Latest Bobby Ryan Trade Rumors – November 30, 2011.

With the Anaheim Ducks struggling, winger Bobby Ryan has emerged as a potential trade candidate.


Ryan trade chatter intensifies.

ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER: Eric Stephens reports Anaheim Ducks winger Bobby Ryan acknowledged he wouldn’t be surprised if he were dealt in a blockbuster move, but wouldn’t say more on the subject. GM Bob Murray declined to talk about the Ryan speculation, other than to suggest if he received an offer for any of his players which would improve his team, he have to take a hard, long look at it. Ryan said he’s spoken with Murray several times but received no indication he’s been shopped.

SPORTSNET.CA: Darren Millard suggested every team in the league would be interested in a high-caliber player like Ryan. The site also listed the Toronto Maple Leafs, NY Rangers, Philadelphia Flyers, Calgary Flames, New Jersey Devils and Florida Panthers as six teams “that could make a serious play” for Ryan.

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks reports Rangers GM Glen Sather had contacted the Ducks about Ryan, but it’s unclear if Sather was merely doing due diligence or if talks progressed beyond the tire-kicking stage.

TORONTO STAR: Damien Cox examines what it might take for the Maple Leafs to land Ryan.

BOSTON GLOBE’s Kevin Paul Dupont took to Twitter to muse over what it might take for the Bruins to acquire Ryan, suggesting Nathan Horton or David Krejci as possible candidates, with Horton-for-Ryan being the easiest move for the Bruins to make.

ESPN.COM: Pierre LeBrun points out the Ducks aren’t shopping Ryan but are listening to offers. He cited a source claiming the Carolina Hurricanes had contacted the Ducks, but doubted the budget-conscious Hurricanes could afford Ryan’s salary. LeBrun believes the asking price for Ryan “would likely revolve around a young defenseman, a young forward and possibly a high draft pick — in other words, a big package involving two to three pieces.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: LeBrun is the voice of reason here. I don’t doubt the Ducks are getting offers for Ryan, along with probably Ryan Getzlaf and Corey Perry, but I don’t see those two going anywhere. GM Murray will listen, but he’s also not going to do a trade just for the sake of it. He’ll want a strong return which can help his team now and in the future. I’ll have more on this later today in my Hockey News column, but I will say I don’t think the Leafs or Rangers have any real need at this time to make a blockbuster move, as both clubs are currently playing well, and a major move could adversely affect team chemistry. The Flyers are in the market for defense, not another scoring winger. The Panthers may have lots of cap space, but they’re not spending it because they’re on a tight budget. The Flames and Devils don’t have much, in my opinion, to offer up for Ryan. The Bruins have no reason to make a trade as they’ve rebounded strongly from their slow start. Even if they were, I doubt very much Murray would be interested in Horton or Krejci.


  1. What about Parise for Ryan?

    • Don’t think so, Bob. The Ducks are reportedly stretched to the max with their budget, meaning they can’t afford to re-sign him beyond this season.

  2. Plus, that is not a good trade. Parise is an elite talent, while Ryan is a good player

  3. This could all be a smoke screen, using Ryan as media bait, all the while they are actually talking trade about other players, I’d trust what General Managers say as much as I would the head of the Federal Reserve.

  4. There are reports that the Ducks had scouts at the Sabres-Islanders game last night.

    Bucky Gleason wrote about it here:

    “He also showed me how to connect certain dots, which made me wonder Tuesday why the Ducks had three scouts at the Sabres’ game against the Islanders on Tuesday night.

    It could be, as a source contended before the game, related to a telephone call I hear they had regarding Ryan Miller on Monday about a possible swap for winger and three-time 30-goal scorer Bobby Ryan. It certainly makes sense, huh Jimbo?”

  5. @ Bob and Lyle

    The other problem with Parise is that he’s a UFA at the end of the season. If the core of the trade is Ryan for Parise, and Parise walks, they basically gave Ryan away for nothing.

  6. bobby ryan would be a great fit in phila ducks could get hartnell flyers back up goalie schenn and 2 first round picks i am sure the flyers would try to pick up a def in this deel

  7. Victor Hedman,Teddy Purcell and Pavel Kubina for Bobby Ryan and Francois Beauchemin.

  8. Horton + Arniel + 1st round pick + Maybe a 3rd round pick for Ryan

  9. stephan weiss, erik gudbranson, and a 1st for bobby ryan and sheldon brookbank

  10. Ryan is quite the talent and while I agree that the Leafs team chemistry is good, I would think Burke will make some serious inquiries about reacquiring someone he once drafted 2nd overall

  11. Bobby Ryan for Ryan Miller makes no sense, they are already paying Hiller 4.5 million or close to that.
    Do they plan to add Miller at 6 million or so and have 11 million tied up in goalies ?
    Also Ryan for Horton is more BS, Horton was great in playoffs but before that his career is classic underachiever. It only makes sense for the Ducks to get 2 or 3 prospects or high draft picks where
    at least two of them end up having a chance 2-3 years down the road of being BETTER than Ryan.
    Ryan is young and productive NOW and signed for another 3 years at 5.5 million or so a year.
    Why trade him for one who MIGHT be as good as he is today in a few years ?

  12. James, it would make sense for the Sabres to look into acquiring Bobby Ryan as he and Miller played on the US Olympic team together and I seem to remember there were some rumblings about them wanting to play together. I could see the Sabres packaging Stafford and/or even Roy along with one of our young D-men as an exchange. I kept wondering why Staff was on the ice so much last night – I thought it was Lindy trying to get him going, but maybe it was to showcase him. I don’t see Miller leaving the Sabres, maybe sometime down the road as he still is the #1 goalie in Bflo.

  13. Frank, Hartnell, bob, Schenn AND two first rounders? Holy overpayment batman!

    BoltsNation try again lol!

    If traded, I see Ryan landing in the East. Either Phil, NYR, Bos and as a dark horse Buffalo. I don’t think Burke should mess with a good thing right now.

  14. Thanks, alforducks, for saving me having to respond to the “Miller for Ryan” nonsense.

  15. There are a number of places he could go, if he does go. Nashville is a likely spot for one of their pending FA DMen. Columbus could use him but has nothing to offer. Don’t rule out Dallas and their new owner looking to make a splash, though, like Columbus, they don’t have much to offer. Ryan is locked up for a while at a reasonable rate for his normal production. A Change of Scenery does not always work, however, it can.
    Given the choice, I would assume they would like to move him to the East however…..One can never bee too sure.
    There is another Team that could sneak in, Detroit……They could use him, It could allow them to free up some room up front moving an asset or two, like Helm or Abldelkader, Lord knows they will have to aquire some D Next Season and since they will likely be in the East…..

  16. You would think that Ottawa would be heavily involved in any talks as well. They have a bunch of good young defenseman and prospect forwards they could move for a player like Bobby Ryan and could take on his salary as well. He could play with Spezza and build up some buzz for the team as they get ready to host the All-Star game

  17. If Ryan is shopped, he will be a Leaf. You can bank on it. Burke will get his man> Here is what it will take. Ready for it????

    Schenn, Kadri, and their first in 2012


    Ryan, mid to low level prospect and a third rounder in 2012.

    Kadri will be there # 2 center and they get a top 4 defence. Need to trade Schenn while there is still a market for him. The first rounder will hurt but hopefully this will not turn into Yakupov.

    Ducks will be in re-build mode and take their losses.

  18. Boyes or Leino + Ennis or Gerbe + Gragnani or Weber for Ryan

    Boyes +Ennis+ Gragnani might get it done ( Boyes is a give away end of year UFA , I don’t think Murray is hard up enuff to take Leino )

    Id say Krejci +Kampfner for Ryan but Anaheim need wingers in return. Bruins will move Krejci at some point this year to allow Seguin to be the number 1 center and to avoid the big raise Krejci is going to want or arbitration next year.

  19. unless burke can pull off the equivalent of the phaneuf trade i dont want him messing around with the chemistry… its great to say i want ryan but the price it would cost im a bit scared of

  20. James your going to have to change your name to james II or something because this James is in agreement with the above. No way Ryan is traded for Miller.

  21. Murray listening to offers by other teams about Ryan could be a message to the rest of team, to get their act together,or else I will have to trade someone.Scotty Bowman use to pull those kind stunts when he was coaching,in order to get the attention of the other players on the team, as saying that if this guy is not untouchable, you aren’t either. It’s possible also that the owner has told the GM, to shed salary.

  22. How about the Habs getting in the mix…a package involving Subban and/or Kostitsyn?

  23. Yeah, I read this as Murray trying to light a fire as he doesn’t want to do a blockbuster or fire Carlyle.

  24. Sure the Ducks are struggling… but the line of Perry, Getzlaf & Ryan were the best line in the NHL last season. I don’t think they forgot how to play. Players go through slumps…

    I think it would be a big mistake if the Ducks traded Ryan.

  25. Grabovski, Schenn and a pick
    Lupel, kadri and a pick??

  26. Trade Ryan to the Kings for G/ J.Bernier Def A.Martinez, & RW J.Williams

  27. Trading away Ryan would not be the worst thing ever depending on the return. The fact that has Florida in a position to make a strong bid speaks volumes about the season they are having and where their franchise is. Lyle, are there any rumours about the possibility of Selanne being moved? I think he has a NMC but he could help out a cup contender.

  28. I still see the main need for the Ducks is on defense. It’s tough to ask your G to turn away 40 shots/night consistently unless your forwards are scoring 4+ goals per night, which they are not. A trade for Ryan involving either Weber (less likely given his asking salary) or Suter would seem to be the swiftest way to plug the leak at the back. The Ducks have never been able to replace Pronger and/or Niedermeyer.

  29. Blogger (I know, but more reliable than most) Senschirp claims he spoke to someone in the Sens organization who said the Senators would not be pursuing Ryan.

  30. The Ducks are gonig to be looking for a lot for Ryan, with his slow start, i cannot see anyone paying the asking price. Duck will be looking for a return equal to or greater than Ryans potential. Perhaps at the trade dead line, but then again, if the ducks are out, why trade Ryan. Just wait for next year and get a nice lotto pick. Love to see him join the leafs though :)

  31. LOL….it is funny to read some of my fellow Leaf fans comments on various sites about Ryan. They are either dead for or against it., plus I feel that we are only a 3 or 4 game losing streak away from ready how necessary that he needs to be aquired.

  32. Paajarvi, 1st + ? For Ryan?

  33. Kings Fan – That trade will never happen, no chance Murray wants to see Ryan in a Kings Uniform every time he turns on the TV but don’t be surprised if in February and Ducks are out of it that Selanne ends up in LA for a #2 and maybe #4 draft pick. He would not have to move and getting a point a game player for the playoff would be worth it to Kings.

  34. @MS of course!

    Ryan to the Leafs!
    Ducks have enough young talent in the organization, that they do NOT need young kids… they want to swap big name for big name and picks to spark the team… who’s rebuilding a team with a core that’s in its mid 20s?

  35. bruins dont have cap space. leafs have enough D-men, kadri and prospects they can trade for him. you actually think 1 of the top 6 for the leafs will be healthy to last the whole season? burke drafted bobby ryan, he liked him then, couldnt say anything because he was an RFA last season. he’ll be on the leafs by the end of december

  36. How about a struggling COL franchise targeting Ryan? Trades I could see:

    From COL: David Jones, Matt Hunwick, Tyson Barrie
    From ANA: Bobby Ryan, 1st round pick


    From COL: Jones, Barrie, 2nd
    From ANA: Ryan, Fowler

  37. There are 29 teams out there interested in this guy. The only way the ducks are going to ship him out is if someone vastly overpays for him.
    @MS and all the other leaf fans out. – Schenn, Kadri and a 2012 first wont get it done.
    Your not going to get a potential 50 goal scorer for two disappointments and a mid round 1st.

  38. @JML – I agree with COL as a possible destination but there is no way ANA gives up Ryan and a first or Ryan and Fowler.

  39. Sabres don’t need a goalie. They have too many of the same type forwards and to many of he same type d-men. Package two forwards, Roy, leino whoever for Ryan and big George. Sabres are soft. Bring in toughness.

  40. “From COL: Jones, Barrie, 2nd
    From ANA: Ryan, Fowler”

    LOL. That’s the most lopsided trade I’ve ever seen.

  41. I agree with surreal78. All due respect but if Anaheim makes that trade the Owner should look at firing everyone in the organization including the janitor.

  42. I meant any combination of two forwards and a d-man. Whatever it takes.

  43. Ryan
    Bruins have plenty of cap space unless Savard is coming back soon which I don’t see happening.
    Why move Horton for a left wing.We have too many centers.
    I could see Krejci,two prospects(Knight,Spooner,Arniel,Caron or Kampfer) and a High pick going for Ryan.
    Just hope we keep Hamilton.That would be too much to give him up.
    Looks good to me.

  44. The leafs won’t get involved with Ryan
    It’s parise that burke wants.
    Grabovski Holzer 2nd this year and next.
    Why pay grabo 4-5 million a year when you can have parise for 7?

  45. @Doug – Ryan is better and has more upside than everyone on the Avs roster, apart from possibly Duchene. Therefore, “whatever it takes” from Colorado would surely need to include Duchene to shore up the lack of Ducks depth at C. The Avs won’t trade Duchene, Stastny’s too expensive, the Ducks won’t be interested in spare part players, and there are no high-end D-men in Colorado worth Ryan’s caliber. Plus the Avs already gave up their #1 for Varlamov. Rule out any move from Colorado for Ryan.

  46. Bobby Ryan needs to come home and play for the Flyers.

  47. Why isn’t anyone talking about the capitals as a possible destination for Ryan? It clear they want to make changes and Semin and Schultz are very likely on the way out. They have two 1st round picks in 2012. I think there are some realistic options there but it seems as though everyone is completely overlooking Washington as a possible destination for Ryan.

  48. You are all insane!

  49. Ryan to the Wings for Filppula and Brendan Smith. Deal makesa great deal of sense for both teams.

  50. If the Leafs make a deal for Ryan it will be Kadri, Franson and a 1st rounder going back to Anaheim for Ryan…This would then force Burke to make a salary dump trade sending Komisarek to a team in exchange with a draft pick or prospect for vise versa

  51. Can’t really see the Ducks trading Ryan inside their own conference unless it’s to a bottom-feeder like Columbus.

    (Obviously I’d love to see him in Vancity, but that’s not gonna happen. 😉

  52. I think the leafs should do something like this

    Gunnarson + Kadri and a 2012 1rst round pick

  53. Alex, not the Avs. Talking Sabres. What the Sabres really need is a true #1 center. Adding Ryan would be nice but not what is needed now. They have wingers. Add toughness after the miller in Boston issue and we may have a contender. This team is not playoff ready. Not built to withstand four rounds of playoff hockey.

  54. @dave york

    I don’t see Detroit trading away Filppula now that he is producing and there is no way they trade Smith

  55. Fil and Smith makes no sence for Ryan. Wings are very high on Smith, and Fil is tearin it up right now. Smith is a future #1. If i was Kenny know way a trade like that for Ryan is even considered.

    Now, maybe a Hudler and Ericcson/Kindl for Ryan + a pick would make a lot more sence, from a Wings fan standpoint.


    Thats + a Wings draft pick, Not Ryan and a pick.