Latest Blackhawks, Rangers & Bruins Rumors – July 20, 2014

Could the Blackhawks trade Patrick Sharp or Johnny Oduya to become cap compliant this season? Will the Rangers re-sign or trade Marc Staal?  What will the Bruins do to address their surplus of defensemen? 

Will the Blackhawks trade Patrick Sharp?

Will the Blackhawks trade Patrick Sharp?

ESPN.COM: Scott Powers reports Blackhawks players understand one of them could be moved to ensure the club is cap compliant when the season begins. The Blackhawks currently sit above the cap by over $2.2 million. Patrick Sharp and Johnny Oduya have been mentioned in recent trade rumors. Both acknowledged the speculation. Oduya believes he’ll be back next season while Sharp noted his agent’s recent vehement denials the winger was on the trade block. GM Stan Bowman wouldn’t reveal his intentions but isn’t concerned about it.

“Like I said all along, we have some ideas of what we’re going to do. A lot of things happen once camps open both for us and for other teams, in terms of players maybe you expect to meet expectations don’t quite do it and certain teams are looking around trying to find players. I always think you’re always in a good position when you have a lot of established players. I think that’s better than the other way around.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Defenseman Nick Leddy ($2.7 million) was also mentioned as a trade possibility. Sharp would certainly attract the best return, but if the intent is shedding salary the Blackhawks can’t take back much in the return. Oduya is eligible for UFA status next summer and appears the likely candidate, but his no-trade limits potential destinations, whereas Leddy lacks a trade clause and would be easier to move. 

NEW YORK POST: Once the Rangers are done dealing with the respective contract statuses of Mats Zuccarello, Derick Brassard and Chris Kreider, Larry Brooks believes the Rangers should get busy working on a new contract for defenseman Marc Staal. Brooks believes Staal could seek a six-year deal worth $5.5 million per season, provided he can avoid another concussion. If the Rangers aren’t willing to pay it, Brooks feels they should start investigating what he can fetch in a trade.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: With Dan Girardi, Ryan McDonagh and Kevin Klein locked up to long-term deals, and the addition of Dan Boyle on a two-year contract, the Rangers could move Staal if they’re unwilling to meet his contract demands. That being said, they’ll probably retain him for the upcoming season. 

BOSTON GLOBE: Amalie Benjamin reports on the Bruins surplus of defensemen (Zdeno Chara, Dougie Hamilton, Dennis Seidenberg, Johnny Boychuk, Matt Bartkowski, Torey Krug, Adam McQuaid, Kevan Miller, and David Warsofsky ), noting GM Peter Chiarelli acknowledged he’ll have to shed one before the start of the season. She notes Chiarelli’s desire to keep his core intact but points out Boychuk is a UFA next summer who could command over $5 million per season and would fetch more return and cap space.  Chiarelli has shown a willingness to move Bartkowski, as he was nearly moved to Calgary for Jarome Iginla in 2013.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Chiarelli has options and isn’t in any hurry to make a move right now. That could happen in September after he’s had an opportunity to evaluate his defense core during training camp and preseason. 



  1. Bowman really onlys needs to shed 2.2 mil no and he can do that without dismantling the top two pairing with an Oduya trade, or a Sharp 30 goal subtraction. THAT type move c an come when the Kane-Toews deals start in a year, and the have the same core + Richards to attempt a run next spring. Bowman is correct, in the fact teams are gonna see where they need position help near training camp and then start calling. Even Bickell gets a year reprieve to show he is a year long warrior and not just a playoff player, before he is on the departure list. This Blackhawk salry shed can be as small as Versteeg or Roszival…for NOW.

  2. can’t see Sather trading the cheap shotting coward Staal … if I were Bowman I’d deal both of those guys for picks/prospects … and keep Leddy …

  3. Staal is gonna be a Cane after this season anyway. try to get something for him from Car or as a rental or risk losing him for nothing.

  4. The Rangers will not resign Staal. He is still not the same player he was before the eye and head injuries.
    I still believe he goes to the Canes for the obvious reasons. John Moore is developing well as his replacement .As intense as Staall was in the playoffs Rangers will let him go soon

    • Agreed – he has not been the same and that’s too bad. Staal will get $5M+ on the open market and I don’t see the Rangers’ paying him. They should have found a way to keep Stalman.

    • I don’t see Moore as a replacement for Staal. Two completely different guys. Why is a move to the canes “obvious”? Eric is rumored to be on his way out of Carolina and 1 more bad year for the team, I see him gone…..So why would Marc Staal bother going? I’m sure Stall will be looking for the best contract he can get with a contender, and worry less about joining his brothers on a team that will more than likely offer neither.

      • Staal has to prove he can get back to where he was before the injury before he gets that big contract.

      • I thought Moore was better offensively than Marc and more physical. Staal’s position play is still top notch.
        Stralman played 10x better last season that at any point of his career…do you think he is worth his new paycheck?

        also if the Canes did a solid move like add Marc to their blue line would Eric be appeased and stay?

        • Stralman and Niskanen – both in contract years, had better seasons than at any point in their careers and both were rewarded with long term deals, great money. Not sure how good these guys are, but we know both players will be getting top 4 minutes, playing against the opponents’ better players. Unchartered territory for both players. As for Stralman, I think he found his comfort zone last season with the Rangers in a place where he could make contributions. Let’s see if the Bolts can create such a comfort zone for him in Tampa Bay- and a lot of this transition will be up to Stralman. As Clint Eastwood once said – “A man’s got to know his limitations”.

          • The last half of the season Staal was looking like his old self again but would I want the Rangers to pay $5.5 per for him? No.
            He’s not worth that and we could get a damn good return for him. He’s very similar in almost every way to Stralman (who took less than what the Rangers were offering in TB – Tax rules etc) so realistically to be resigned by the Rangers Staal would need to sign at no more than $5m a season. Even then take in to account that the Rangers would then have over $10m in Staal and Girardi next season, $15m if you include Boyle. I believe that by that point one of the prospects can take Staals spot. Right now there would be several teams over-paying to get someone like Staal in their lineup.

        • Moore is probably better than Staal offensively , But he doesn’t kill penalties and the quality of competition drop off he sees is tremendous. Stralman had a great year, but he was paired with Staal, who on a lot of teams is a #1-2 guy. Is he worth the new deal? Time will tell. But I’d rather have his deal than Orpik’s or Niskanen’s . I think the Canes management will be the ones looking to move Eric, not the other way around necessarily. Bottom line, I don’t see the Canes being better this year than last year. They have literally done nothing to improve their team. With 2 years left on his deal, if they are out of the picture late….. I think he will be moved at the deadline this year.

  5. I could see Johnny being traded but Boston can’t take much of a contract back so would need to be a kid or a pick. Oilers still need a real defenseman and have maybe what Boston would want.

    • Oilers need a top pairing defensemen. I doubt Boston is offering that up. Most teams have what the Bruins need in return – prospects or draft picks. They can’t take back much salary.

  6. Well to get a top pairing D-man Oilers would need to move a first line forward not sure they are willing to part with that.

    • You are correct – Obe – Edmonton has to give up assets to secure top defenseman. I still don’t know what the Oilers’ long term plan is – does anyone?

      • They need a top pair defenseman and a big offensive center man. Same needs as just about every other team in the league. Trading one of their top forwards for the Dman just creates another hole on a team that struggled to score last year. They know what they need, there just aren’t easy solutions.

    • I think Eberle to Boston could give Edmonton a nice return.
      For cap reasons would do
      Boychuk,Maquaid,Kelly and Caron.
      Would give them two defensemen both physical,a center and fourth liner.
      If not these names maybe Bartkowski instead of Maquaid
      And something sweeter than Caron like a high pick or Koko.

  7. i think you guys are forgetting that some of these “great” boston defensemen have never been #1’s or #2’s on teams. i think if you throw a few of them in #1 or 2 roles, and log the huge minutes, you’ll find out that they’re not that great. hope boston doesn’t fleece the leafs with one of them, like they’ve been known to do, and the leafs will believe anything. lol

  8. Some of these boston dmen will get huge returns. Desperate teams will overpay for some of these guys. People act as if boston has a problem, they have leverage. I’m not a fan of them but hey i wish i had tooo many good defensemen in front of prolly one of the best goalies in the world if not the best, and how bout moving Chara to make cap?? i know thats a 100-1 longshot in some sense..but those knees wont last forever and the league only gets faster and younger…..