrick Kane was goaless in the series??

    I was routing for a Kane to Buffalo deal for Miller and everyone here threw me to the wolves and said Miller wasnt enough for Kane ….should the Blackhawks acquire a goalie and get a good PKG in return…. they should look to move out Kane in that deal !!

    • Yeh, Buffalo fans would love that. How far did Miller take you this year???

      • He took us from second last to 3 points out. That was pretty damn good if you ask me.

    • Ugh, listen to NikK

  3. Slap, you don’t ever give up on a 22 year old offesnively gifted star. Ever. Esspeically one who won you a CUP!

  4. @ Nikk

    You can only have 2 goalies on a roster …1 of which is your legit#1 who plays 70 mgames and is what gets you to the dance!!

    On a team there a 12 players such as Kane that can do the job he does plus another 8 defenseman to contribute …he is 1 player that can get you a good return to fill what is lacking … can have all the talent upfront Sharp Toews Kane Stalberg Bolland ect ect ect ….if you dont have the goaltending and no scoroing you aint going anywhere …as I always say you have to give up something to get something Chicago is dep up front they can replace him withou missing a step and improive the Gaolie position to cut doewn on goals against so they wont have to out score other teams all the time to win …it evens itself out!!

    • 12 players such as Kane. I must nned glasses, as I see very few players that can do what he can do. Let’s give Mike Smith his props too…

  5. Kane is definitely a good piece to move for a goalie. He’s not one of Chicago most integral players.

    • I hope you are joking…

  6. Niether Ryan Miller nor Patrick Kane will be moved by either team in the next few years to come. Sorry you can rationalize it all you want, it’s just not happening. This isnt coming from a big fan of either team or players. This is just reality.

  7. So by your logic, why would a team give away a legit #1 goalie for a guy who is “just one of 12 players”? I would argue that a guy like Kane with 90+pt potential is VERY hard to find.

    The Islanders need a goalie, they are not trading Tavares. The Oilers need a goalie and they are not trading Hall or RNH. The Blackhawks can get what they need in terms of goaltending without giving up on one of their valuable core pieces.

  8. Slap, I don’t think a Miller/Kane swap is happening. But, I agree that he hasn’t received his share of the blame. I honestly think that a lack of exposure in the west coast is to blame. Fans in the west always complain that their stars go more un-noticed then those in the east, I think that’s the case when a player is slumping to.

  9. So let me get this straight! You trade Patrick Kane because he is not ‘scoring’ after he has had three 70+ pt seasons, an 80+pt season, never scored under 20 goals in a season, was HUGE as in 28pts 10g in 22gp in Chicago’s cup run, has generally been a good playoff performer because of one ‘subpar’ season where he still scored 23g and 66pts? He also did that while for the first time since being a Hawk playing as the 2nd line center as opposed to a Toews winger.

    Not only that you want to trade him for a goalie who has had no playoff success, has been just good not great the past two seasons, really only has two phenomenal seasons and an Olympic performance to his name is on the wrong side of 30, is only signed two more seasons and only costs $100,000 less cap hit a year.

    Kane is one of the best young offensive stars in the NHL and the Hawks will not nor should they move him. One bad playoff performance does not warrant getting moved and he had a very solid season none the less … the idea of Kane for Miller is ludicrous at best. Crawford + Emery are a great duo, both have shown they can be game stealing starters and will be better next season.

    Hawks need a #2 center and defensive depth. The Hawks have $3 million in space and will lose Brunette, Morrison, and maybe Oduya this off season to free up and nearly $7 million. The Hawks will be able to reach out to UFA this year and pick up some players that they need and they will be fine and in contention again come next season.

    The Hawks should see what happens with centers Jarret Stoll, Olli Jokinen, Paul Gaustad, and Kyle Wellwood to try and lure one of them to Chicago as a center depth solution. Also with Wideman, Kuba, Carle, Gil, Souray, Carkner, Garrison, and Sarich all slated to possibly become UFA the Hawks have options to fill some defensive voids.

    • @JJB

      I agreed with everything you said right up until you said Crawford and Emery are a great duo.Aren’t they the only goaltending duo in the league not to record a single shut out last season? Game stealers? They snatch defeat from the jaws of victory from time to time, is that what you meant?

  10. Top 5 all time Goalie save percentage Leaders

    1. Hasek how many cups in Buffalo??? Zero. #5 in P.O.
    2. Thomas – #1 in the playoffs – Top goalie of all time??
    3. Renne, P – #19 In the playoffs
    4. Lundqvist – # 18 in the playoffs
    5. Luongo only dropped .003 points in playoffs

    As per

    Lots of big names at the top. The team in front of a goalie make a huge difference.

    Patrick Roy is way down the list. Brodeur is in at 11th in the Playoffs. How many cups do they have between them? 7 I think.

    My point is the decent goalie can get you to the show and win the cup. The great goalie can cover up for any defensive holes you may have.

    BTW Also shows why Lou get s what he does.

    • I don’t care what quanthockey says about Luongo. He hasn’t been good in the playoffs in three years. His coach agrees with me as he keeps getting pulled.

  11. I’m going to go off the board here with this suggestion and I expect to get jumped on big time, but here goes.

    Buffalo send Roy and second rd in 2012 to
    Vancouver for Luongo.

    Then on the same day:

    Buffalo trades Miller and second rounder to
    Chicago for Kane and Mayers (or a third rounder)

    And then trade

    Vanek and the 1st and 3rd rounder this year to
    Columbus for Rick Nash.

    This last one may be over kill, but I said I was going off the board.

    • Or the last deal is to Pitts for Staal

  12. The fail in this thread is ridiculous.

    Kane for Miller. Please. Please, just stop.

    • LMAO ok ok

  13. Right on Wings fan! Suter AND Parise have both publicly said they would love Detroit so if there’s a way Holland will have them in RED next season.