Latest Bobby Ryan News – August 21, 2014

The Ottawa Senators hope to re-sign Bobby Ryan, but it could prove easier said than done. 

Can the Senators re-sign Bobby Ryan?

Can the Senators re-sign Bobby Ryan? Chris Lund reports Ottawa Senators GM Bryan Murray definitely hopes to re-sign Bobby Ryan, who is entering the final year of his contract and is eligible for unrestricted free agency next summer. Murray said they’ve spoken at length with Ryan’s representatives, and believes discussions will continue when Ryan reports for training camp.

OTTAWA CITIZEN: Ken Warren reports recently-re-signed Senators forward Clarke MacArthur hopes to convince Ryan to stay with the club. “He’s a natural, he’s a player we want on the team,” said MacArthur. “If I can nudge him to stay, I’m going to try.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As Warren observes, a deal for Ryan won’t come easily or soon. Ryan will be among the best players potentially available in next summer’s free-agent market. If the trend of teams re-signing their stars before their UFA eligibility continues, Ryan could become the top player available next July.

Ryan will have numerous suitors willing to pony up lucrative long-term contract offers to obtain his services. He’s currently earning an annual cap hit of $5.1 million and is a four-time 30-goal scorer. A strong performance in his contract year could see Ryan land a five-to-seven year deal worth upwards of $8 million per season.

Some of you will scoff at that, but I remind you never to underestimate the ability of NHL general managers to overpay for free-agent talent, especially if the salary cap significantly rises next summer. Trust me, it will. The combination of the NHL’s new Canadian TV deal combined with its annual Stadium series pretty much assures it. 

 In recent years the Senators became a budget club which doesn’t keep pace with the rising cap ceiling. They could have a difficult time scraping up the coin to retain Ryan long term. 

Another factor will be the Senators performance this season and the front office’s plans going forward. Another poor season, or one where they’re a marginal playoff contender, won’t help their case. Neither will being unable to invest in the kind of talent necessary to become a perennial playoff contender.

 Ryan could prefer to head to a club which not only pays him top dollar but is also either a Cup contender or on the verge of becoming one. That’s difficult for a budget team like the Senators to achieve. While I hate to be pessimistic, I think we’ll see Ryan on the trade block by the March trade deadline. 


  1. there is nothing to suggest Ryan won’t re-sign based on all the comments made by him and management. A deal should be done by October.

    The budget argument is silly because they are already paying him. They don’t need to pony up that much more to keep him. He isn’t going to get 8 million.

    • Hopefully you’re right. If only to stifle all the know-it-all naysayers. A good deal for him would be 5 years at 6.8 million per – with bonuses.

      • The budget argument to be is void. Ottawa doesn’t have a problem signing star players to lucrative contracts. Their issue arises in signing more than 1 or 2 star players to lucrative contracts. Right now Ottawa is at the bottom of the salary cap floor. The cap will be going up. Ottawa will have to spend more money next year to reach the new salary cap floor. Money that can go to Ryan’s contract. Ottawa’s new TV contract with TSN and the Revenues generated by the NHL’s Canadian national broadcast with Rogers will give the Sens some wiggle. This team can be a mid cap team. They are choosing to be a bottom feeder during the rebuild.

        The idea that Ryan will wish to join a contender is a concern. However if as Spector points out Ryan has a stellar year which garners him an 8 million dollar offer as a free agent. I am sure that great year will couple with a pretty good season for the Senators and the Sens will be playoff bound. Which will encourage them to spend the money to retain Ryan (doesn’t need to be 8 million). Add to this that Ryan left a pretty good Stanley cup contender to Join Ottawa. Why did he want away from a contender only to want to go back to one? I know why he wanted out, the answer was because he wanted to be a lead guy and not be stuck down the pecking order of other star players. He has that in Ottawa. Perhaps the money will entice him to leave however Like I said before Ottawa will pay the price to keep him. So the dollar argument is mute to me and as for going to a contender to win a cup, he left a contender to have a starting roll. I simply don’t believe he will do a 180, he may go to another team that will provide him the leadership/star roll he desired that isn’t a complete contender but then he could stay with Ottawa.

        Finally Ottawa can not afford to let all its star players go. Yes it is expensive to keep them. But it can prove to be more expensive to watch them all walk. Ottawa is not in a market where they can continue to put a mediocre team on the ice and still fill the stadium. That role is for franchises like Toronto who have corporations to keep them afloat. Ottawa relies heavily on ordinary people buying tickets. They need something to market to these individuals. The need to sell tickets,k They need Ryan.

        All this being said, I am 90% certain Ryan will remain a Sen. !0% that he will be leaving. Time will tell.

        • “Add to this that Ryan left a pretty good Stanley cup contender to Join Ottawa. ”

          Uh, he didn’t have much of a choice. He was traded. And at that time, Ottawa had Spezza and Alfredsson still performing. Honestly I think he has his eyes on Philadelphia and always had. My bet is on them, and they will pay him the money. And, no, I’m not a Flyer’s fan.

          • Yes he didn’t have a choice where he was going but he requested the trade. He wanted out of Anaheim to obtain a more prominent role. Whether you think that factors into to his future decision, that is well simple opinions, you have mine.

          • Alfredsson was still performing – just not with Ottawa.

  2. this team is tumbling down the rabbit hole. Murray is a decent GM in my opinion. i think he needs to go to a team that wants to contend, not save money. if ryan doesn’t resign i think it’s safe to say philly will have a new winger come next summer…

  3. This will be the funniest article you will read this off season. NO WAY Ryan resigns with Ottawa. 1. Ottawa is too cheap. 2. He is American and I am sure will want to play south. 3. Very rare now a top free agent signs with a Canadian team. 4. He will want to play on a team that has a chance to win, which ownership will make impossible by spending near cap floor. The day he was traded to Ottawa, I know exactly how many days he will be a Senator.

    • Toronto is certainly not a “cheap” tram. Not with the contracts they handed out to stiffs like Phaneuf and Clarkson. So tell us, why is it that no big-time UFAs want to go there either?

      • I don’t have the answers. I just stated big free agents will not sign with Canadian teams.

        • Well atleast you got something right DChamp.. How do you know B.Ryan wants to play south of the border?? He actually loves Ottawa..

          • I guess time will tell

      • Because neither team is in a position to make a deep run in the playoffs. Same with the 4 Western Canadian teams. When these teams are on the upswing and viewed as cup contenders rather than playoff hopefuls they will have no problem drawing free agents. If the Ottawa ownership doesn’t have the funds or isn’t interested in spending the funds to make the Senators a championship contender he should sell the team.

    • There are Americans on every Canadian team. Not too comfortable when Canadian hockey announcers go on national TV in Canada and complain that there are too man Americans on certain teams – like the Leafs. Don’t blame American hockey players for leaving!

  4. Fat chance he stays in Ottawa.

    • #like

  5. IF Ryan and his agent do prefer to take a “wait-and-see” attitude regarding the Sens prospects and so chooses not to reach a deal before the season begins, then they should deal him sooner rather than later. A young team doesn’t need that sort of distraction hanging over their heads for most of the season leading up to the trade deadline. Suppose they’re having a decent season by then and well into the mix for a playoff spot? Do they then hang onto him until season’s end and risk seeing him walk with no return? And if they did choose to trade him then to avoid that situation, what does that say to the rest of the team heading down the stretch? They could conceivably get a bit more for him at the trade deadline than now, but not enough more to risk screwing up any team “chemistry.” There are surely several teams who feel they are on the cusp of going all the way this year and who might see the addition of a 30-goal winger as the one ingredient to put them over the top – even if it is only for one full year, and I’m sure the Sens could get a decent return for Ryan that will help make their overall roster a bit stronger.

    • it doesn’t matter if the sens are first or last, ryan is a goner before the trade deadline! if not then i will eat my laptop with HP sauce. mmmm

      • If he does sign, will you let me shove it down your throat – with sauce – all for a good cause of course?

  6. Ryan resigns with Ottawa after Chris Neil wins the Lady Byng …

  7. He isn’t re-signing in Ottawa.
    Question for all the Sens fans out there… can you HONESTLY name one reason why he’d re-sign in Ottawa?

    • To Be a lead player
      To play with Turris and MacArthur and be one of the top lines in the league, underdog and uderrated.
      If the Sens improve and make the playoffs to be competitive.
      To show loyalty (HaHa, I know players don’t have loyalty to fan bases.)

      • Lead player? He can be that on a lot of other teams that are willing to spend to improve their teams, unlike the Sens because of Melnyk (worst owner in the NHL)
        To play with Turris and MacArthur? Hardly enticing… he could play with a number of better players on other teams.
        IF the Sens improve and become competitive – let’s face the facts, Eugene can talk all the crap he wants, but the Sens will be a front runner in the McDavid sweepstakes
        I just don’t see him re-signing, I don’t see why he’d see Ottawa as being a diserable location to get paid, play with good players and win

        • You could of had some valid points, it’s just a matter of opinion, as for worst owner. That statement alone makes me disregard all your all you other statements as it exposes all your ignorance sand biases. Mr. Wang is by far the leading contender for worst owner, and the ownership group of the maple Leafs show little to be praised yet as they continue to perform embarrassingly season after season despite the unending stream of money.

          • melnyk is worse

        • Well, at least he’s an owner you can associate with a face. Unlike that massive conglomerate that runs the Leafs. But I agree. If he chooses to continue to hamstring his GM by making him adhere to an internal cap that is barely above the floor, then he should sell it to someone with deeper pockets.

      • Hmmm play with Turris or Claude Giroux hmmm tough cal but…!
        Where ever Ryan goes he is going to be a top 3 guy most likely, not saying for sure he goes but the arguement that it makes more sense to stay and play with Turris is absurd.

  8. July 2015 Ryan will be a Flyer

  9. Those who think Ryan will be a flyer next year should pause for a moment. According to CapGeek they already have spent 65.5M for 16 players in the 2015-2016 season. Unless they trade assets they will be in a bind to add impact player.
    They have to shed 4.5 M this year

    • History tells us that the Flyers are not shy about trading, demoting, hiding on LTIR players of any caliber to get the shiny new toy they want.

    • Salary will not be an issue.

      If the Flyers want Ryan, they can free up the salary for him.

    • Actually, no they don’t.

      Research it,,they can put Pronger and Timonen on LTIR, before the start of the season, and they will be under.

      Article 50.10 section D of the CBA covers this.

  10. Ryan will be a Flyer next year. He is from the Philly area and at one time asked to be traded there. Cap will go again and with some big contracts done next year for the Flyers they will have room.

    • The cap will go up for the Sens as well. Yeah in their case they will give Ryan the big contract to reach the cap floor but hey it still goes up for them too. lol

      • Yes it will go up for the Sens too, but nobody WANTS to play there.
        There are players who have to play there, Ryan is not one of them.

  11. Here’s the salary cap issue. The cap minimum is currently $51 million. If, as I expect, the cap ceiling goes up to $75 million the cap floor goes up to around $55 million. The Senators currently have over $41 million in cap payroll invested in 15 players. If, as I expect, the Senators (being a budget-conscious team) stick close to the cap minimum, they’ll have a little over $14 million in cap space.

    Sure, more than enough to re-sign Ryan if, say, he accepts $7 million per season to stay in Ottawa. Problem is, they’ve now eaten up half their cap space and must still re-sign or replace pending UFAs Craig Anderson, Marc Methot and Erik Condra plus re-sign RFAs Mika Zibanejad, Alex Chiasson, Mike Hoffman and Mark Stone. I can describe this situation in one word: Yikes!

  12. There’s RW spots on Crosby’s and/or Malkin’s wings…he would look nice there!

    • If you think “yikes” describes Ottawa’s future problems with RFAs and UFAs, check out Pittsburgh!

  13. If Ryan is smart and i believe he is he will wait to see what he gets offered and by who.If he truly wants to win a cup he will look at all offers and take the one that suits him.he could do very well in alot of places philly,boston and top teams looking for that type of power forward .Lets be honest i think he will sign with a team who is closest to winning the cup and ottawa is just not there.

  14. Lyle, you call yourself a hockey writer – Next year Melnyk will be getting 40 Million from «tsn and 15 Million from Sportsnet = 55 Million so basically that covers the Minimum Cap limit – you don’t think he can put some extra money on the team Payroll – C’mon wake up. This team will be able to spend 25 million easy. they won’t be at the Cap Minimum any longer. Anyhow Ryan will sign and all the posts you’ve made about Ryan for weeks now will be wrong.

    • You’re assuming all that money is going directly toward payroll. It won’t. Much of that money goes toward other operating costs associated with the team. It will help them keep pace with the rising cap minimum, perhaps even help them spend a little more on cap payroll, but it’s not going to be enough to push them toward the cap ceiling.

      • Jake – C’mon wake up….

        • Lyle and TML come on yourselves. Surely it is possible and foreseeable that Ottawa will never be a top cap spending team however surely they will have the funds to out spend the likes of Florida, Calgary, and nashvilles of the league. Ottawa chooses to spend low as they rebuild. They can put a few extra dollars and be more around the mid of the cap range.

          • I would not be surprised if this is Melnyk’s temper tantrum from having his casino idea nixed. There are no plans to sell the team. He needs fans to by tickets, they will have to become a playoff team soon or risk further financial problems regardless of the expense of players.

          • The proof, as they say, is in the pudding, Jeff, not only for the short-term but the long-term as well. I’ve cited the reasons why that could prove difficult. I’m waiting for someone to give me proof otherwise.

          • not to be nit-picky, but Calgary should not be in your list. They have no money issues and can be very easy a cap team. Their rebuilding is the reason for their cap level.

          • Ok I will concede Calgary but it boalsters another argument that Ottawa is a mid level cap team and is only paying bottom dollars during the rebuild, much like Calgary.

  15. If Benoit Pouliot can get five years at $4 mil per, Ryan can certainly get $8 mil.

    • If Ryan actually proves me wrong and re-signs with the Senators, I have no problem with that. Indeed, good for them! My issue, however, is how much that might cost, if the Senators can afford that long-term, and if Ryan actually sees his long-term future in Ottawa.

    • That’s the surcharge Edmonton has to pay for players to come play there.

  16. Jeff is correct. Eugene was having a temper tantrum after losing out on getting the casino. Cutting spending on the Sens was Ottawa’s punishment plus the team is rebuilding. Next season TV revenues alone will cover team salaries, never mind gate receipts, food concessions, Sens clothing sales and parking. Too bad all of you haters from Toronto but the Sens are a long way from losing money. LOL. Myself, I don’t really care whether he signs or not. Without Ryan our chances at the McDavid sweepstakes are very good. Him and Erik Karlsson together on the Sens, now that’s exciting.

    • Senators actually lost $94 million in the first ten years Eugene Melnyk owned the team.

      According to Sportsnet’s Nick Kypreos, the Senators aren’t out of the woods yet financially.
      Despite the infusion of television dollars, Melnyk still wants another attraction near the Senators arena (like a casino).

      Even with the new TV dollars, there’s no guarantee Melnyk won’t cut the amount of money he invests in the team by the same amount.

      • Piease, Nick Kypreos is now a financial analyst. You’re making me laugh.
        As far as Melnyk wanting other attractions near the CTC, sure he does. He can make even more money or at least get back what he lost in Biovail. After he lost control of Biovail he had another temper tantrum and sold his shares at a $500-$900 million dollar loss. Today, Biovail is worth double what it ever was when Melnyk controlled the company.

        • So, by your claim, Melnyk is an unstable owner who loses money because of temper tantrums and bad business decisions, but everything’s going swimmingly with the Senators, and the only reason they don’t invest more money in payroll is because their owner pitched a temper tantrum. And pray, what proof do you have of any of this. I’ve provided substantiation to back up my statements, while you’ve provided….nothing.

          • And you think that Nick Kypreos is a financial analyst. What does that substantiate? The same with the Ottawa Citizen and the 6th Sens. They all quote the figures that Eugene gives them, unquestioningly. Let him show us the financial books of all his Sens companies.
            Forbes analyzes all pro sports teams in North America. According to them the Sens make money.
            He claims that he loses $10 million a year and now he says that he still won’t make money with the new TV revenues. Well, check the math. $30-$40 million in new TV revenues minus $10 million in losses. That leaves plus $20-$30 million. It isn’t hard to see that Melnyk is playing loose with the numbers. It also proves that he isn’t being honest either.

    • Ummm ticket revenues?…you know that the Sens ticket revenues are 13th in the NHL right and if the loonie is weak they would be in the bottom half of the league in ticket revenue? They are far from rolling in the dough financially. Good thing for Leaf and Habs fans who buy up those tickets when they are in town or their revenues would be even lower.

      • So tell me exactly how much their ticket revenues were last year in dollars.

        • Forbes claims the Senator made $6.8 million in operating income in 2012-13. That’s earnings before taxes, interest, depreciation and amortization. They also received $150 million of financing prior to the 2013-14 NHL season. Of that amount, about $130 million was for the purposes of refinancing a previous loan. Taking all those factors into account, and remembering that Forbes’ numbers are estimates as they have no access to any NHL teams’ books, suddenly the Senators aren’t making as much money as you believe.

          And my, how quickly you dismiss substantiation I provided through three different sources, all citing the Senators losses and Melynk’s ongoing claims that the club is a money-losing operation. Until you can provide actual substantiation to support your statements, all you’ve got is your opinion, which matters for nothing, because you’ve provided nothing to back up your claims that the Senators are making lots of money.

          • And you have proved nothing either. You choose to believe Nick Kypreos over Forbes, experts at analyzing pro sports teams. Where did he or the Citizen get their facts from? Melnyk. I want him to show us his books because I don’t believe what he says. If you have any real facts other than Nick’s, feel free to print them now. And, show me how he can take in $30-40 million in new revenue and say that he still won’t make any money after claiming that he loses $10 million a year. That’s a $20-30 million discrepancy, Lyle.

          • Clap, clap,clap

            Very well said.

      • Okay, now you are just sounding like a Rider fan.

  17. Until I see those figures supported by a reputable auditor I don’t put much faith in them. Melnyk has the Senators divided into three or four companies. That makes it pretty easy for him to claim that he’s losing money especially when nobody else has access to the books. The Sens will bring in about $30-$40 million in new TV revenues next year and he is still crying poor. If he was losing $10 million a year (by my math) that leaves him with $20-$30 million next year. Melnyk may be personally losing money but the Senators are not.

    • How about Melnyk’s own words, Peety? From the Ottawa Citizen last summer:

      :The Senators lose money as a hockey operation, Melnyk said (“If you heard a number, it would be staggering,” he said); although his Ottawa entertainment empire makes some money off concerts as well, that’s not the business it used to be. He’s set a $50 million cap on player salaries and can’t afford to spend more, retooling the team into a young, inexpensive one that’ll need some luck to win consistently.
      It pleases Melnyk to own a hockey team and he doesn’t intend to sell or move the Senators, but without a “third revenue stream,” his options for expanding the empire and renovating the arena are limited. “It puts a whole damper on my enthusiasm that I came here with 10 years ago,” he said.”

      • “The Senators lose money as a hockey operation”. Read my last comment. Melnyk has the Sens divided up between three or four companies. For instance, Capital Tickets takes care of ticket sales. So how much does Capital Tickets skim off the top of those Sens ticket sales? Does Capital Tickets show a profit while it shows the Sens losing money?
        The Sens are now valued at around $400 million compared to the $127 million that he paid for the team. That’s a $273 million profit if he sold them plus his $127 original investment. He could even sell 75% and keep a 25% interest in the team to stay involved with the team. Canadian Tire is always looking for investments to enhance their primary business which includes selling sports equipment. He won’t sell though because he is already making money hand over fist on the Senators.

        • So, he’s making money hand over fist with the Senators, but claims as a hockey operation they’re losing money. Reports indicate he lose nearly $100 million in the first ten years he owned the team and he keeps seeking a third revenue stream for the club. It doesn’t matter how he’s got the Senators divided up. The bottom line is they’re losing money, Peety, so much so that he’s pushed for a casino and reportedly still seeks other revenues streams to off-set the club’s losses. What the Senators are valued at is irrelevant unless he puts the team up for sale. Even then there’s no guarantee he’ll get what he wants.

          • Okay, Lyle. The value of the team has tripled over ten years. He says that he has lost $100 million but shows no proof to back up his claim. He stands to bring in another $30-40 million next year but claims he won’t make a profit; after telling us that he loses $10 million a year. What happened to the other $20-30 million?

          • Umm, I hope some of you read this… he uses stats to claim he’s losing money year after year. He’s also in a huge PR battle with the city because he wants everyone on his side. This is a government town and most people won’t have the wool pulled over their eyes.

            Melnyk’s sens are valued more now, you know what that means? He can borrow much more easily against them, so even if he can’t capitalize on that to get cash he can use that to leverage.

            As another poster said… the sens are the team and the businesses one normally associates with a franchise don’t exist as part of that original business. The concessions don’t count as part of the sens revenue… Give me a break, they make a killing in that department. This isn’t the TBL or CBJ, we’re not getting free food for buying a ticket.

            His finances may not be the best in the league and until they are you’ll hear Melnyk’s PR crying constantly. They want the city to support them more and frankly, Canadian cities do not do what American cities do, if the team can exist here it will but we don’t subsidize these luxuries.

            He’s fairly shady as everyone knows. He also makes himself look like a publicly available dude but doesn’t let anyone talk about him… for instance



        • Thats an estimated value of a franchise in a league that on average all its franchise has rose in terms of value despite teams like Arizona Nashville Florida etc, its estmated and still among the bottom half of the league (17th) in terms of value and it comes with the building unlike some nhl franchises in other words the actual value is only what someone would pay for it.

  18. Ryan will sign with Ducks
    1) Ducks have not found a LW replacement for him – Heatley REALLY ?
    2) Ducks should have about 10 million in cap space next year
    3) Ryan loved it in the west, as he owns a large vacation home in Idaho
    4) By now his girlfriend should be sick of cold weather
    5) He likes seeing his name in the paper and if he signed with Philly then no one would
    write on how he hates being in California or Ottawa

    Just kidding guys – just kidding

  19. Peety, I have repeatedly backed up my statements with reported facts. I even used your claim regarding Forbes to prove that, unlike your baseless claims, the Senators aren’t making lots of money and have financial issues. The Kypreos piece cited what was widely reported as Melnyk’s desire to add a casino (third revenue stream) because the TV deal, while lucrative, isn’t enough. I’ve cited the report from the Ottawa Citizen regarding the Senators losses, as well as Melnyk’s own words. I’ve used the information you stated from Forbes to show that, unlike your claims, the Senators aren’t making as much money as you claim they are. I cited the CBC report indicating that there’s no guarantee Melnyk won’t reduce what he puts into the club once he starts getting that new TV money, nor do we know that he will put that money solely on payroll. I’ve pointed out, again using those links, how the Senators home arena needs renovation plus the other operating costs of running the team. It’s been pointed out by another reader the Senators are 13th in ticket sales and could take a serious hit if the Canadian dollar further weakens. They’re already feeling the effects of that. You’re insinuating Melnyk is lying about his losses, yet the club’s payroll remains close to the cap minimum, as it has for the past three years. If everything was going so well, why would Melnyk want a casino? Why would he keep going on and on about losses? Why was a $150 million in financing last season, of which $130 million was used to refinance a previous loan?

    I’ve substantiated my claims, Peety. You have not. Try to find something that actually disproves the stated claims of the Senators losses by ownership. So far, you’ve had nothing. Everytime I substantiate my claim with links to media sources, you dismiss it out of hand because it doesn’t jibe with your statements. Try backing up your statements for a change.

    • Lyle, I’ve asked you three or four times how Melnyk can claim that he still won’t make any money next year. He claims to have $10 million in losses every year but we all know that he will receive $30-$40 million in new TV revenue next year. That’s a $20-$30 million discrepancy. Melnyk is not being honest with the facts.
      As for your other so-called facts, well they aren’t. Nick, the CBC and the 6th Sens are only reporting what Melnyk tells them and I have already proved that Melnyk’s “facts” cannot be trusted.
      Lyle, I don’t think that Melnyk is making much money on the Sens operations but I sure don’t believe that he has lost $100 million. His big profit will come when he sells the team. Most likely he has leveraged the team so that he can invest elsewhere. Most savvy entrepreneurs do the exact same thing.

      • Soo here is a list of last years attendance comparisons the Sens are 14th actually…

        according to Forbes the Senators are 15th in average price compared to the rest of the NHL (and that is the cost of a ticket in Canadian currancy, some teams in the States that are close to the same price actually gain revenue due to not having the exchange)

        So please explain where Melnyk is making revenue off ticket sales? The money from the tv deals I am sure will have to cover some of the refinancing, up grading the arena, taxes and again the tv deals sr in Canadian money, which is not the same currency you pay players in, nor what is used to calculate revenue for an NHL team, there is this thing called an exchange rate (which today is hovering around 91 cents making that 40 million more like 36…he just lost 4 million taking the cheque to the bank….)

        The Sens lose money as a team, Melnyk makes some money off owning capitol tickets, parking, probably some food and corperate dealings, but any business man with a half whit intelligence is not going to float a losing busness with profits from his business that actually see some kind of return. Its just not smart for a guy who has other financial issues. Simple facts even tho uncle Eugene may be making money somewhere does not mean he is going to use it to pay for hockey players. The hockey team is supposed to pay for its hockey players and right now he will say the hockey team cant afford it.

        • Its a gate driven league…not by tv money.

        • Couldn’t agree more. He keeps refinancing and claiming the sens are losing. He’s just taking money from them to finance his other bad decisions and lord knows what he’s hiding in the Barbados. He’s clearly got enough money to build a bar and own stuff down there while flying back and forth doing who knows what. He’s basically operating the sens like they are an equity credit line…

        • I asked you how much the Sens make in ticket sales in $$. If you don’t know that how do you know what the team makes? Stop trying to be a know-it-all that doesn’t know anything.
          If you noticed on the Forbes attendance report the Sens have averaged well above 19,000 fans a game six out of the last nine years. That’s about 5th to 7th in the league Their worst attendance was about 18,100. That also adds up to a lot of food/drink sales and parking. Add another $40 million in new TV revenue next year and the team probably has at least $130-$140 million in revenues in a full 82 game season.

          • Know it all? Thats you…Lyle and others give you numbers from every source under the sun to bavk ip what everyone says and you cant provide 1 shred of anything to back up one of your argument….you were the one who said Melnyk is making all this money off ticket revenue…show us hot shot, I am showing you why you are wrong $55 tickets and sold to 94% capacity do the math….every freaking arena sells hot dogs you tool, yes he makes some money off food but if your arena is not full you are not selling as many freaking hot dogs or tickets at the same rate or for as high a price as one that is full…simple economics.

          • If the Sens make so much money why is the NHL floating them 150 million dollars to refinance loans? You dont think they are looking over the books and they just cut cheques like that on Melnyks word?